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  1. Guru3D claims to confirm the 1070 Ti

    $100 discount for an estimated 10% performance deficit. put the other way, $100 more for an estimated 10% performance increase.
  2. If we're doing before tax (as Anandtech explains that states of the US pay differing tax amounts) (if I google right it's 12% tax in phillipines? we have: i7 8700k - PHP 18705.36 -> 369.02 USD LTek est: 400 USD PHP 40%: 560USD i7 8700 - PHP 15732.15 -> 310.36 USD LTek est: 338 USD PHP 40%: 473.2USD i5 8600k - PHP 13053.58 -> 257.52 USD LTek est: 284 USD PHP 40%: 397.6USD i5 8400 - PHP 9178.58 -> 181.07 USD LTek est: 201 USD PHP 40%: 281.4USD i3 8100 - PHP 5892.86 -> 116.25 USD LTek est: 130 USD PHP 40%: 182USD PHP prices from the other thread. Gotta keep in mind the prices are from a retailer that undercuts (according to replies in the thread)
  3. KBL on Z370: NO

    new thread with more implied info from boardmakers
  4. September 22, 2017 - The WAN Show Document

    I'm thinking things like Folding@Home for web actually. For those a little resistant to getting the entire deal
  5. Guru3D claims to confirm the 1070 Ti

    yeah go ahead, LOL

    is this for glass or acrylic? o_o Serato ScratchLive?
  7. Guru3D claims to confirm the 1070 Ti

    hey, if closer to 1070 prices gets me closer to 1080 performance I wouldn't mind actually. (although my wallet would)
  8. Msi is going to unleash another monster

    FUCK. I just put one and one together. This is the MSI UNITINU
  9. Nvidia volta gpu tested

    the future looks to be extremely expensive ._.
  10. Guru3D claims to confirm the 1070 Ti

    might as well add SLI to the 1060 to piss more people off, LOL (me included)
  11. Msi is going to unleash another monster

    They look deliberate. Not sure why. More contact with airflow? (btw if anyone can't see the images in this entire thread, it's lifted directly from Videocardz. They got this no-external-hotlinking thing going)
  12. Guru3D claims to confirm the 1070 Ti

    Apparently Hexus caught Gigabyte posting something to their facebook page before it got taken down (for two possible reasons I can think of) http://hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/110330-gigabyte-hints-gtx-1070-ti-release-soon-scary-poster/ @Warboy
  13. Microsoft rebranding Windows Store to Microsoft Store

    Yeah I don't blame you, LOL. I don't see the thread movement shadow on the first page LOL