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  1. Ok got 60hz to work thanks mate.
  2. Would it help if I ran my monitor of off the display port by using a dp to hdmi adapter or would that make no difference?
  3. Yes I have uninstalled Nvidia drivers. I forgot to mention that. I did that before updating the bios.
  4. I have this old toshiba 1080p monitor. No I have not tried a using the other ports as my monitor is only HDMI. My only other monitor is a VGA monitor so that is out of the question. The monitor worked fine with a gtx680, gtx1060 and a gtx 650 I don't see why It would not work with the RX580. Speaking of monitors, my monitor was running at 60hz on the nvidia cards but with the RX580, it ran at 50hz according to windows and there is no way to change the refresh rate on Radeon settings.
  5. Hi there everyone. Recently, I upgraded my good old GTX 680 to an RX 580 that I bought used. I thought it would be simple and straightforward but boy was I in for a surprise. Before I go further, my system is an i7 3930k@3.2ghz(recently update bios so have not gotten to overclocking yet), 8gb of 1600mhz vengence LP ddr3, Gigabyte X79-UD3, Intel 330 series 240gb ssd and a 1tb seagate barracuda. The RX580 in question is a Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8gb. p.s, the second paragraph highlights my mistakes and stuff I have already fixed so if you are in a rush just skip to the third and fourth paragraph. It all started with the installation, I pulled out my 680 and placed the RX580 into place. It all went well except it didn't boot. There was a bios switch on the card so I flipped it to the other bios and it did manage to post but there were some weird artifacts and the scaling was way off. At first I thought it was just because there were no drivers so I promptly installed AMD drivers. At about 70%, the screen went black, flashed to blue, flashed to the OS and went to black again over and over again. After 15 minutes, I decided to just reboot the system. The moment the system booted and OS loaded, the same flashing of blue screen, black and OS happened. It never occurred to me to check the BIOS version as I had only recently popped a 1060 in the system and it worked fine. So what I did was ask the guy I had bought the card from. He was baffled as he had just ran benchmarks the day before. He offered to refund me my money but I told him to wait a few days while I figure this out. I called a friend and asked to borrow his HIS IceQ RX580 8gb and installed in my pc. No boot. At this point I was panicking as I thought that there was something wrong with my board. Stupidly, I had already sold my 680 so there was no popping that back in to check. After some quick googling that I should have done earlier, I realized that my motherboard bios was outdated so I borrowed my uncle's Gtx650 since I had no on board graphics. Reflashing the BIOS was a pain in the ass as q-flash just flat out didn't work (it said something like outdated flashing utility) and the Included bios file just refused to be mounted as a bootable drive so I had to use @bios (I know, its a terrible idea). After 15 minutes, viola, the damn thing booted. But this was only the beginning of my problems. My Unsolvable problems began right after I booted and installed Radeon drivers. My first problem was scaling. You see, the screen was cutting off on all four sides of the monitor and the windows scaling settings did not solve the problem. It just made the clipping worse. I figured out how to solve the screen cut off problem by changing the HDMI scaling in radeon settings. Problem is, it introduced this lag. Everything was just laggy. Restarting didn't work, reinstalling drivers didn't work and playing around with the settings in radeon settings also did not solve the lag issue. The picture quality was also worse. Everything was just soft and slightly blurry. I googled and everywhere just point to not messing with HDMI scaling and only changing the scaling on windows but NO MATTER HOW MUCH I CHANGED THE WINDOWS SCALING, THE SCREEN STILL CLIPPED. My second problem happened when I tried to run Chrome. I opened chrome and it was just a black window. Nothing. You can drag, close and minimize the window but it was just black. Google's solution seems to be disabling GPU acceleration but I cant really do that with chrome being black and all. There was also a suggestion to change the path of the chrome shortcut and adding : "[space]-disable-gpu" at the end of the path file but that did not work also. Opera browser worked fine so that is what I am typing from. This is my first time using team red's GPU's and I am seriously turned off. Every team green GPU I have used has worked flawlessly. It is a massive shame because this RX580 is a great deal at 50 bucks. It is unlikely that this particular card is defective as the same problems also happens on my friends RX580. I am out of options. Drivers are up to date and everything else seems fine. Please help.
  6. Hi there guys, I am currently looking for a cctv system for my home. There are so many in the market that it is difficult to choose. These are the features that I am looking for: 1) Easy to set up and install. If possible wireless. 2) Able to be accessed through the cloud. I don't really care if it stores the footage in the cloud, I just want to be able to see whats going on in the house from my phone/computer. 3) Has a pause function. The cloud access and pause function is extremely important for me. My clients often come to my house to discuss personal matters so it is very important to me that I can pause the CCTV to ensure confidentiality. By pause I mean have the CCTV stop recording everything, even the remote monitoring. Preferably this pause feature should be easy to access as well. I don't need sound recording, I don't need a high quality camera and I don't need a large storage because this system will mostly be used to check up on my grandmother who has vertigo as she sometimes falls and cannot get back up. Heck, I don't even need the CCTV to record anything. It will only be used for monitoring. Only 2-4 cameras are needed to cover the whole house. For the remote monitoring, I want to be able to give access to my siblings so then they can also check on my grandmother. Again, the pause function is very impotant and when it is on, remote monitoring and recording should be completely turned off. I know that this is a weird feature set to request but I'm sure someone here knows something. I am sorry if I sound like a total noob in this because I am. Thanks again for the help!
  7. These new phones do seem to get hot more quickly. Its all the damn glass. My plastic S5 barely gets hot under heavy heavy use. Oh the good ol days...
