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  1. No worries, I had the same decision to make as you a few months back, got the razer and haven't looked back, I got the 2019 model with a 2080, hmu if you want a hand tuning it for battery and temps (these are small issues out of the box, it runs quite hot and battery isn't great, just like every thin and light)
  2. hah, this is why I said there isn't much online, fully ignoring the channels that just don't know what they are talking about, ty for the help though!
  3. i'll assume you havent pulled the trigger yet: I'll speak about each briefly: the aero is the worst in terms of price for performance, has the weird webcam placement and a cramped kb thanks to the numpad inclusion, avoid imo the gs66 is the best price for performance here, has normal webcam and the gamery look is very subdued.... apart from the font, that is hideous and ruins the overall aesthetic, also the plastic merger will mean it is less durable, so travelling you may need to be cautious, we dont know yet the blade is probably looking like a goldilocks rn, not the best price performance but has a subdued non gamery font but it does have a light up logo, but it has such a nice trackpad, but it is usually plagued with QC issues, but the trackpad is so nice, but it uses a wack proprietary charger, but it has a rugged aluminium unibody.... my point is for every good point about the blade 15, there is at least 1 bad point, I personally have and love my blade 15 but the choice between the gs66 and the blade comes down to: want slightly more ram for the money but lower build and ugly font? go for the gs66, want to risk the QC? get the blade but if you get a good one, it will be a better ish experience than the gs66
  4. okay thankyou, I can't see much online at all about the razer opus, is this bc people didnt buy them or what hah?
  5. I see a lot of buzz around the Sony WH-1000XM3's and the new ish hype around the razer opus, my price range could also accommodate a used pair of bose qc35(ii)
  6. Not really, I'd say less than 200 gbp sounds reasonable, the lower the better
  7. Title says it all, I am in need of a new gaming headset, my original corsair void wireless are giving up as of late after 4 years of constant use. I'm now looking for a new one, I need it to have at least simulated 7.1 if not true, I need them to be wireless, it's just too much of a convenience that I am used to now. I've been out of the news for a while, I'm not sure what's good anymore
  8. okay, this has alleviated the problem but it is obviously still not ideal, do you know of any other solution
  9. yes, I found half of a fix, when the monitor is unplugged, setting the graphics settings in windows for overwatch (the game exe) to high and to use the dgpu will work find and overwatch uses the gpu, when the monitor is plugged in however, it goes back to using the igpu
  10. yes, 100% of gpu-0, terrible frames, 30 fps on menu screen
  11. task manager reporting almost no usage from gpu 1 (rtx 2080mq) and then 100% from the igpu
  12. Hello all, first time using this new laptop and overwatch is refusing to use the discrete graphics, every other game uses the discrete card, just not overwatch, I have tried: Setting the physx to use the gpu for my external monitor (issue still happens when not using an external monitor. setting global settings to only use the rtx 2080mq set individual settings to only use the rtx 2080mq updated nvidia drivers disabling the igpu in device manager (this just uses the windows renderer) uninstalling gpu drivers and reinstalling specs: rb15 i7-9750h rtx2080mx 16gb ram
  13. because its the base model, they are catering towards more value conscious customers who would enjoy the prospect of being able to put a 1tb hdd in it, not everyone can afford a 1tb ssd
  14. its true that the razer blade is built better but spec wise you'd be stupid to go for the blade over the zephyrus here unfortunately
  15. okay but that would work fine, even playing multiplayer games on it? and i'd assume the speeds from the ssd would be faster than a hdd? sorry for the questions, this is unexplored territory for me lol
  16. Is this usable? the dame drive would be a 480gb sata ssd, would this set up saturate the thunderbolt 3 connection making it sub optimal? upgrading the laptop storage isn't an option
  17. plain and simple, eyeing up a laptop (9750h and rtx 2070 max q) and want it to replace my laptop and desktop due to my lifestyle and how i'm not home enough to play games on my desktop but my laptop isn't powerful enough to play games on the go, i thought about compromising and getting a lower spec laptop but i will be selling my pc to offset the cost anyways. So i guess the question is, how does the proposed laptop spec compare to my desktop (r5 1600 and gtx 1070ti) TLDR: i7 9750h/rtx 2070 maxq vs r5 1600/1070ti
  18. 80 c is 20 below thermal max for your gpu, dont worry about it, if it gets up to 90, thats an issue
  19. Upon trying to boot this laptop back to windows (initially it was windows, then ubuntu, now need it back to windows) I get this strange black screen with coloured dots at the top, any ideas?
  20. after time windows does slow down, a fresh install might help slightly
  21. our lecturers are using ZOOM for webinars and 1 to 1 conferences and then echo360 for pre recorded lectures, these seem to work quite well
  22. half and half, I plan to build a storage server with 50tb so scaled down but the 500tb is theoretical for some research, appreciate your help
  23. Thankyou very much, this is all the information i needed I thought raid 6 was more computationally heavy?
  24. on a 500tb (50x 10tb) storage server with 10 parity, there would be 400tb usuable, correct? How does it work exactly? with 100tb for redundancy that would imply 10 raid sets with 1 drive each for redundancy but as far as i was aware the raid sets were 4 drives? so with 10 redundancy drives there should be 30 usable drives? that leaves 100tb for redundancy with only 300tb usable? where does the extra 100tb go? is that for the raid 0 portion of the 5+0? I guess as a follow up question if thats correct does that mean any data stored in the raid 0 drives would be lost on failure?
  25. unfortunately, it doesn't seem like your mobo supports this (ASUS x470 Pro-Prime) seek RMA support from asus or the seller