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    Fortuna, California, Land of Humboldt Gold
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    Making custom built computers and computer repair
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    Retired Air Force, veteran of both Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield. During Air Force years, stationed in Thailand, Philippines, Spain, Germany, United Arab Emerites, US Embassy Taipei Tiawan, Guantanmo Bay Cuba, with a few side trips to places I can't remember.
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    Airborne Radio Communications, Retired Air Force


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    AMD FX8370
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    Asus TUF Sabertooth FX990 3.0
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    Corsair Vengeance 32gig
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    AMD R9 260x
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    CoolerMaster Mastercase Maker 5t
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    Samsung Evo Pro 512
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    Corsair 1000x
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    Acer 29 inch
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    Coolermaster V8 GTS
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    Aula BeFire
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    Logitech Wireless Performance MX
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    Bose Companion 5 / Bose SoundTrue Headphones
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    Windows 10 Home Creators Edition

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  1. Capture 2.4ghz radio waves with wifi card?

    Don't forget the possiblities of phase shifting and frequency shifting.
  2. Playing is fine, no matter when it is, I'm just pointing out that you said you didn't have time to organize but you have time to play. Nothing more, nothing less. But, do you keep Chrome open with the 200 tabs while you're playing? If so, then I would recommend that you close Chrome while playing.
  3. Windows Media Player Problem

    I understand that you don't like VLC but maybe just give it a shot to see if it works. Process of elimination, if it works then you have identified the problem as Windows Media Player and if it doesn't work, then the problem is something else. For myself, I would use anything except the Windows Media Player so I use a combination of VLC and the Aurora blu-ray player.
  4. You said "Just install windows, download games and start playing" but you also said "Well my work requires me to do a lot of strenuous research which does not grant me the luxury of having time to organize. Something tells me that if you have time to download games and play, you also should have time to organize. And with 200 plus tabs in Chrome I can understand why your system would belch every now and then. Like the previous poster said, you probably spend more time looking thru the tabs for something than you do actually doing any work. Just my humble opinion..... Good Luck.
  5. Software to find hardware error

    What is the problem or error? What does the machine do or not do? Is the error something specific in nature or is it just something in general? When there is a problem, Windows 10 does a pretty good job of letting you know that something is going wrong or something not working right. Maybe just outdated BIOS or Drivers.
  6. iPad (2018)

    Somewhere I missed the question, what was it again?
  7. Removing stripped screws Dell XPS 9560

    There is a tool kit called iFixit. I believe it will have the tools you need to remove the screws. Back in the day (40 years give or take) we used a tool called an EZ-Out but don't know if they are still around. You would need to drill a tiny hole in the center of the screw to be removed then insert their ez-out tool to unscrew the screw. Check out the iFixit tool, I believe they can help you. https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/Pro-Tech-Toolkit/IF145-307-4
  8. Sorry this didn't do it for you. I used to live in Zaragoza 1983-86. Zaragoza Air Force Base. Loved every minute I was there.
  9. Before trying anything that will require new parts, try a sfc /scannow from an administrators command prompt. Maybe the problem is just some sort of messed up windows file. Got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Good Luck.
  10. MalwareBytes or SpyHunter

    Thanks for the insight. If there is one thing that I do take care of, it's constantly checking to make sure that my windows o.s. and the windows defender are always up-2-date. Thanks for the help, really preciate it.
  11. MalwareBytes or SpyHunter

    I'm with you on this and I wouldn't have this question if it wasn't for the Zeus thing I ran across yesterday. I was browsing for a parts place shopping for new headlights for my 2001 Dodge 3/4 ton diesel truck. As soon as I clicked the link to the website from a google search the Zeus thing popped up. Never ran across that before so it was new to me. Just couldn't figure out why Defender didn't catch it. I guess the wording on my original question was a little off. Should have read something like "If I have to use an anti-virus, which should I use?"
  12. MalwareBytes or SpyHunter

    Hey guys, thanks for the help. Looks like I will give MB a shot and see how it goes. Thanks.
  13. MalwareBytes or SpyHunter

    So, from what I read, you are basically saying don't use either one. I can understand that but if I'm not going to use either MalwareBytes "or" SpyHunter, what do you recommend? What are you using? I do use Windows Defender full time but Defender did not catch that stupid Zeus thing yesterday so I am a little hesitant to carry it further.
  14. You can use something like the Belarc Advisor to find out what make and model motherboard you have. Then with that information, you can do a google search on the motherboard and you should be able to find that information there. The trick is just knowing the make and model of the mobo. Good Luck..
  15. Hello everyone, I have tried running both MalwareBytes and SpyHunter and can't decide which one provides the better service. Of course, I am not running them both at the same time but I have used both of them at separate times and just can't decide which is better. Would really like to read some other opinions and points of view on this situation. I never really thought much about it until yesterday when I came across the so-called "Zeus" virus while browsing the internet with the Google Chrome browser. I was using MalwareBytes at the time and that took care of it but I would like to know what other people think. So, which one? MalwareBytes or SpyHunter by Enigma Software.