  8. I do have a case. I have had some shit experiences with contacting other manufacturers before (Apple and OnePlus) so im hesitant to deal with samsung. How well do they usually honor their warranty? I doubt its anything to do woth software. I barely have 15 apps on this thing.
  9. Hey guys, I recently bought the 64gb galaxy note 8 (pre-ordered it) model number SM-N950F/DS. After about 2-3 weeks of use, I noticed that my phone gets very hot under heavy use and also overheats sometimes. Before this, I used the galaxy s7 edge and it never overheated on me... although I am using the note 8 heavier. The phone first overheated when i was using mobile hotspot with 4G+ and recording a hyperlapse while at the same time charging the phone with a QC 3.0 charger (it gave a "phone is too hot to use camera" warning). I record a lot of time-lapses and this has happened to me 2-3 times after about 1-2 hrs of use. Other than that, the phone also overheats when using VR on mobile data. Since my house has pretty crap wifi, I tend to use my mobile data when using the gear VR and it overheats after about 20 minutes of use (overheat warning again) and it quits the VR program. This is extremely annoying as it limits me to using VR for only 15-20 minutes before it becomes unusable. I don't even have anything else on! No location, no wifi, hotspot and not even charging. The gear VR has a charging port on it and god knows how long it would last if I used it. My question is if any of you who use the Note 8 or s8 have the same problem. Is my device faulty or is it just crap heat management on Samsung's part? Should i send my phone in for warranty repair? Thanks for the help!
  10. Hi there, About 4 months ago, my Samsung galaxy S7 edge became water damaged. I was at a party and I was thrown into a pool several times with my phone in my pocket. When I tried to turn on my phone the next day many things did not function properly: Both cameras was filled with water. Although they eventually dried out, the launch times for the cameras have never been the same with it sometimes taking up to a minute to launch up when the home button is double pressed. The device takes a while wake. I don't know if this is a problem with the home button or the screen, but it takes a while and sometimes many presses of the home/lock button to wake the device. The fingerprint scanner also seems to have taken a hit as it takes wayyy longer to detect my fingerprint. The proximity sensor is broken. The phone no longer detects when I put my face against it during calls. The notification LED also stays on all the time now. The GPS system does not work. In maps, its always says GPS signal not found. The best I can get usually is an approximate location of where I am which sucks because I cannot use to the phone to navigate me. The accelerometer, gyroscope and compass does not work anymore. This is a shame because the phone does not rotate automatically anymore and VR stuff is impossible. The phone overall feels really sluggish. It lags from time to time and does not feel the same anymore. what I want to know is if I could replace these parts (maximum priority on the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and GPS). And how much it would cost to repair these problems. I lost all documentation of the phone so warranty is not an option. My original plan was to just use the phone as it is and wait for the s8 to come out but the s8 was not what I expected. With no improvements on features like the rear camera to the seemingly small battery capacity and stupid placement of the rear fingerprint sensor I find it abit hard to justify spending 700 dollars on it. Thanks for the help guys!
  11. Hey there guys, I am currently looking for a good tablet for light media consumption and for looking at lecture notes and jotting down stuff in class. My Budget is very tight as I have blown all my money into buying the alienware 15 r3 . I am looking for something thin, light and portable while having good battery life and usability. It would be even better if I could use some sort of stylus for it so that I can jot down notes in class. I don't mind buying second hand. There is this guy who wants to sell me his ipad mini 2 16gb for 135 bucks. Is that a good deal? If no, what do you guys recommend?
  12. Hey guys, I recently purchased the alienware 15 r3 and I am currently looking for a suitable backpack for it (I will carry it around for school ALOT). I am interested in the (XD) design bobby backpack but I have no idea if the alienware 15 will fit in that bag. I mean, the laptop by itself is quite thick and the rear vents protrude by about two inches. I also wonder if it will fit in the backpack with a sleeve on (so that I can provide more padding for the laptop). The reason why I want this backpack so bad is because I like how sleek and simple the backpack looks without pockets and everything. I have also read that the backpack helps lower the strain on your shoulders because it keeps the load closer to your back. So yeah, if anyone owns this particular backpack, please tell me what you think about it. Lastly, if anyone has other suggestions on backpacks that i can get that would be great. My criteria's for a backpack are: 1. Good load distribution (I carry lotsa hevy stuff) 2. Looks sleek and simple 3. Has lots of compartments where I can organize my stuff (it would be great if it had like a built in pencil/pen compartment) I carry my laptop, one slightly larger than A4 sized book, a tablet, a bunch of pens and a mouse.
  13. The blade 14 is ridiculously expensive here. People treat it like the jesus of laptops and charge a stupendous amount for it here (I live in Malaysia btw). Can't even buy it online... Razer does not ship here, amazon does not ship here and pretty much nothing ships here. Im desperate for a laptop but nothing checks all the boxes for me...
  14. So by how much do I have bump up my budget to be able to get exactly what I want? Whats the best value 1060 portable touchscreen laptop?
  15. Hey there guys. Im looking for a laptop with a combination of specs that is almost impossible to find. I want a laptop with at least a gtx 1060, has a touchscreen, is very portable (3kgs max), ssd, good build quality and a good battery life. All of that with a budget of around 1000-1200 dollars. Right now the best one i can find is the alienware 13 OLED. Lets see if you guys can come up with a better laptop. Im desperately looking for a laptop. P. s. I know about the blade 14 but i love in a country where its damn near impossible to get a blade without spending a shit loads more than the actual price of the blade. Thanks guys!