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  1. South Park Fractured But Whole

    Glad to hear this. And because of the bugs i will hold of buying it till i see a few patches, did the same with the first one. Steam needs to fix their review system, and not make someone looking at them jump through hoops to see the "real" score.
  2. Do you need 2 M2 slots? Because only 1 has a shared bus (and is limited to PCIE x2)
  3. Unable to load webpages using Ethernet over Powerline

    Can you compare the network settings when u connect to WiFi and via the Powerline. Specially the IP adress you get, the gateway and the dns server. See if they are the same.
  4. Reading this made me load up edge to see if i would use it again. But i was greeted with this screen, which made me go "nope" God i hate these kind of "comparisons"
  5. Laptop powering off

    You should check what forced the last shutdown. You can use this tool to see that if you do not want to filter manually
  6. You skipped over the most important question.... why cant they agree? i felt torn choosing between them.... i now know how sofie felt.
  7. 33%, but what is the point? i could give you the same list for finding faults in electronics and most likely most terms would stomp you I think i understood technical terms used about 50% of the time. On a side note, those 2 mechanics need to stop disagreeing with each other
  8. Ah, i misunderstood your post. I thought you meant that AnyDVDHD did the ripping and encodes it in a smaller file But its the same as MakeMKV
  9. Internal it is then LG for 60 Euros
  10. Buy MakeMKV and use it to rip the movie. Since you need to decrypt you need to do that step first. Then use Handbrake with a profile for your phone to create the smaller file, since MakeMKV will rip the stream 1:1 Its just 2 steps this way and have not found an easier way.
  11. There should be no reason why you cannot install a bigger SSD. Just make sure its an mSATA and not a PCIE SSD And what you quoted is how they offer the laptop. Not an actual limit because of hardware.
  12. Is something wrong with my copy of Diablo 3?

    This how that "news" gets spread around Not counting their login issues at launch, with the new class there were no problems