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  1. im not begging just asking if anyone can find a good price on the interwebz for me
  2. My pc only has a measly 4GB of ddr3 ram looking to upgrade I only have 2 slots on mb
  3. I don't really know right now im going to upgrade my ram and see where it goes from there thanks for asking!
  4. I finally made my own PC! Sadly I had to give up my Dell T3400. But here is the specs. I will compare it to my dell just because... I can Dell New Pc CPU:Q6600 CPU:Core I3-3245 RAM:6GB RAM:4GB (will upgrade later) Graphics card: Graphics card: HD5770 HD5750 Case: Antec VSK4000E-U3 Case: Dell T3400 MB: ASROCK:H77M MB: Dell t3400
  5. My optical drive does not show up in windows or device manager for some reason so I checked on the connections and everything is ok I recently got a new motherboard as my old one failed I don't know what to do please help.