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    Built my first pc at the end of 2018, loved it.
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    I make dough by making dough (pizza)


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    I7 8086k
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    Bayerdunamic DT990 Pro with Schitt Magni/Modi Stack
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  1. So i have a 980ti that i tried in my 2008 mac pro. I got 2 mini 6 pin to regular 8 pin cables in order to power the thing (i wont be putting the card under much load anyway so dont worry about that, the cpus are a bottleneck anyway). When i connect everything up, the mac powers on, does the start up sound, but never displays any video out of the card, with the display saying no signal. The fans spin on the card the whole time with lights above the power connectors indicating that its powered.Any ideas on whats happening? (Ps. the card that came with the mac displays picture so its not the macs fault and the 980ti does work)
  2. Thanks for the article. I’d assume that it’ll work as well but I want to be sure. Ive seen the maxwell titan working well just not the pascal version.
  3. I have better future plans for the thing but it should do ok for now. I just need to know if it will work at all. thanks for the reply tho.
  4. Does anyone know if the Titan x (pascal) is supported by the 2008 Mac Pro (1st gen cheese grater). I see a lot of conflicting information and want a definate answer. I know that better and more cost effective cards exist, you don’t have to remind me of that. I see people using it in the 2010 model but what about this one? If you know any other GPUs that’ll be compatable such as any other pascal cards then feel free to let me know : ) Thanks in Advance
  5. I tried holding the buttons you suggested and nothing happened. Just progressed to the flashing file screen
  6. Alright. Thanks for the replies. Will try these methods.
  7. So by pressing ALT, windows key and r it should atomatically start downloading the required os on my 2008 mac pro (with Ethernet connection of coarse)?
  8. I tried holding option (alt) and r at the same time from power up and nothing happened. Just proceeded to the white screen with flashing folder (because I have no os). I also know that the OSX I was using was not licensed but I have no idea what im doing hence why I followed the tutorial which didn't work. I also have no clue if el capitan is supported or not. From a page I looked at it said it was. Can I get a link and steps on how to properly download and install mac os? As all of the os's I see on the website look like updates. Thanks for the reply btw : )
  9. hi, i hope that this is the right place to post this. I recently acquired a mac pro from 2008 which came with no hdd installed (meaning it came with no os). i slapped one in and followed a tutorial on how to make a bootable usb drive. While making the mac os drive, i tried a windows boot drive for kicks. I managed to get to the os selection screen thought holding ALT after power up but the machine froze up when selecting windows. After calling that a loss, i tried the same thing with the mac os drive i made, but every time that i hold ALT the screen turns white with a curser that i can move, and thats it. I have no idea what to do and would like help resolving this. I don't have any access to any other mac machines in case any other trouble shooting steps involved one. Any help with either booting to mac os or windows would be nice. Thanks P.s i have no experience with macs (ive been a windows user my whole life) but think that the mac os boot drive doesnt work, so maybe making an actual functional one through windows might work (will need help with that). I was also trying to install os x el capitan if that changes anything
  10. Could something have been damaged if the display connection wasn’t inserted correctly?
  11. I did it myself as it really wasn’t that difficult. I also have taken it apart again a double checked that the connections were connected properly and the display cable popped out as I lifted the mobo, but I figured that’s just becuause I maybe pulled it too hard. I’m 100% sure that I plugged everything in the first time correctly and firmly.
  12. Long story short, the screen on my laptop was closed too hard and the screen needed replacing as there were cracks all throughout and the ink was bleeding all over it making the thing bacically unusable. I did so and the new screen (basically the exact same one but generic) worked brilliantly, displaying everything at the exact same resolution. Only a day later, the screen turned off, turned back on for a second then turned off completely. Now all you can see is a blank screen with the backlight on. I’ve plugged it into an external display and everything works just fine but the screen on the laptop itself. Incase this matters, I checked for recent drivers in the devices properties. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  13. ok. Thanks for everyone's pointers and advice. I'm definitely gonna do my research and most likely stay clear mainly to avoid damaging my laptop altogether.