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  1. Volume Problem on AV Receiver

    The whole point of an receiver is to grab that audio before it reaches the godawfull speakers on the TV. Passthrough does just what it says, it will not touch the audio part so you will have no controll over it. Even CEC wont help you as that is meant to pickup the tv audio controlls and use it for the receiver so you do not have to use 2 remotes. In short when its on passthrough you will not be able to do anything with the audio with the receiver
  2. I'm looking for either suggestions for games or a place where i can find them in a better way then the Play store. (which is just a mess atm ) What i am looking for is simple but addictive games. I like Tower defense games, puzzle games like The Room and in the past i loved tiny towers, battle heart and others. Thing is all the newer games are over complicated for me (note: for me ) and the complications seem to be to just push you to get to buy gems or whatever, since you cannot level up a char without some bs items you can only buy or get really slow. Plus most games kinda punish you if you do not log in daily. Bit City scratched that itch for me but i'm looking for other kinds of gameplay besides clicker games, just dont make me login to facebook to get 10 gems
  3. Purchases that don't become obsolete

    This bloody thing I use it every day and works better then my smartphone Never face dials unless i smash it into my head, never locks up, never updates, call time of a week, even longer standby. I can drop this and it will not break, and i drop it alot worse case is that the battery pops out. My smartphone on the other hand... 1-2 years max before i destroy it
  4. HDMI converter

    What is model of the amp?
  5. PC restarting in game

    That will just stress the CPU / memory and not the rest of your system. Something like Aida64 will be able to stress everything at once. Specialy since the 980Ti is a bit of a power hungry beast
  6. Ryzen not in the socket?

    When the arm is all the way to the back you should be able to drop the CPU in and it should then be flush with the socket (you should not be able to see the pins at all) If this is not the case then either something is in the socket or 1 of the pins is still acting up
  7. Ryzen not in the socket?

    Nope thats not good, can we get a picture from the top (in focus if possible) and then the pins when u pull it out again.
  8. Almost all of the time its a magnetic switch that reacts to a magnet in the bezel. You can try this out by getting a magnet (small one is enough) and move it around your laptop surface. And dont worry this is not a troll attempt to kill your laptop
  9. Windows Server 2016/12 or Windows 8.1

    Just for a site? i would load up a linux server distro and put in on that.
  10. AMD GPU Not supported on windows 10 workaround?

    Even on Windows 7 i had a hard time finding a stable driver for the HD 4870. With the latest drivers it would crash non-stop. Just kept trying older catalyst drivers till i had one that worked ok.
  11. I dont know how it is over there but over here both the Mini NES / SNES are in stores. The NES is still harder to find but everywhere i go i see the Mini SNES. But for the Sega: even if there wouldnt be as much to get, there are so many clones around it isnt even funny. I think even up till this day clones are being produced. Something todo with the popularity in South America.
  12. Running drive opened

    I feel so old now, my first thought was "what is so old about an IDE connection" And like Husky said, it will die fast if it even runs. A small amount of dust will kill the heads quickly
  13. No ip-configuration

    So its making a physical connection, thats good Now for the pc itself, when u plug in the ethernet cable do you get a valid ip adress? with gateway and such? You can find this when u right click the network icon on the bottom right, select "Network and internet settings" then click "Network center" on the page that opens. Click the ethernet connection that should be on the right after "connections:", in the window that pops up press "details". That should show all this info.
  14. No ip-configuration

    In device manager does it show the network adapter without any symbol on it? When plug in the ethernet cable do the light in the connector work? (if there are lights) Did you try that ethernet cable on a laptop or another computer?
  15. There is more then just the OP post and your reply in this thread Also, cool story bro way to make this about you @CcDevon Best of luck with the aftermath and i hope you'll be okay.