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    • mirrorless: kinda given (i mean i'm basing this assessment off a mirrorless lineup)
    • FF 4K: given with time
    • IBIS: rumored, but Canon might shift IS strategy with EOS R to IBIS, to make space for better optical designs in lenses
    • mic input: uhh that's already a thing ._. unless audio monitoring? (both a given btw)
    • DPAF: given
    • flip-out screen: given

    although word on the street:



    Simply, do not expect any sort of “niche” or “professional” mirrorless cameras prior to the release of more “entry level” products. A $4000+ camera simply doesn’t move anywhere near the volume that a sub $1500 camera would and at the end of the day, Canon needs more RF lens mount equipped cameras out there.  So yes, we expect to see a model under the EOS R before we see any sort of high megapixel or “professional” full frame mirrorless camera from Canon.