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  1. Nothing. the 2 8 pin connectors have some shared pins that wont always be connected since they are redundant. Pin 5,7,8 are GND those share a common connection at the PSU anyway.
  2. Kodi comes to mind. There are alot of skins that can do that. I think even the default one does this with the correct layout.
  3. This a thousand times ^^ My wife did not feel right about the help for the 2nd baby (we had a great click with the one for out first baby) and i just called the agency and got her replaced. Funny thing is that it happens alot. There was 0 discussion, just an ok and next day there was another. Trust is everything. Special for your kids
  4. The link will be SATA 600 yes, the read/write speed wont however. Even the higher end HDD's will top out at 150 MB/s against the 600 MB/s that the SATA 3 allows. Looking at your HDD size i would pick up a SSD, those will have higher sequential speeds. But more importantly higher IO when writing and reading small files (Windows usage). It will be night and day. A budget SSD would be the something like a Crucial MX500 500GB at 65 ish Dollars
  5. Transfer speed says SATA 300 thats SATA II SATA 600 would be III As for the OP: That drive is SATA II, the motherboard interface might be SATA III but it will only operate like that if you connect a SATA III HDD. An 5400 RPM drive wont be fast enough anyway to use SATA III speeds
  6. Without any further info, Yes there can be a difference.
  7. In the past i asked for help with python code here and other places. But i only need it sometimes to write custom scripts for an domotica server. So while it works most of the time, its an ugly hack work that needs adjustments when i run it in the field So i thought, why not post a request and have someone far more capable with Python code it with me for a fee. Anyone know a site where i can post a request and have someone work at it? paid ofc.
  8. @Bombastinator The link i posted were all the Design awards for 2019, so thats 1545 awards this year alone for just Designs. That was just to point out how many awards they give out on a yearly basis. But thats not even the case. Their award is for Brand Identity.... so thats how you present your brand design wise with pictures/logo's fonts. They specially like the compressed font So imo that award means zilch. Besides that they present it in a nice way.
  9. I'm a bit skeptic about this. The major issue with a re-breather is handling the flow and Co2. If any valve fails or leaks you will not notice this till its to late, same with the flowrate. The second you notice this its already to late. Them saying this is "safe" raises an eyebrow with me. There is a reason why the standard scuba setup (tank with premixed air, open breather. bye bye Co2) is used by everyone. Its safe and vaults are easily detected. @Bombastinator Also remember that the Red Dot award is for the design (Fonts, graphics ect) not the actual product. And they hand em out like cookies if you pay up that is Edit: the "hard" to get Red Dot awards 2019: Product Design 1545 Results 2019
  10. MakeMKV makes picking out just the movie and whatever subs and audio you need easy. You can then compress it with handbrake or leave it alone.
  11. Thats the problem. I just explained in the 2nd part of my post what you have todo. https://www.w3schools.com/python/python_pip.asp Best to first understand what is happening and what u need todo. Like i said, requirements.txt is there for that exact reason. So you dont get errors for missing libs. You can either install them manualy or use the file itself: pip install -r requirements.txt
  12. repli.it is an IDE. So your not gonna install that As for that application, the dependencies should be in requirements.txt So in this case: colorama and pythonping You install those using pip. Example would be: pip install colorama
  13. Asrock mini desktops GTX that support the MXM cards (up to 1080) https://www.asrock.com/nettop/index.asp#DeskMini There are others that also use the MXM cards that will alow very small cases.
  14. Is it an active cable? (you can tell by looking at the connectors, 1 should say source) Not sure but i think most GPU's do not support DP++ and will have all kind of issues with longer cables. That at least has been the case for us at the office and was solved by using active cables.
  15. @Eigenvektor @Madgemade In the end i got VMWARE Esxi installed and its working with a nice GUI to add and manage the VM's Plus i get to use VEAAM we already have running for the HyperV server for this too it seems Thanks for the input!