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  1. What if you are asked to wear a costume at a wedding?

    > Elsa at table 16 stares on
  2. ok so im final done building....

    okay before i approach the possibility of a bunk motherboard, have you tried turning it on with the onboard power button? if it turns on with it, you might have connected the front panel headers wrong otherwise the board might be dead. I've tried turning mine on without a CPU and it power loops (fan spins and lights flash momentarily then stop). if you have the time, disassemble the board and check the board and CPU for anything that doesn't look right
  3. Spam, Shitposting and Flamewars Discussion

    to be fair, for most other forums the general or off-topic section is where people posts twitter-like one-offs ._.
  4. forgot where i got this on reddit: https://web.archive.org/web/20180715170110/https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1018497953051258880 https://web.archive.org/web/20180715183310/https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1018513369404493824 EDIT: found it
  5. EVGA 19th Anniversary Thread

    GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG EDIT: none found so far ._. the EGVA website is so vast ,_,
  6. So.. Linus'got a new shiny red toy...

    HOLY BALLS O_O NICE inb4 someone plastidips that in pink
  7. Congrats on 2.5k


  8. PC to PC game capture without capture card?

    you can use a switch or router. as long as both systems can see each other on the network, NDI tools will be able to work itself. the only concern is bandwidth, so you might want to test for any dropped frames you shouldn't need anything extra for your case, because it'll ride on the same cable between your PC and your router (try not to have a youtube video playing on the background while you game ._.) the ideal would be a separate connection, but if it runs fine with your current network setup/connection then you should do fine
  9. ok so im final done building....

    to be fair, dealing with a system of that era feels like an old person going to the doctor's in this time and age, LOL okay, a few things you might be able to do right now: unplug everything at the back, and plug back only the monitor, keyboard and mouse. see if it does anything turn off the PSU and take out all the RAM and turn it back on and press the power button. if the fans start spinning, oh boy uhh
  10. PC to PC game capture without capture card?

    oh, you'll want NDI tools. https://www.newtek.com/ndi/tools/#download-tools install on both and run NDI scan converter on your gaming PC and OBS on your laptop. connect both via an ethernet cable to minimise packet drops (and not hog the wifi connection).
  11. ok so im final done building....

    yeah it's been about a few months since I last handled the board, so I can't make guesses right now on the nuances of the issue maybe the CPU... that'll have to wait for tomorrow for me. have you seen the underside of the mobo and the CPU during assembly?
  12. ok so im final done building....

    amazon should have it (search of motherboard speaker). don't spend more than 5 quid on in though. it's a pretty disposable thing (in the sense as it does only one thing) (or maybe ask around if your friends have one of those to lend) it's pretty late where I am, so I can't do a body-twin test right now (everyone within 1KM would kill me). but once it's daytime in my area I'll play around with mine to see if there's anything I can check with you without a beeper. (if I remember right, the board would start beeping immediately without a CPU once the PSU is on, and not do anything else) EDIT: in the meantime, what do you have plugged in at the back? (monitor, USB, etc)
  13. EVGA 19th Anniversary Thread

    official page is quite vapid on details ._. except that it has something to do with intel and nvidia and starts at 1AM in my area ,_,
  14. ok so im final done building....

    this is strange, because this has never happened to mine o_o not sure where in the chain would be causing the problem... were you given the beeper for the motherboard? might be able to force-test error states if the motherboard is working (the beeper's for listening for errors, to be clear ._. it doesn't have a numeric POST code display)
  15. Help ? CAN I upgrade from 1050 TO 1060 ??? With my specs

    if you want, secondhand your current 1050 2GB off to add to the next GPU budget (don't expect someone to buy off you for original pricing though)