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    • mirrorless: kinda given (i mean i'm basing this assessment off a mirrorless lineup)
    • FF 4K: given with time
    • IBIS: rumored, but Canon might shift IS strategy with EOS R to IBIS, to make space for better optical designs in lenses
    • mic input: uhh that's already a thing ._. unless audio monitoring? (both a given btw)
    • DPAF: given
    • flip-out screen: given

    although word on the street:



    Simply, do not expect any sort of “niche” or “professional” mirrorless cameras prior to the release of more “entry level” products. A $4000+ camera simply doesn’t move anywhere near the volume that a sub $1500 camera would and at the end of the day, Canon needs more RF lens mount equipped cameras out there.  So yes, we expect to see a model under the EOS R before we see any sort of high megapixel or “professional” full frame mirrorless camera from Canon.


  1. VegetableStu

    the pain of wanted to block someone but you can't

    no easy answers I'm afraid ._.
  2. VegetableStu

    Backblaze HDD stats for 2018 are out.

    i've had thoughts of downloading their csv data to convert to a per-disk gapminder graph, but that'll take a lot of learning on my part to handle the data via code ,_, file under idle speak for now
  3. VegetableStu

    Steam Proton now works on native/non-steam games as well

    inb4 it does non-gaming programs better than WINE, LOL o_o
  4. wasn't this in every futurist concept art everywhere? o_o like one passive slab with no buttons no holes etc not sure if want, btw ._. although the home button going away was a great deal for me (no more breaking the home button)
  5. VegetableStu

    The Fastest Xbox of All Time

    dat sheet brake ¡-¡ i want one for one of my mild mods I've been passively obsessing over
  6. TIL multiple app icon moving in iOS homescreen ._. this is like nowhere in the iOS tips app ._.

  7. VegetableStu

    Taobao Shopping For the P106

    exactly the reason why LTT (and maybe a few others) stopped making recommendations for secondhand cards, LOL
  8. VegetableStu

    Taobao Shopping For the P106

    interesting, it's usually the other way around o_o TIL (also definitely feel for the customs and shipping paperwork and whatnot)
  9. VegetableStu

    Backblaze HDD stats for 2018 are out.

    they should just start with 2015 and remove all the sketchy disks of that period that are still running (well, if anything they should post morterm that period of disks separately ._.)
  10. VegetableStu

    New s10 with 2 screens? Well not exactly...

    slightly skeptical of the image quality of the camera app ._. it's effectively an ND filter over a small camera (which is more or less starved of light in the first place). will need to see how their noise-reduction algorithm would hold up to darker input images
  11. solution: research what's seditious in china and incorporate that in the work, so copying it would go against their laws and not copying those parts would lose the nuances and be written off as lousy ripoffs which is why my first novel* will have gay people in it i'm talking out of my ass here, but feel free to point out the failings in this train of thought because.....
  12. VegetableStu

    Backblaze HDD stats for 2018 are out.

    yay time for the annual spend-an-entire-night-to-see-past-few-years-of-backblaze-reports ,_,