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    Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    Asus prime B350-plus
  • RAM
    G-Skill Trident Z RGB 16gb cl16 3200 mhz
  • GPU
    Evga 1080 ftw
  • Case
    NZXT S340 Elite
  • Storage
    crucial mx300 275 gb + wd blue 1 tb
  • PSU
    supernova 550w G3
  • Display(s)
    aoc 35 inch ultrawide curved g-sync 100hz
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken x62
  • Keyboard
    corsair k95 platinum cherry mx browns
  • Mouse
    corsair m65 pro rgb
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. i7 8700k or i7 8650k

    might want to check your uses of former and latter truth be told theres not much if any performance loss from 16x to 8x so as long as you dont need any other pcie cards or pcie storage then go for the 8700k
  2. what kind of things are in the computer science course? if its just coding for the most part, get the 16gb one or upgrade the 7700hq one to 16gb as having multiple browser tabs and running a lot of C code will use that ram quickly
  3. Nvidia titan v benchmarked

    i swear to you im typing tensor, plz dont judge i get this but it begs the question of how long will cuda be superior for that isnt ai/deep learning and will optimisatipns happen for tensor in terms of gaming etc
  4. Nvidia titan v benchmarked

    exactly! showing us that telnor vs cuda isnt 100% scaling, which to me either suggests poor optimisation or cuda>telnor im an amd boi so im familiar with waiting for optimisation
  5. Nvidia titan v benchmarked

    so as everyone expected lmao telnor cores arent the same as cuda so will excel differently
  6. 580 vs 480

    to understand this you need to get supply and demand also understand that the 580 IS for all intents and purposes, a 480 right, 480s essentially arent made anymore so demand is high (of course) and supply is low as explained same deal with 580s, but 580s are being produced so the supply is stabilising meaning they can be sold more frequently for a lower price hope that helps
  7. upscale it to 1440p if youre on a 1080p panel to make the gpu work harder
  8. Fortnite Graphics

    all very subjective its a broad question to me i prefer low but then again i played all games on low for ages so im used to it
  9. Any suggestions for portable micro-ATX cases?

    the only issue with itx is you oay for form factor unfortunately... regarding psus, it only supports sfx, if cost is a large concern i would build micro atx or a larger itx case, i havent had any experience with any other itx case so i cant reccomend but im sure someone else can
  10. Any suggestions for portable micro-ATX cases?

    venture into itx! the node 202 is great and good ol bitwit hacked it to put an aio in it! or just air cool it as ryzen dpesnt kick out too much heat and the vrm heat isnt too much of an issue also node 202 supports full length gpus with the air cooler also i believe zotac have got a mini 1070ti already?
  11. 980ti sli only using 60% of gpu

    try that also, what are temps like? cpu and gpu, you have a k sku i7 i assume you have a z series mobo? you can oc the ram if this is the case
  12. GTXA 1070 Amp! edition Safe OC with firestorm ?

    lmao, you must play league, 2000 is a well binned 1070, the amp edition 1080ti is dog poop at cooling so i have no idea about temps, memory is however high you take it youre asking for a definitive answer on clocks when you are litterally playing the lottery, each 1070 will oc differently, you can crank that temp slider higher if you feel comfortable that useful for you?
  13. GTXA 1070 Amp! edition Safe OC with firestorm ?

    lmao, dont ask about safety and then shit on someone for saying it will be safe, youre clearly a big boy, go oc and report back...