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  1. If it is reporting that temperature it should spin up to that speed. So it does not seem like a bug. And you would not feel that heat at once. Since its just a very small area where the heat is. It will take time to get to the outer heatsink. It sound like it not touching the GPU correctly if it heats up that fast. I fear you have no choice but to open it up and check / reapply the paste. Regardless of the warranty. Since ASUS will require a proof of purchase anyway
  2. Okay, so thats a good thing So to recap: you removed the cover from the card? what card is it (model and such) and then placed it back. Was the card out of the slot when u did that? or was it still in the pc?
  3. Yeah, but can u see them turn?
  4. Do the fans of your graphics card run when under load?
  5. Well, he was talking about a new card for that price. Which is good. But like already stated by others, the 1060 6GB would a better deal. I wonder what the shipping would be for that 980TI
  6. I have no clue what kind of site that is. 2nd hand or something like that?
  7. Seeing that pounds are worth more then euro's or dollars i doubt that. Besides 980 TI for 209? show me cuz i do not think so
  8. Its rated 32-600 Ohms. So you will not need an AMP
  9. Another thing you can try is to try a lower driver version. I had this problem with installing a 4870 in windows 7 a while ago and fixed that by installing a much earlier-er version of catalyst. Same deal with a 430 nvidia. In the end i replaced all old cards with a 1050 GTX and no problems anymore but thats not an option for you so i saw I believe 314.22 is the one you should get.
  10. Most issues will be from missing or wrong motherboard drivers. Get those in order first before installing the GPU ones
  11. What is the exact setup? Computer <-> Router <-> Modem? What was the speed when u connected to the modem? And what is your network speed? Brand/Model of the router?
  12. You should take a look at any random firewall log. It will look like its constantly attacked
  13. Nothing to be confused about. Besides looks there is no real difference. So pick whatever you find pretty
  14. Almost all of them have 1 or 2. Only the lowest end ones do not have them
  15. The mobo in question supports M.2 2280 ssd's (which is just the size) Since you specified neither size/ brand / Country i'll give a few options Crucial SSD MX300, 275GB, M.2 102 Euro's Intel 540s Series SSD 240GB M.2 105 Euro's Kingston M.2 SATA G2 SSD 240GB 108 Euro's Any M.2 SATA drive will work so these are just a few of which you can pick. You can get NVME drives (if you have the latest BIOS) but at this point in time there in no need for them.