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  1. I've seen a few random ideas around the net on home servers and routers, and I thought I'd try my hand at making one. I have a NAS server with an old AMD FX-6300 and a couple 3-4TB drives. The board it's on, a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3, only has one gigabit ethernet port. I'd like to use it as a file server and a router, with a bit of traffic filtering for ads and malicious sites. It's currently running Linux Mint, which is essentially a reskin of Ubuntu, and I'm fairly handy with it. My plan is to get an Intel EXPI9301CTBLK, which is a $30 single port gigabit NIC, and plug that into my existing netgear gigabit switch for wired connectivity. For wireless, I'm thinking of one of the high end AC Wifi cards, like the TP-Link Archer T9E ($95), ASUS PCE AC68 ($120), or ASUS PCE AC88 ($150). The ASUS cards have antenna extensions in the box, which would allow me to position them more easily. Should I pick a different ethernet card? Is there a better Wifi card that I haven't considered or seen? Any advice on software?
  2. D1398342003

    LTX Feedback Thread (unofficial)

    I had a lot of fun, and got to talk to quite a few people, which was good. Talking to Steve from GN in person wouldn't have been possible for me without this event. It was super fun seeing his reaction to the Gucci sandals. The triple head VR rig had the cool internals pointed towards the line for VR, which discouraged looking at the system. I felt like I was budging in line when I went to take a look at it. Games like the Minesweeper challenge and blindfold cable management had far too few open spots to play. Blindfold cables was fully booked halfway through the show, maybe only let people book an hour in advance? I kinda felt bad about Linus's car, until he said (on a later livestream) that it was basically worthless and he needed to replace it. Had this been the Going Away Paint Party for the lambo I'd have felt much better about 'ruining' the car.
  3. D1398342003

    Sony Walkman buying advice

    I wouldn't mind being able to play my FLAC music, but I don't need something really high end. Just to be clear, my main priorities are: 8-10 hours actual listening time. Button based controls 3.5mm headphone jack Folder style navigation option Having high res audio would be a nice feature, but I don't require it.
  4. D1398342003

    Sony Walkman buying advice

    It does have a touch based wheel on it, how important to the overall function is that? I usually keep my player in my jeans pocket and hit the buttons through the material. How does the 12 hour battery last with headphones rather than earbuds? I prefer to have the player last through an 8 hour day of work if possible.
  5. D1398342003

    Sony Walkman buying advice

    Well, I just washed my old Walkman NWZ-S764. It would be more accurate to say that I had it in my pants pocket while it went through the wash. It's obviously now non-functional. Annoyingly enough I've done it once before, to another of the same type of Walkman. So now it's time to buy a new one, and I'm not really liking my options. Most of the new models have touchscreens, which are about 95% incompatible with smooth operation through a layer of denim. The A20 and E395 both have buttons, which I prefer. I like the A20's control diamond, and that the 'Back' and 'Option' buttons are further away from it. I'd be able to accept the E395 if needed though. I'd be paying 3x the cost for slightly better controls, better sound file compatibility, and SD expandability. My main question is if they have song navigation by folder. My old Walkman had sorting by things like Artist, Genre, Album, ect. It's a feature that was not very publicized, but existed. Is this feature still present on either of these players? Secondly, I've heard some complaints that the E395 has bad battery life and slow something, UI or song navigation maybe? I'm not sure if these complaints are valid.
  6. D1398342003

    rigid compression fittings

    On the specific fittings I have, the tube will insert about a centimeter (3/8") into the fitting after tightening. If you look down into the fitting with the tightening part removed there should be one to three O-rings, the tube should seat past all of them on a metal shoulder.
  7. D1398342003

    Solved - Ryzen/Win7 cannot see M.2 SSD

    Oh I know, but I've got no instability from Win7, so no problems there, and I just ran windows update today, after getting that unofficial open-source patch that prevents Microsoft from seeing the correct CPU.
  8. D1398342003

    Solved - Ryzen/Win7 cannot see M.2 SSD

    Thanks man! That fixed it.
  9. D1398342003

    Solved - Ryzen/Win7 cannot see M.2 SSD

    I've been using Win7 on Ryzen for the last 3 months, and Asus offers drivers for Win7. I just haven't gotten the M.2 device to work. Other people have, and I can't seem to manage to replicate their fix.
  10. D1398342003

    Solved - Ryzen/Win7 cannot see M.2 SSD

    It's a Samsung PM951 MZVLV256HCHP.
  11. I'm running Windows 7 on an R7 1700 / Asus Crosshair Hero VI with the latest bios and drivers. My PCIE M.2 SSD shows up in the bios but Win7 doesn't see it. Device Manager reports no unidentified devices. I'm not sure if I'm missing a driver or have the M.2 SSD configured incorrectly. Anyone have advice for how I can troubleshoot this?
  12. D1398342003

    Need help picking a tempered glass case

    Sadly it's only got space for a 240 in the top, along with front panel vents I dislike.
  13. I'm looking for a tempered glass midtower for $100-$175 CAD. I prefer a minimalist look, like on the Define C, along with space for two 360mm radiators and at least one hard drive mount. I prefer not to have a PSU shroud, but that can alaways be removed if I need to. I've found a few options, but I'd like to hear your opinions on them and recommendations for other cases I may not have considered. Phanteks Enthoo Pro M - It appears to lose HDD mounts when using a 360 rad in the front, correct me if I'm wrong though. I'm not a huge fan of the front grill either, and I've heard the side vents are not filtered. be quiet Base 600 - It appears to lose all HDD mounts when a radiator is installed in the front. The front panel isn't totally minimalist, but I can get it in all black, which would minimize that. Thermaltake Suppressor F31 - I can't find much on this case from what I'd consider reliable sources apart from HardOCP's review, which is pretty positive. The HDD mounts can be attached to the back of the MB tray, so that's not an issue. The front panel is very similar to the Define C, you'd almost think it was a copy.
  14. D1398342003

    Bizarre Keyboard Review - Kinesis Advantage 2

    I have one of the older Kinesis Advantage keyboards in black, the black models don't t have a lame finish. It took me about six to eight weeks to get 100% used to typing on it. My main two issues were WASD and the thumb buttons. I switched to ESDF and Space and Enter with Backspace and Delete cleared up all gaming issues. Oh, if you're using this for gaming, don't use it at an angle, you'll put weird strain on your pinky fingers, which can be quite painful. Keep it straight. It's really good if you've got stubs where most people have fingers. To reach P and Q with my pinky fingers I have to straighten my whole hand. The same stretch reaches the 1 and 0 on the Advantage. Switching to keypad is pretty annoying, especially if you forget that you've done it and start trying to type normally. I find that I usually watch the keypad when I type on it, and it's hard to watch the recessed keywells. Kinesis sells their own branded keypads for 40 bucks though.
  15. D1398342003

    Ifixit kits - Cross US/Cad border tariffs

    ... They are available on Amazon.ca. I'm too used to not having that site work. Well, I feel like a bit of an idiot.