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  1. That’s like every legit counterstrike player’s wet dream o_o
  2. Packing my computer for a flight

    ↓↓↓how I'd do it (all theory, would like someone to change my view if overkill, LOL)↓↓↓ AIO coolers should be okay (they should come with antifreeze because they ship the things by air too). For custom loops: Check the liquid composition and freezing point of other fluids if it's not water. If it's water or if it might freeze in flight, empty loop and leave two points of each loop open (because air pressure in tubes)
  3. Step 1: Receive depth sensing camera
    Step 2: Find out driver only installs in Windows X
    Step 3: Bury face in palms

  4. updating OP screw this I’ll mark this comment as answer https://smallformfactor.net/news/asrock-ces-2018
  5. Please don't do ads like this.

    is Linus's torso the product or is the video the product? Semantics. Ads which are sponsored placements which are sponsored placements that are ads which do sponsored placements like they're ads which do ads like they're sponsored placements. Execution is a completely other thing entirely.
  6. soon planetary residence is for the rich and space motherships are for the plebeian race
  7. EA forbids DICE from Talking to the Community

    what studios are under EA currently? (other than DICE)
  8. EA forbids DICE from Talking to the Community

    not sure if EA can push the blame away and contract-fuck DICE on another note, it pains me to say this, but possibly RIP DICE
  9. CES: Sony Aibo 2018

    “No, I’m clearly right here, and I can see you”
  10. CES: Sony Aibo 2018

    i had a look at aug 1999 rates, which means it’s likely above 2175 USD o_o sounds like the same ballpark for today’s Aibo I can relate to that feeling actually ._.
  11. CES: Sony Aibo 2018

    how much did the original Aibo cost? o_o
  12. Please don't do ads like this.

    Why do you think they have those stickers in the first place? Why do you think youtube channels run ads in the first place? If it doesn't bother you in sports it shouldn't bother you on youtube (at least THIS MUCH you're showing so far ._.)
  13. no more GoPro Drones and less employees

    gopro got help to put themself up for sale o_o https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/08/gopro-has-hired-jp-morgan-to-put-itself-up-for-sale.html
  14. yeah I updated the OP a bit: if I were to guess, they marked a premium over the integrated HUE and Grid controller system on the motherboard which doesn’t make sense because that’s a $175-ish board with a $125 fan and RGB controller. maybe split the difference for a mini-case that is the steel shield