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  1. turning down quality... interesting actually. to dial down the crazy just for that setting, does one use a lower-resolution raycast (e.g. 1080 raytracing result overlaid on a 2160 base)? Reducing the number of ray reflections would lose some minute shading, but anything around 4 reflections should do for most simple scenes yeah I'm not sure actually. my knowledge of this is massively obsolete *points to Unreal Star Wars test clip*
  2. let's not listen to them anymore I guess. anyone knows if any third-party is looking into this firsthand?
  3. well this schoolboy was into schoolkickinghardwaresecurityinthebutt
  4. Yeah! ToWhomTheBellTollsFor! YouKnowILoveYouSo! SixSticksBreaksADragonsFire! ObligatoryReference! SnapeKillsDumbledore!
  5. wouldn't it be like 1/4 the framerate rather than looking 4 times shittier? o_o
  6. that's some serious carbon dating there ._.
  7. still kinda wait and see. maybe it's about "hey you guys can do your thing but can you do some of ours offhand as well"? tencent appears in the credits of Monument Valley 2, so there's also that
  8. Actually follow up question: is this about brand identity segration (i.e. ASUS cannot sell a STRIX RX580 and must call it... i dunno, BYGBYRD) or is it about GAMING ORIENTED FLAIRY CARDS MUST BE EXCLUSIVE TO NVIDIA? (i.e. ASUS cannot put features that makes a STRIX a STRIX e.g. fan controllers, an overclock and eye cancer generator, on an AMD card)
  9. except you have to be content with a card that has the performance of a 1080ti being named some xx50
  10. youtube please don't kill electroboom :c
  11. Telegram lost a lawsuit in Russia

    wonder if there's come collateral damage with the Cambridge Analytica thing o_o
  12. so about gigglebyte: Don't they make AORUS motherboards too? are those subject to GPP as well? also RIP the push for their STRIX-alike subbranding ._.
  13. yeah just the other day I was thinking to remake a FB profile just for connections dunno what to make of it now. ditto Linkedin