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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    Asus prime B350-plus
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    G-Skill Trident Z RGB 16gb cl16 3200 mhz
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    Evga 1080 ftw
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    crucial mx300 275 gb + wd blue 1 tb
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    supernova 550w G3
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    aoc 35 inch ultrawide curved g-sync 100hz
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    NZXT Kraken x62
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    corsair k95 platinum cherry mx browns
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    corsair m65 pro rgb
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. Build Log for Devastator 2.0

    That's what I'd have thought that, have you seen how nvlink scales vs sli?
  2. 3x 1080 Ti on x370 enough PCIe lanes?

    Okay, the correct answer is that the x370 Chipset is a consumer level Chipset along with the Ryzen CPUs, this means they were not intended to use 3 GPUs and pcie based storage You could use 2 1080tis with the pcie based storage What software are you using? Do you know how well it scales with multiple GPUs? Most software I have used scales incredibly poorly with more than 2 GPUs, some software scales horribly with anymore than 1 GPU Hope this helps.
  3. 10K Build

    Not sure if you're gonna get it? You're saying this is a 10k build for what? Gaming... Not only is this bad specs for the job but the rtx cards aren't even remotely at a stage where they are a "good buy" If you want a realistic build you'd be absolutely perfect for a good couple of years with a single 1080ti, i7 8700k, 16 GB ram and whatever filler you really want Do that and get a mobo that supports sli and a PSU big enough for 2 1080tis to allow for plug and play sli when eventually a single 1080ti is average, which won't be for a long time, good luck and happy building.
  4. Build Log for Devastator 2.0

    I'm not sure if the rtx quadros or 2080ti will be much better than the titan V? I guess unless you wanted to use nvlink which afaik is under tested, that could be worth looking into
  5. UK Uni laptop thread

    Not trash quality
  6. As some are aware, UK university students have had their university places confirmed for September. This means people normally like new laptops for note taking and such. The first student loan payment is up coming, anyone have any suggestions for per say, sub £700 GBP thin and light laptops that don't suck?
  7. RTX Performance?

    Does anyone have any idea or speculation as to how the RTX cards will perform in mining and compute tasks? Kinda curious how they will stack up to Vega and if it forces amd to rush their next architecture.
  8. From what I can see, the RTX 2080ti has the same tdp as the 1080ti
  9. Is gaming more resoultion or FPS

    Single player games or multiplayer? Single player I prefer FPS to match the refresh rate so the highest resolution that allows that Multiplayer, non competitive, same as single player Competitive, 1080p, as many frames as possible, turn down settings and such
  10. Scrapyard Wars 7 FINALE - NO INTERNET

    My opinion, feel free to skip, tldr at bottom I feel like this was one of the worse outcomes for scrapwayrd wars so far, only coming second to the one with the RGB factor or the one with case design in mind... Looking at the calculations and making assumptions where appropriate, Linus "lost" by $1.38 cad which makes sense, sure, luke saved money and won by a hair, if he hadn't sold the bag of tech he would have lost But looking at the Fortnite benchmark in particular... Btw can I just say that that's a bit of a joke of a benchmark... At least use a game with a built in benchmark then say if Fortnite is smooth.. Regardless of how bad a benchmark it is: Luke "won" by Less than 1 FPS or Linus "lost" by Less than 2 FPS this is the best example anyone could give of run to run variance, this is why averages exist. I get it's not meant to be super serious but when the final score is a 0.1 difference at least try to step up the accuracy or declare it a draw TL:DR Luke's "win" was won almost entirely on a margin of error which could have been caused by Linus doing 360's on his Fortnite descent or that he had Lukes model loaded for ~10 seconds longer.
  11. max refresh rates for vga at 1600x1200?

    Most places said 60-90 Hz but yeah that sounds like a mistake, thank-you! Great thank-you! This monitor doesn't have 1.4 afaik but thanks
  12. buying a monitor, AOC E2070SWNL to be specific, some places list this as a 60 hz monitor but others say 60-90hz? it has no display port and hdmi only supports 60hz correct? so does that mean the VGA port supports 60hz+?
  13. Technically playing at a higher resolution should make it better, 2560x1440 would help
  14. Surely kh3 is made in dx11 just like FFXV so a pc port is pretty simple surely
  15. PC Crashing while gaming

    Any overclock? Is it a blue screen or black screen? It could also potentially be ram related.