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  1. Finding correct power adapter for a router?

    You'll also need to check polarity. You can have + in the middle or the sides . U can usually tell it from a symbol near the connection on the router. I have one lying around at home. I can check what u need when i get there. Or someone else will post it.
  2. need desperate help H100i

    Its not so much the power outage killing stuff. Its the return of power that will do that most of the times That and moving components tend to die when shut off and restarted. Not so much when they are on. The UPS will be a 2-fold protection: 1. It allows the computer to shutoff in a normal way. 2. A good UPS will also filter and stop high inrush currents/voltages.
  3. need desperate help H100i

    If you have a long screwdriver you can isolate the sound by holding the tip against the block and the other end against your ear. You should hear a very audible humming/pumping sound.
  4. need desperate help H100i

    Sounds like the pump died. With no water flow the temps will go high. When it reaches an to high temp the LED on the CPU cooler (which is also your pump) Will be red yes Try and check if you can hear the pump.
  5. DNS Servers

    You would have to setup your own dns server in which you decide what goes where in essence.
  6. So even the weaker quadro cards will be better then a "normal" one? is this just down to support from Autocad? And yeah. It will crash some times wit the 1050 Yeah, the new computer will have a beefy i7 or Ryzen. That depends if Autocad likes alot of cores or is still limited.
  7. For work i'm building 1 computer that will be mostly used for autocad 2016 usage. The drawings we work with are all 2D but large. And alot of layers in them for the different systems that have to be installed. Right now the one working with Autocad is on an i5-750 8GB / SSD / GTX1050 and will sometimes lag a bit when zooming or enabling alot of layers. We had someone by who supplies the software that manages our projects and works in tandem with Autocad. His sollution was to get a cheap quadro since the driver support in Autocad is supposed to be much better. I have been trying to look this up but what i find varies from: "the iGPU is perfect for 2D anyone buying a quadro is an idiot" to "You do not need a quadro, its just a money grab" to "Here is the link for the official supported GPU's" Anyone here using Autocad for large 2D files and has a setup relatively lag free?
  8. Autodiscover / certificate issue

    I'll get a price for the SAN since i will only need 2. autodiscover and intern This will be the easiest option since i do not have alot of experience with advanced options within the server.
  9. We are running a small server with SBS2011 which has Exchange 2010 on it. Atm i am working to get everything ready for some new computers with W10 and Office 2016. I found out that autodiscover was not correctly setup. That is fixed now but the problem i run into is our certificate. The certificate in question is only for intern.xxxxxxxx.nl One of the things i had todo to get autodiscover to work is create autodiscover.xxxxxx.nl since xxxxxxxx.nl goes to our site which is running on a hosted provider where our exchange server is not now i keep getting the warning that the certificate has a name mismatch. (minor issue, either click through it or do a regedit change) Now my question is this: Is this something i can change with the the DNS service? i think CNAME wont work? Or do i need to upgrade the single name certificate to either a wildcard one of with the added autodiscover?
  10. Opening Ports

    Some routers also require a firewall rule.
  11. Reallocated sector count warning - how to fix?

    Replace the HDD in question. Relocated means it encountered a bad sector and marked it as such. It will only get worse over time, its not something you can fix
  12. LAN only goes up to 10 mb/s

    Still weird. I have an idea use the cable to connect the PCIE card to the Motherboard ethernet. Sounds weird but that way u can check what both ethernet cards report speed wise.
  13. LAN only goes up to 10 mb/s

    Okay, you said you connected another pc to the cable. What speed did it report? And did you setback the speed to auto in your original PC? or was it still set to 100Mbit Full? fyi, quote ppl you reply to or we wont get notified. Or tag them with @ and then type the name.
  14. LAN only goes up to 10 mb/s

    100 Mbit is still not good. The modem has gigabit ports and should offer that speed. Can u take a picture of the cable (pref with some info on it.) The cable is 1 piece? with that i mean its not been cut or anything like that?
  15. LAN only goes up to 10 mb/s

    This has nothing todo with the fact that it will not negotiate above 10Mbit. That is done before any of this stuff is relevant