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  1. Dujith

    External Battery for Intel NUC

    First of all you cannot use the "charge" USB port on the front to power it. That port just always has power even if the NUC is switched off. Inserting power there would kill something Use DC in for that (1 of the connectors should fit, just mind polarity) Anyway the battery pack you linked does have the connectors and voltage for it. 19v@4,5A = 85,5W so should be able to power it. at 23000mAh that would translate to 5 hours at full load (roughly)
  2. Dujith

    Full Hard Drive Backup to OneDrive

    EaseUS Todo Backup, you can add a cloud storage as backup location. Use this at home and has been running a few years without me having todo anything. It installs as a service and i have it setup to make a backup each sunday evening and shutdown the computer around 23:00 (old man with kids, Sunday is go to bed early ) Its not free, but 1 time expense at 29$ for a reliable backup is nothing
  3. Dujith

    Apple is being sued because 2FA "takes too long"

    I can delete my post and repost?
  4. Cheap no, simple yes At a school we use a HDMI switch which outputs over cat5 to the extenders. But define cheap, for this kind of stuff i would consider 200 cheap, but someone might have a better/cheaper way?
  5. Dujith

    Apple is being sued because 2FA "takes too long"

    This whole case was about how McDonalds handled it. They also knew of the problem as it happend before and was kept internal. She was awarded such a high number by the Jury since McDonalds was being a jerk about it It started at 18.000 (at least 12.000 was medical already), Then they sought 90.000 through trail. Which ended up being something below 600.000 (out of court settlement) As for the OP... i have no words
  6. Dujith

    How can I double my network speed?

    It can be done with a proper router, there are however a few issues: For the 2GB of internet to be usable you will need a 5GB/10GB network and a router that supports that. The second biggest problem will that you'll effectively show 2 IP on the internet, so anything that uses a secure connection will fail and kick you out. In the end it will be more a load balancing then actual "bonded" internet, for that to work your ISP would have to set that up.
  7. Dujith

    Trouble with available physical memory

    That could be okay. A screenshot of the memory in task manager would help to explain. For example in my system i have 16GB, in use is 5,3GB, 7GB is reserved, 3,8GB is available. You might also lose some to the iGpu of the i5
  8. I have been looking for a way to get a signature on a Word document or PDF using the trackpad. The idea is to let customers sign the yearly checkup report, this is mainly needed for the certification as they require those signatures. In the past we had a device for just that (Windows XP) but that wont work in Windows 10 and is not needed anymore. Rules changed and now you can do it anyway you want without the need of an expensive signature device/service. Now i saw that on a mac you can use the trackpad as a signature device. But for the life of me i cannot find a way to do this in windows. Anyone knows about this? All searches just end up with the standard way to add signatures in office or pdf's but no way to use the trackpad ps. I dont meant drawing where you have to click and hold down. I mean the actual motion of your signature over the trackpad.
  9. Dujith

    Building a cheap htpc for kodi.

    Correct. For something just playing Kodi Windows would be overkill
  10. Dujith

    Building a cheap htpc for kodi.

    If you are looking for something to just run kodi i would recommend looking at ebay or any other 2nd hand for a simple NUC anything i3-i5 will be more then enough. Something like : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-NUC-i5-4250U-1-3GHz-CPU-8GB-120GB-SSD-Model-D54250WYKH/264183940492?hash=item3d8297058c:g:jScAAOSwS3NcW2~P (quick google)
  11. Dujith

    Building a cheap htpc for kodi.

    The problem is the APU, atm it a bit of work in progress. Safe bet at this time is an Intel CPU as its iGPU is fully supported by all builds (Openelec, libreelec ect ect)
  12. Dujith

    USB upstream and downstream

    Like this? https://www.aten.com/global/en/products/usb-&-thunderbolt/peripheral-switches/us434/
  13. For most small operations / households i would go with the USG (Unifi Security Gateway) and keep it all Unifi. Just get the smallest switch the 60W 8 ports will do fine. To answer your questions: 1. Its more convenient to go full unifi as you have 1 interface to set everything and everything will be synced. The reason you see Edge + the AC is more down to personal preference as the Edgerouter gives "more" control IF you know how it works. Having said that even with VLAN/Qos/Route settings its all simple with the Unifi interface. Basicly is you love working with a terminal and like to tinker with alot of settings get the Edgerouter. Otherwise the USG will work great. 2. See point 1. Plus updating and viewing traffic is great, in my case at home and work i can easily track what services are used by which user and what devices cause issues. 3. Number of connections and speed/transmission power. In a household i would reccomend lite's and in an office the pro's. 4. I would only do that if you want to learn Networking and want to tinker alot. If you just want a stable network at home go the Unifi route. @scottyseng i think we were typing at the same time
  14. Dujith

    USB upstream and downstream

    I'm not sure what u are asking. The monitor is in essence an USB hub and can be used for any USB device. If you would connect another hub to the monitor it would just work. Though in that case you would loose some bandwidth.
  15. I'll read that. Tho i will only update if i see some facts, so far is "the authers opinion", "it appears", ect ect