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Status Updates posted by Max_Settings

  1. Just FYI that RMAF thing is a massive scam. All the companies he lists as not being able to afford a booth are massive companies. Like he names Crown FFS, they are literally owned by Samsung.



      I see, I'm careful not to say donate money. Just attend if possible. And about your remark I get your point about Samsung, but he didn't say they can't afford to go just wouldn't spend the money for a single product or definitely the people attending to this thing is not the target demographic for them or at least that's how I see it. The whole concept at RMAF is just obnoxious to me.

    2. Max_Settings


      It's just a trade show, like any other trade show.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that there is no hope for the audio section of this forum. The thread I just read is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in my life about anything. The entire subforum is full of people who spew nothing but blatant lies and 100% objectively false information. We are doomed.

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    2. imreloadin


      Have you seen the Tech News topics about "Cell Phone Radiation" lately...it's not just the Audio subforums xD

    3. Arika S

      Arika S

      sounds like every subforum

    4. Ashiella


      @imreloadin I keep hearing my mom even (mostly adults), telling me that 5G towers will scramble your brain, or physically harm you..

      So I decided to do research on that, and basically, it can and most likely will cause harmful effects; but only if you plan on standing right next to the fucking antenna like a retard without protection..

      Edit: Sorry for bringing this up, its annoying and everyone talks about it ?

  3. Been waiting for these to come in since August. Verum Audio Verum One.


    1. dizmo


      Hopefully they sound nice. Looks leave a little to be desired.

  4. Since everyone always asks for it, I will be writing a thread of all my headphone recommendations. I just want to wait until after I go to Can Jam NYC on the 16th and 17th to reconfirm so opinions and try a few new things before writing it.

  5. This is what an $1100, 40lb subwoofer looks like. Genelec 7050B.


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    2. Den-Fi


      Post pics of your boobs.

    3. imreloadin


      You definitely know how to put your money where your mouth is xD


    4. Max_Settings


      Yeah a little too much sometimes ?@imreloadin

  6. I want to get back to headphone reviews, but I am quite busy. I am however going to do them with a new format that will be much quicker to write. I don't like the whole ranking each aspect of the headphones with a X/10 thing anymore. Instead I just want to give some general thoughts and opinions. I'll probably end up doing one or two of them soon enough. I have a lot of big new things that I know some of you will probably be interested in.

  7. A bit scuffed up, but this is what a $1400 pair of powered monitors look like. Genelec 8030A.


  8. More audio stuff. Got something big coming tomorrow.


  9. I may have finally reached my end game.


    1. Java


      I was gonna call you an Audiophile, but saw your bio so well done.

  10. If you have $500 and are looking to buy open back headphones, please buy an iBasso SR1 NOW! With a Brainwavz XL pad swap they are seriously giving my beloved Elex a run for their money. 



    1. Den-Fi


      Just do it.

    2. FloRolf


      These guys should feel very sorry and be ashamed for their website on mobile though, that shit is useless, lol. 

  11. New pickups. 


    Hifiman Ananda

    iBasso SR1, #225 of 500 that will ever be made.


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    2. Multiversal


      Giveaway something to me, if you can and I'll always remember your favor.?

    3. Max_Settings


      @D33P I might have something to giveaway if I can find it. 

    4. Multiversal


      Do lemme know, okay?

  12. New pickups.


    Focal Elex

    Hifiman Sundara

    Audeze iSine 20


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    2. Max_Settings


      @FloRolf They are the replacement to the 400i. They are a good bit better than the 400i. I wouldn't say I was quite as blown away others, but they are quite good. Can't say I quite think they are worth $500. Maybe $350.

    3. FloRolf


      Are they still as comfortable though? The 400i is the second best headphone I've worn to date regarding the comfort. 

    4. Max_Settings


      @FloRolf Extremely so. They are even more so IMO because the weight is far more evenly distributed, it’s not all in the cups.

  13. I've been out of the audio section for a while. I've honestly been busy and to be 100% honest it just get exhausting after a while of answering the same questions hundreds of times. I'll be back sooner or later. 


    As for headphones, I am selling off lots of headphones. I am trying to downside my collection and get some higher end stuff. I ordered some Focal Elex, those will be here Wednesday. I'll give a list of stuff for sale and if anyone is interested in any of it let me know and we can talk prices, condition, prices, etc...






    T50RP Mayflower V1

    HD700 + Balanced cable


    1. Multiversal


      Well, if insane shipping costs to India wasn't a bummer I'd definitely pick one outta these. :/


  14. Congratulations to Justice Brett Kavanaugh for his confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Dude had to walk through fire . But he prevailed .

  15. Got a new mic. Lewitt LCT440 Pure.


  16. I know we can have differences of opinions on this forum, but why do we allow people who are just totally wrong to keep spewing their lies forever? I am really tired of having to constantly tell someone over and over again that they are factually wrong, yet they refuse to accept it, and keep on telling people completely false information over and over again; causing me to constantly have to tell people that this one guy is wrong for the person making the topic to not be screwed over by false information.


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    2. NoxiousOdor


      Can't wait to use my M50Xs with my D30 later

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      We try to be pretty conservative about assuming trolling and cracking down on that and prefer to let the forum sort itself out, since we don't want to be fact police and things go bad if you make that call mistakenly, but if it's really that blatantly obvious and that prevalent, that sounds like something we could deal with.

    4. wkdpaul


      What @Ryan_Vickers said, while we're moderators, we're not "all-knowing", so we never moderate content on a factual basis, but rather on a behavioral basis (someone can be wrong, but he can't be a dick).

  17. Got the iPhone XS Max. Boring phone overall.

    1. FloRolf


      Could've told you that before you bought it. 

  18. Usually don’t repost my topics for help as a status update but I’m desperate this time. Any help would be SUPER appreciated.


  19. New pickup. Fostex TH-X00 Mahogany with Dekoni Sheepskin pads.



  20. Backlash for the new LTT logo design coming in 3, 2, 1.........................



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    2. 2FA


      I don't mind the logo but the hex pattern in the banner seems weird to me.

    3. Techstorm970






      *vomits again*

    4. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes
  21. Stuff on loan. Sennheiser HD580 Precision and Cavalli Tube Hybrid.


  22. Another new headphone for me. Focal Elex.


    1. FloRolf


      Soooo how do you like them? 


    2. Max_Settings


      @FloRolf These are really good. Fixed most of the issues with the Elear. Worth their price for sure, especially over stuff like the 660S and 560 for slightly less. These do an amazing job with detail, imaging, and sound separation.

    3. Dackzy


      Those look awfully familiar. Kek

  23. Did you buy all your stuff?

    1. Sabir


      No bro but I will soon. Money crysis. But I am only confuse about should i get i7 8700k or i9 9900k for gaming?

      Because I am getting Rtx 2080 Ti.  

  24. New pickup. RME ADI-2 DAC.


    1. FloRolf


      Pretty boi. 

  25. Just bought my most expensive piece of audio gear ever.