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  1. boy i hope i don't become the new guy at the power plant who electrocuted himself because he can't get over how Homer wasn't the most professional person around and still got to keep his job ,_,
  2. I wonder if intel has an exclusivity agreement made with apple for being the sole CPU provider in Macs and since it's going to be up to early 2022 before intel can make something to answer Ryzen, I wonder if Macs will see a sales hit (or users would consider transitioning away from macOS for the extra performance) more like "3x increase in performance, at no increase to the price. How's that for size?!" (if Apple ever switches to AMD, or by the time intel manages to match Ryzen)
  3. oof, problems with discord servers again ._.

  4. hey at least star trek has introduced the concept of redundant and fallback systems to you ._.
  5. also i forgot the T-Series vs Pewdiepie was a thing untill they mentioned T-Series being first to 100 mil subborx, lul
  6. isn't intel's 7nm definitions closer to TSMC's 5nm? ._. also didn't AMD already announce this projection at a previous event?
  7. no idea ._. same could be said for threadripper so much for 2019
  8. (i gotta learn how to present like that ,_,)

  9. "next year's F1: cars must be visually distinct from each other" > watch everyone protest
  10. so an SFF PC house is working something up with Lian Li based on the TU150...


    (forum doesn't embed external mp4. sorry ,_,)

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    2. TVwazhere


      Not sure how they manage 165mm air cooler support with an SFF PSU semi-above the CPU socket, but alright. 

    3. DildorTheDecent



      Do you not see the PSU at the bottom?


      You might be able to choose where it goes depending on what your cooling solution is.

    4. TVwazhere


      Totally missed it 😂


      I guess we will have to wait and see