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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014I8T0YQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_dgP5Db89W0BEW
  2. It is worse battery life. Smaller battery than iPhone 11 Pro Max with higher resolution, 90Hz, more power hungry CPU, and worse Android power management = worse battery life. This “review” is so biased it’s not even funny. You mention things that are hits against the iPhone that are either untrue or irrelevant. Then your ignore almost all the things I pointed out.
  3. So you review the 7T Pro against them 11 Pro Max and never have tired either phone.
  4. Also this is extremely biased. How is the One Plus the most out of your smartphone? With that compared to the 11 Pro Max I get, worse battery life, less color accurate screen, no wireless charging, no IP rating, slower CPU and Storage, worse camera, and more.
  5. What??? No it’s not. Every reviewer every year complains about how lackluster One Plus cameras are compared to actual flagships. BTW for you claiming this review is unbiased there is some massive obvious bias like that eBay price shit that’s 100000% irrelevant.
  6. According to who? That would be a very minority opinion even among Android fans.
  7. .....It is though. That’s just a fact. Look it up.
  8. So if I find a seller on eBay selling a 7T for $5000 then I guess the iPhone wins in pricing by that logic.
  9. No the specs don’t show this at all. More Megapixels =/= better. They’ve had OLED for 3 years What??? No it’s not. Top end is $1449. It’s not $2000 This entire thing is wrong. If we are doing this purely off of actual security the iPhone would take all the points here. FaceID is a much more secure system than other phones face unlock because it uses IR and a bunch of other sensors to actually scan and map your face. Other face scanners like One Plus just use facial recognition and can be unlocked with a photo of you. On top of this FaceID is harder to fool than any fingerprint scanner. Plus Apple’s better track record with data privacy.
  10. That drive does nothing for you. Won’t make startup time faster or anything. Sacrificing board or CPU for that is pointless. What Den said is 100% correct.
  11. IDK what you were expecting the difference to be? 4K is just about overall clarity in small objects, but as other said pixel density and viewing distance are what make things look sharp, not so much resolution.