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  1. good chip i guess 1.28v I believe and 63-64 under full load.
  2. I was actually debating white or white and black, I have an evga Supernova g2 750
  3. Hey all, quick question, looking to get some cable mod cables for my new build. What I was unsure of is which cables I actually need to order. Want to replace the gpu and the 24 pin I guess? Are there any others I would need from the picture? Going with a cotton candy scheme to match the build, also which pci - e cables do I require for 1080ti evga ftw3. Thanks for reading.
  4. 7700k 5ghz 1080ti evga ftw3 960 pro 512gb 32gb vengeance lpx 3200 Z270 extreme 4 X62 lighting ect
  5. Would you say a cpu cooler isn't needed? Thanks bud
  6. Thanks for the help, I;m trying to see if there is anyway I can make room for a crucial mx300 ssd, pretty good for the price. Another 85 gbp thouh
  7. Sorry 1080p with that budget for sure. Thankyou
  8. Hello tech wizards. I'm in need of some assistance for a friend of mine, he is wanting to build a new pc, this will be solely for streaming and gaming, his budget is £700 GBP, would anyone be able to shoot up an optimal parts list? Regards
  9. Just the first one I tried from a video I saw, this is all very new to me but I'm trying to learn, yes the temps seem extremely good, despite my lack of knowledge. What voltage shall I start off on for 5ghz and how will I know if it's stable? Thank you.
  10. Finally finished my build. Had some questions regarding overclocking. Currently its running at 21 idle and 44 under load. Is there anywhere I can get a list of voltages to try based on different clocks? I tried 5 with 1.356v I think and it was running at 59 under load
  11. Full setup with correct lighting.
  12. What paste would you recommend? I've got it on now but I'll probably take it off, I applied it all evenly and it was a pain in the ass to spread on. Temp is reading 24 on idle now so not too sure what happened earlier