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  1. Yeah Im down, that's a pretty tight budget but I know you and I could find some sick deals online to get him a great pc
  2. cheapest 16gb ram kit on pcpartpicker is like 120$ depending on his luck, but if his budget is like $600 try this on for size he might be able to fit in a 1060 I think with like a low end psu and case combo or so : https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3564127
  3. You're right my dude assumptions carry no weight until proven so all of what we are saying is like a 50/50 gamble of bs
  4. most gamers if not the average pc nerd will see 16gb kits on new egg for the low low is why I say so, dont get me wrong an 8 gb kit is good but if you know ram frequencies, and pricing per dollar on the ram as well as pc part picker finding you a cheap stick set from a reputable dealer with 16 gb of ram its hard to say no
  5. To top this off the last part would be monitors 144hz isnt going to be the main basis for a while it will probably be 75/80hz in the near future and on top of that psu will be about 550 bronze, and last mobos will always be seperate with wifi cards for more profit
  6. Ok many aspects For this I will explain most people into gaming have a minimum of this in there computers as of now 16 ram Intel/ amd cpu 500gb hdd/1tb hdd and or a combo of a 120/240gb ssd mixed in there a graphics card that is about a 960/970 or so maybe like a 1050 ti if lucky Low end would be just 8gb ram enter cpu 500/1tb hdd and then about a 750 or some low end card wont be upgrading for a while since times ram isnt doing so much, gpu's are always getting better but until the volta and new vega lineups people wont upgrade to the past gpu market which would mean everyone would have around maybe a 1050 ti and or 1060 for cheap, cpu's are upgrading to low end i5s and i7s for gaming with the side option of a 1600/1600x as a gaming cpu from amd, ssd's are getting cheap so most people can now afford a 120 gb/ 240 gb to boot off of with a stock cpu cooler and or low end cooler to pair
  7. $165/$167+ $42 = 207$/$209 vs the samsung being $299
  8. I know how you feel, but at the same time if he is looking to sell, the name samsung sells for ssd's. I dont mind the hynix ssd, and its speeds are quite good but at the same time it just wont sell as fast, people are selling on ebay in lots since the name isnt getting it sold is why I think he'd be better off cheap skating the guy and just giving him the 42$ and having a better all around time
  9. It is well known, but many actaully do avoid it, most people focus on the RAM of the deal instead of ssd. While Samsung has the edge in things such as ssd
  10. Its a much fast ssd compared to read and writes so you will see a difference just make sure to give the ssd a test before you give him the money or its just going down the drain
  11. Vega is a good card, but they just f'ed up so badly with overpricing it, making it a power hungry card, and doing it in such a half done manner in the sense they want to compete you arent competing if you made the price too high, you put it in bundles that miners are still gonna buy, and on top of that the temps etc its like screwing yourself in the Video card market
  12. Pricing has fucked up and I'd still take a gtx 1070 over vega, vega has a long way to go, and a galax 1070 with a OC is the equivalent to a 1080 in performance so no point in buying a vega card in my opinion unless you are going for full video editing, or mining
  13. Fair exchange your ssd cost like 165$ while his is like 299$ on newegg etc he's losing out on money
  14. RX Vega 56 isnt anything to be worried about since the 1070 isnt power hungry the only thing the vega cards are good for are video editing nothing more
  15. Is the GTX 1070 going to be bottleneck?

    If you can get a galax 1070 card and OC it its the equivalent to a 1080 with a small OC