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  1. Unless you are going to hook up alot of expensive audio equipement the one on your MB should do fine. Otherwise the Xonar range from Asus is decent
  2. Which version are we talking about? Besides daisychaining they are pretty much alike
  3. There are many countries where power is not that stable. Remote areas there are subject to some weird power outages and spikes.
  4. You can try and replace the CR battery for you BIOS. It might be dead on arrival. Other then that make sure nothing is plugged into the BIOS reset pins
  5. You could test with the original fans back. Then you can decide if you can live with the higher temps vs noise.
  6. Or try and find fans that have closer fans and are quieter. But i would do a stress test first to see if they will keep up.
  7. Without the pump working it would rise quickly i know this from experience. The cooler has 0 dissipation beyond water running through it
  8. This may be down to the amount of air the fans are pushing through. The corsair ones are designed to push a lot of volume through. As you can see on the noctua fans that have a gap that the corsair ones do not have. That means that the noctua fans do not create as much pressure as the corsair ones.
  9. You can install Windows 10 and use it for free. You will only get a watermark down right and you cannot adjust your background.
  10. @Abdul201588 Hovering does not work on mobile, should have added that
  11. Also, just noticed that ignoring does not hide the topics list on the right and still fills the forums too
  12. With the recent spam i was looking for a way to ignore a user. Ended up finding it tucked away in a link in settings. If its possible could a direct link for that be added when you click someone's profile? in this case the username was simple enough to type it in.
  13. 73 is still far below Tj so that sounds normal on air tbh.
  14. Looking to replace my WD NAS with 1 HDD with a homemade storage server. Now i understand these things for home use do not require alot of CPU power, having said that the WD is just too slow so i dont want that to happen. It can barely keep up with ripped Bluray's streaming (sized down with handbrake) These are motherboards with CPU on them that i can easily get and are new: - Asrock MB with the Intel J3355 - Asus MB with the Celeron N3050 - Asus MB with J1800 What i want to do with it / requirements: - Low power usage (will ofc depend on HDD's and load, but just looking at MB) - File storage (backups, ect) - Streaming those files to my OpenElec box, so no encoding required +/- 15Mbps If you have a better Motherboard i could use plz point me at it The ones i looked at are in the 80 Euro range. Country is The Netherlands.