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  1. Novermber 17th, 2017 - The WAN Show Document

    oh hey youtube link's back
  2. ROG Rig Reboot Builds (x3)

    /r/millionaremakers style? also not sure what lottery laws are like in canada
  3. ROG Rig Reboot Builds (x3)

    ... I had to do that to figure out how does that even work (it's just good for scratching the nose), and now I'm getting looks.
  4. ROG Rig Reboot Builds (x3)

  5. The most I cared about filesystems was the time I tried having an NTFS partition, an exFAT partition, and an HFS+ partition on a hybrid-MBR boot record disk for an MBP. So pretty flat compared to when linus goes "so we v-depth sort these disks and ZFS them and then group them to bricks and then make a GlusterFS volume" vertically
  6. iPad Pro 2018 rumored to be a giant iPhone X

    wat. I'd thought they'd think about that. I use my phone mostly in landscape ._. bummer
  7. eh, I believe it. People buy the entirety of Train Simulator

    theoretically 15, if the board is made up of x4 sockets or allows for bifurcation of all x16 sockets. (would also mean you'd be missing a GPU). 16 if you want to use the last x4 lane on the PCH. NVMe sticks currently occupies 3.0 x4 lanes at best no actual googlable definitive answer for this, since not many boards bifurcate all the x16 slots.
  9. The $500 Flagship Killer - OnePlus 5T HANDS ON

    ._. what a bellend. lol
  10. iPad Pro 2018 rumored to be a giant iPhone X

    "DAT SCREEN ESTATE" -floor
  11. YOU'RE NOT SERIOUS. REALLY?! EDIT: oh wow how did I not think to visit twitter for a bit
  12. FDA Approves trackable Pill

    What are your sources? ... before anyone continues this thread (that's honestly off tangent relative to OP IMO), I'd like to point out that this is the first thing that appeared while looking to how to approach this topic. this comment less on convincing anyone (also less on actually visiting the link) but more on showing the wall between. (Unless I'm mistaken on the question (did you mean the etymology of "drugs"?); if so do clarify) (in which case: Oxford: "a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.") (i.e. very broad)
  13. EK Water Blocks Parts Ways with Top Management

    and parting sentence of TPU article: so sounds bad but actually good news...?
  14. shit, I already own an mATX x99 and this thread is tempting me to get an x99 compensator mobo ,_, I need a sanity check lol