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  1. I have the fractal design node 804 and b450m asus tuf plus so only need the rest!
  2. Could build a system around those specs thanks for the idea!
  3. Yeah you can say that I guess but still have not figure the system out I only got the motherboard at least it's not half bad...
  4. Good news though she agreed on the b450m and the node 804 I already got!
  5. Thanks but look at the funny review by gn of it haha my gosh did he ever dropped it that side window!
  6. Oh wow thanks for the link I did not search if they had different side panels for this case!
  7. Really oh crap did not think of that at all!? back to the drawing board it's a pity that she wanted all new because iv got a used b450m board that I used like 3 months and for the case ive got my fractal design node 804 I could use I just need to get her to want it could make my life easy...
  8. Now I got that suggestion which is a good one b450m and a apu would cost way less than a cpu and dedicated gpu for sure good call for a cheap build!
  9. Would it be better scratch proof than tempered glass?
  10. I know but to live here is rough on the edge for everyone!
  11. She really don't care what I pick for her in the end she want's the functionality but I show her the case and was pleased of it!
  12. My mother is 65 right I should not talk like that but you never know and the side window might be functional to see if everything works fine for her to see lol.
  13. Yeah I guess so but in the future I want it to be salvageable for me right because when she will not have the use for it guess who will inherited it your probably right about the case too but like I said thanks for the input.
  14. Oh yeah I forgot about that I live in canada and well the money is no issue but will take the current year to build it will buy the parts once per month I guess we planed I will the parts that are sure not matter when I buy them means I should buy the case power supply monitor mouse keyboard first you know I could spend about 2k on this my guess since it's from scratch and she need something recent that is not slow for what she gonna do with it.