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  1. Best thing would be to install an net analyzer and let it run for a week to see if something wonkey is up with your electrical system. But that would cost ya. Might have to talk to the landlord again. Other then that you need instruments to come to any conclusion. My advise: befriend an electrician, we are a lonely breed and will be your friend if you give us a beer
  2. As Banasplit said. The top one should be best for you Graphics Card. as all 3 are used they go into x16 / x8 / x4 from top to bottom
  3. What motherboard? Since the top slot will be x16 and the ones below that might be 8x or even 4x, even if they are full lenght. So that a reason for a top end card to be in the top slot. So this basicly comes down to which Graphic Card you have and which motherboard.
  4. Start by ditching the powersurge protectors. And test from that.
  5. Depends on when the electrical system was made. It SHOULD however have a earth / ground at the beginning of the system.
  6. Not being grounded should not be an issue if the rest of the electrical system is in order. Of course its preferabel to be grounded, but many computers and electronics are in an ungrounded socket without problems. Depending on when the building was build, your landlord would not have to have any grounded sockets besides certain area's. So complaining about that would not do alot. For example; grounded sockets started to be mandatory in the whole house by 2000. Anything build before that would not have. Anyway, back to the problem. This might well be a real electrical problem, which might be caused by the surge protectors. Depending on the model they will most likely use the ground for the protection, and it being "floating" that might cause the problems. In doubt get an electrician to check the electrical wiring
  7. Easeus Backup Free not sure if its the "best" but just used it to clone hdd's in 3 workstations in the office to replace with ssd's All went without a hitch (just needed to run windows recovery at boot to fix mbr)
  8. If oDrive.DriveType = USBDRIVE And oDrive.DriveLetter "A" Then Should be If oDrive.DriveType = USBDRIVE And oDrive.DriveLetter <> "A" Then Assuming that u want to find the drive letter. Basically your if statement had no comparison in it
  9. Did you install the correct version? PPAPI instead of NPAPI
  10. You could try the driver from Asus. But the W10 should be enough. Could it be that the Madcatz is not advertising itself? i know that phones need to be told they can be found. Since you paired it with a phone it might have turned that off. Edit: From the faq: My controller will not pair with my phone, tablet or PC, how can I get it to connect? First, make sure the controller is not paired to another device. If it is, either forget the device or power down the internal Bluetooth chip on the host. Next, power cycle the pad and try to re-pair to your desired host. If that does not work, power the controller on, and then press and hold the pad's Start button for 5 seconds. This will clear all current pairing information and force the controller into pairing mode. The status LED will shine purple when the reset is successful.
  11. Geez, give the guy a break not everyone is good with English. Not my language either and i mess up at times too Anyway, with a Sony Entertainment Network account you can stream games to your PC. Its there where the bandwidth question gets asked
  12. What brand of Bluetooth is it? I take it you never used the Bluetooth on your PC?
  13. Then go for that. Will be cheapest sollution for sure
  14. Germany is not the Netherlands Biggest point is that most prices tend to be 10% more here due to higher tax. And again: Germany IS NOT The Netherlands
  15. The formule i just gave u is enough. P = U x I You just need to rearrange it for your needs. So if you need U (voltage) its U = P / I Current (I) = P / U