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  1. gamestar.de pointed to cinelinx, and on cinelinx its all rumor and conjecture too. Without any actual reliable source or quote from Disney/EA i will have to quote a few posts up: And as someone who played every SW game i could get i wish this was true .
  2. pci-e splitter ?

    PCIE Splitters cannot create more lanes then what you put into the splitter. So if you put in a splitter in a 4x slot and the splitter itself is a 4x then the result will be 4 times 1x if used at once. There are some chipsets around that do a very good job of this by balancing the PCIE lanes but i doubt thats on those cheap splitter cards. For passive splitters you will need a motherboard that supports bifurcation
  3. I think you are better off posting this on the apple forums or get in touch more directly. Since this will require some work from their end. Be sure to include what email was attached to it (or id, idk apple stuff )
  4. cheap smart home tech

    Tbh 100 Pounds is going to get you the very low end of home automation (If you plan to control more then 1 light/socket/ect) And will be a bad experience that will prob turn him of the idea completely. So like already stated in this thread: what do you want to automate/control?
  5. Fuse turned off when I turned my psu on

    Might be nothing, the fuse that was switched off. What kind is it? Does it have an Earth protection?
  6. Unraid slow tranfer speeds

    The transfer speed is 1,82MB/s not 1,82 mb/s which translates to 14,56 Mb/s still thats not great. But not anywhere near the 80 Mb/s that 100 Mb/s tends to cap out on. So might there be another bottleneck in your setup? how are the drives setup raid wise? what drives are you using?
  7. Maybe find someone where u can test the card at least. It sucks i know As for the smashing, a pillow is always a wise choice no need to break yourself or anything
  8. Since you already specified the PCI-E slot in the bios and its not showing up anywhere. Either the PCI-E slot is deffective (it is providing power ) or the card is dead. Best way would be to test with another PCI-E videocard, but you'll have to have one lying around to test that.
  9. When u boot the PC (cold boot, so power completely off then on), does the fan on the 1030 switch on? Even for a little while? Since its not showing anything even during boot or in device management, it might be DOA (Dead on Arrival)
  10. Well, lets take a step back. What motherboard are you installing the GPU in and what slot is it in?
  11. If the GPU is in place and you are connected to the iGPU, does the 1030 show up in device management?
  12. Ah. Simplest way and with the best quality would be to pickup a chromecast. Might even be able to find a cheap gen 1
  13. Why would you do that extra step? just load up the browser on the laptop and goto Netflix, or install the app. I'm a tad confused about this statement.
  14. CCTV Error- KView

    Maybe a reboot in in order. Prob you'll have to pull the powerplug for that as most of these thing do not have an ON/OFF button.