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    AMD FX8370
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    Asus TUF Sabertooth FX990 3.0
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 32gig
  • GPU
    AMD R9 260x
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    CoolerMaster Mastercase Maker 5t
  • Storage
    Samsung Evo Pro 512
  • PSU
    Corsaid 1000x
  • Display(s)
    Acer 29 inch
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    Fans, mixed bag
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    Aula BeFire
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    Logitech Wireless Performance MX
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    Bose Companion 5
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    Windows 10 Home Creators Edition

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    Making custom built computers and computer repair
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    Retired Air Force, veteran of both Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield. During Air Force years, stationed in Thailand, Philippines, Spain, Germany and a few more too old to remember.
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    Retired Air Force

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  1. Same sort of probs with AMD Overdrive, don't trust that one either.
  2. How to find a mouse DPI?

    My mistake, here is the link. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02576082
  3. How to find a mouse DPI?

    I also posted feature specifications: Sensor: Optical, 1000 DPI sensitivity. Along with the url of the website that I got the information from but I guess you didn't see that, did you?
  4. How to find a mouse DPI?

    I did a google search on hp mouse HM01 and found the following. Is this what you are looking for? Features Specifications Sensor Optical, 1000 DPI sensitivity Buttons Two primary buttons Clickable scroll wheel USB Yes https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/847652-how-to-find-a-mouse-dpi/?tab=comments#comment-10569139
  5. How to find a mouse DPI?

    Look at the bottom of the mouse for the model number in case you don't still have the box. Then go to HP.com and do a little looking. I'm sure they would have it there.
  6. Looking for Cassette tape info

    I remember some of my first computer games and software for my TRS80 Model 1 Level 2 was on cassette. Had to make sure the heads in the player were clean so the software would load without any major problems. Gees, that has been a long time ago cuz I sold that machine just before I went to Vietnam with the Air Force. Used to get the blank cassettes and the software from a place called Radio Shack.
  7. Peeling stickers off void warranty?

    Hard to say, depends on whether or not the guy on the other end (the people doing the RMA) got any sleep last night. Usually though, removing or cutting of the stickers / labels is an indication to the maker that the thing has been opened and if they determine that it has been opened, then you're boat went out to sea with out a paddle and you're sunk.
  8. RockiT88 or Der8auer?

    You forgot to put in the link to find this thing.
  9. Looking for Cassette tape info

    Best cassette tapes are either Maxell or TDK. I still use them and have a ton of them in my music library. Ebay has a lot of them.
  10. Can’t boot from fresh windows install

    Have you tried going in to the BIOS and making sure the Toshiba drive is set up as the boot drive?
  11. 8GB (4x2) or 8GB (8x1)

    Glad to help.
  12. Can't connect to this network

    How about the passcode for the wifi? Did you put that in? Without the passcode there is no way you're gonna connect.
  13. Sound bleeding through outlets from another source?

    Ya know, after reading your post again a couple of times, I would be willing to bet the outlets in that building are NOT properly grounded. Just a gut feeling.
  14. 8GB (4x2) or 8GB (8x1)

    Great, then you are good to go. Put the 1x8 in the board and all will be good and that leaves the other ram slot open for down the road when you can spring for a second ram stick giving you a total of 16 and that is pretty good.