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seee the state im in nooow

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  1. Why the bizarre name change? xD

    1. Tan3l6
    2. WaggishOhio383


      Meanwhile me trying to figure out who this was before their username was changed...

    3. Cyberspirit

    1. soldier_ph


      I see you pulled a @PonyBoyZ_ there 👀

    2. Techstorm970


      @soldier_ph Who was this before?

    3. soldier_ph


      @Techstorm970 @AluminiumTech This was Vegetablestu before. 

  3. don't worry, this has happened before @CPotter
  4. from "what is linguistics" to antidisestablishmentarianism in TWO episodes, LOL


  5. and none of them has considered the logistics that goes into conducting a physical giveaway remotely during a pandemic just because international shipping services exist does not make it a be-all factor on scope. there's still candidate validation, working with the sponsor on an appropriate prize pool relative to the winner's locale, and literally addressing laws to define the nature of this giveaway in each and every region on earth (is it charity? is it fair advertisement? is it contract work? is it gambling?) they've done global (minus a few) entry last year, only because it was a much much better time of conducting an event of this scale. with the way things are right now, candidate validation is a bigger issue, and going from other giveaways (e.g. those from jayztwocents in the past) the winners usually never return the social favour by letting twitter or even the organisers know about how their prize has been doing. sure, ghosting an RRR prize would just mean the winner would be forfeiting their system in this case, but think of the staff who would be waiting on the line while doing nothing productive, or more likely spending more time getting in touch with a new winner i'd say LMG is already extremely brave in these circumstances. those who want this open to more areas just want the PC for themselves
  6. technically an x86 machine that utilises DirectX, put it that way (also if you stretch the definition of "Personal Computers" a bit, that could cover smartphones as well)
  7. 1 in BC gets to build in the LMG studio 1 from USA and 1 from Canada will attend over e-conference means *suppresses rant for different reasons*
  8. oh good, startup valley is back in business

    (cool prop though 🤔)

  9. and watch someone do multi-storey mapping

    and then watch LTT figure out sponsors with a VR/AR studio to do one wing of the warehouse

  10. 1980s: they be replacing labour with machines! revolting!

    2020: hnn, cute



    1. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      tangent: meet spot's great grandfather



  11. that said: YUUUUUUSSSSS


    1. Bombastinator


      Trying to Google crash course: linguistics #2 now.  Not successfully finding anything. 

  12. i'm going to peruse the main forums much less now, because life finds a way is starting to get in the way (in a good way i guess) (WAY COMBO WHAHEY).


    i'll still be around here *gestures to the pillar that is status updates* as some means of twittering away (instead of actual twitter because oh boy this is really not the time for twitter for me), and i'll probably be doing the same old contextless dumps of what i've been perusing on youtube etc. i might post stuff i'm working on (most likely not PC hardware related, you're already in a forum full of it, why me of all people).


    yeah. not really a farewell for me, but i didn't say hello either, soooooooooooo