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  1. Under location i changed my setting to GPS only and disabled Wifi Scanning. Gonna test this, but this will prob work.
  2. Tbh i would RMA the board. You can test if it shows 16GB when u install the dimm's in 1 and 2 (tho that will be single channel) But this should work (2A and 2B). msconfig and such wont matter as the bios is pre-os and should show all the memory anyway
  3. I'm sure yes. And i can recreate this by plugin-in in this router at another location. The second my phone sees it i'm back home
  4. Dujith

    Need css help... Again

    Dont know if you still need this. But you should just define the text-shadow in the h1 tag. And not create that extra tag. That way you just need to work around the original shadow: h1 { text-shadow: 3px 2px red, 4px 2px blue, 3px 3px blue, 2px 2px blue, 3px 1px blue; } The one in red will the main shadow, the next one is 1px to the left, the next one is 1px down, next is 1px left and last is 1px up. This will create a outline around the shadow. Adjust to your own taste.
  5. Just noticed something weird when checking my timelines. I had 5 hour drive time for a job thats half an hour away. Noticed in the timeline that it kept setting me back home every hour or so I then realized that it was the router i was using at the job site, since there was no internet there and i needed a network (dhcp and such) i tend to use my own old router for that. Thing is that my phone sees that router and uses it as a location marker putting me back at home everytime Changed the SSID and that did not seen to help. Found a few tips, but those all involved hooking it up to internet... which i dont have at new sites. Any ideas or anyone else had this issue?
  6. Looking at my youtube feed... and all the linus ones are as bad as the unboxing dude with the click bait titles. I'm sure there are statistics that proof that you get more clicks. But tbh i have stopped watching them. Still watch the WAN show for entertainment and frequent the forums.. but not for the videos anymore
  7. Dujith

    Need css help... Again

    There is a property for that: text-shadow h6 { text-shadow: 2px 2px #ff0000; } with the 2px 2px you define the offset, in this example it will be 2px to the right and 2px to the bottom. Last you specify the color of the shadow.
  8. Dujith

    How to force a refund at the bank?

    No, a game sucking is not a fraudulent product. What you have is buyers regret and you will have to take it up with Blizzard. Since the transaction already went through your bank cannot do much about it. For example if you buy something off Ebay and its fraudulent even then the bank cannot help you after it went through. That why you buy via Paypal or a creditcard since they do have clauses for those kinda things. Even if you could get your bank to get back the money, Blizz could report you to the police and your bank since you "stole" money from them.
  9. Dujith

    Paint.net & Windows Screen Grab

    No reason tbh. Together with the snip utility from windows self its all i need. I tend to keep the amount of extra programs to a minimum.
  10. Dujith

    Paint.net & Windows Screen Grab

    Windows Key + Print Screen should work. Could be a couple of things. On some laptops the print screen keys need to be "active" in the sence that you can toggle FN on some. When you press the Windows key + Print screen, does the screen go dark for a second (darker)
  11. Dujith

    30+ PoE switch and/or NVR

    Well, from the sound of it you will also have to factor in cabling, as analog camera's are usually connected with a coax cable. So either replace the cable with cat5/6 or look into camera's / nvr's that support digital over coax. You can even push POE over a cax cable with converters at both end. In the past i used Axis for that. But there might be cheaper solutions for that. Moral of this story: Do some research first before you order anything. I never take a job without going there and walking it through. So many surprises caught that way
  12. Dujith

    30+ PoE switch and/or NVR

    Depends, normal camera without heating will be around 10-11W (and if that is a ques dependent on brand, ect ect) Poe+ camera's will draw even more. But like i said, you need to know what camera's are there. For example if its only indoor camera's then an af poe switch will be fine. Are there outdoor and speeddomes then you could run into at poe requirementts.
  13. Dujith

    30+ PoE switch and/or NVR

    Since all poe switches are limited by power and not the number of connections the question is: What power do the IP camera's draw? Do you know the model number?
  14. Dujith

    Was Windows Vista THAT Bad?

    I recommend watching this if you want some more details
  15. Dujith

    How to start playing with VM's

    If its just for testing out stuff i would use Virtualbox. If its more permanent then VMware or HyperV