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    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.6GHz; 1.25v
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  1. New Strix 1080ti OC, used?

    Probably someone returned the item in the 2-week return window and they thought it could still be sold as new.
  2. I usually DDU everything and then install new drivers if I want to update. But those few times that I used the built-in updater it has worked fine.
  3. Is my GPU dying?

    Hello, Recently I am encountering from time to time (once every two days) a quick flash of green/grey/purple pixels (see picture) in a contained portion of my monitor (like a square as big as a palm of an hand). That happens for less than half a second. Should I be worried? My RX 580 does not even have 2 years (still within warranty). I'm not sure I could RMA it as I cannot reproduce this problem consistently. EDIT: the picture is just an example of the color of the pixels. That's not what happens to my video output.
  4. This i9 rig is killing me

    How is it better apart from nostalgia?
  5. CPU compatibility help

    If you are thinking of replacing the motherboard too then just go for a 8600K or 8700 (or Ryzen+). No point in sticking to quad cores when hexacores/octacores are available.
  6. CPU compatibility help

    It means that before you remove that 6500 for the 7700(K) you have to make sure your BIOS is up to date. Also, why a 7700K instead of a 7700 since you cannot OC on that mobo?
  7. Help Todd Howard With a Decision

    You are comparing two compeltely different architectures. Getting higher clocks does not mean the CPU is gonna perform better than another one with a different architecture. Otherwise AMD FX lineup would have been a monster one (it wasn't).
  8. Your favorite version of windows ?

    Considering any previous version better than Windows 10 is not based on facts but on nostalgia (or need to use older hardware/software).
  9. CX450M enough?

    Yes, more than fine for overclocking. Not sure about loudness... Not too much, but I wouldn't expect a budget unit to be as silent as more expensive ones.
  10. Those GPU temps are normal as RX 580s pretty much keep fans at minimum unless they hit their temperature target (default 75C).
  11. Should I even bother with this card?

    You forgot a PSU and case. Add $35-40 to that for a Corsair CXM.
  12. An easy to carry microATX case

    The only easy-to-carry mATX case I found after weeks of research is the InWin 301. Its size fit perfectly in a small baggage (Ryanair, easyJet, etc. carryon size). All the other ones are too big. However, some do feature handles built in the case. It depends on how you want to move the PC. In the end I've resorted to mini ITX as it is even easier to carry, but also because AM4 mATX boards are just bad (bad VRMs, Audio coded, ...).
  13. If it's at stock turbo and voltage is Auto then I guess it's normal. Auto voltage tends to overvolt for stability... if you couple that with Intel's shitty TIM you get those temps. Also consider that it's summer (unless you are in the southern emisphere).
  14. Help me Choose a power supply

    A 550W PSU will be more than plenty for you. I would advise something like a SeaSonic Focus Plus Gold 550W.
  15. This poll doesn't make sense. You are comparing two different CPUs with completely different core counts. Everyone knows that the 2990WX beats the i9 overall and especially in multicore tasks. However, they are in a similar price range and the TR beats the i9 hands down.