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  1. If USB speeds kept up the 40 fold thing from 1 to 3, the difference of 1 to "4" would be 40^3= 64000 fold. (compared to 40x10x2= 800 fold) I kinda wouldn't blame them if they called USB-C USB 4 instead??
  2. There was a point in time (during which windows phone was still a thing) I was thinking "why didn't they have a connected phone emulator/mirror in the W10 start menu?" Then I made this mockup a few minutes ago and LOL'd at two internet explorers
  3. Out of all wild guesses of the possibilities with the investment money, I wonder if they'd finally hire red-ray ._.
  4. oh right, that actually makes sense. doy, me.
  5. > Company to chip employees Yeah what things did they say to the workforce? ... oh crap it's "to chip -> employees", not "to -> chip employees"
  6. @Denis Rakhmanov whoa hang on, no, that's just a photoshop for now o_o I'm finding for pictures to see if anyone managed to remove the heatsink on the released X399 boards (none so far), but those have to be the x4 PCH/chipset. Just a passing curiosity that the Gigabyte EPYC one doesn't have one, and whether if it would be possible to hook as many connections of the IO directly to the CPU's PCIe lanes without a chipset/PCH (therefore is ITX Threadripper still possible question mark)
  7. yeah but one can dream big/small, can't they LOL
  8. && comments of this thread regarding mATX and mITX X399: It's definitely huge (but not as huge as a knight's metal foot) but some armchair speculation says it's possible if one is to extrapolate from the EPYC boards (particularly this one. the heatsink's for the Broadcom NIC). It's noted that it doesn't need a PCH to the south, and the other thing out of the way is that the component keepout area (horizontally) is the socket ILM itself. So while running naked with this theory, this photoshop (from a guy at SFFN) is one possible outcome: (this comment wouldn't survive a second on wikipedia, LOL)
  9. CAPITAL-BOLDED-UNDERLINED-ITALICISED FUCK that's not another irrational fear I want added to my list of fears on surgery (although Battle-Royale kind of implants OH SHIT)
  10. What would that take though? Like in terms of networking over WiFi in the event area, plus GPS.
  11. Asrock has no current plans to make mitx and matx motherboards for TR :c
  12. That thing's HUGE!!! O_O (that's what she said)
  13. They're still developer's beta cards the last I heard. Very interested in the SSG as well: is it a cache-only card, or does it also work as a regular storage device? Also interested if it trickles down to RX cards (or if Nvidia manages to shoehorn it in somehow, like maybe bridging it to an PCIe m.2 card via SLI)
  14. Feels like it makes even less sense somehow (unless strictly server use). Can you imagine opening powerpoint just to circle something? How fast does startup? I'm away from my com at the moment
  15. Is quoting xkcd allowed here? I just got reminded of the Workflow one, LOL