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  1. I use vegas 17 just for making fun videos but the stabilise plugin always crashes. Does anyone know of an alt stabilise plugin i could obtain for free? Or are there known quick fixes for this?
  2. I do try using lights on the camera (drop handle) but they tend to light up about 3ft very well then after than just drops off to black, I'm guessing because the close objects are so bright they blow out the very far objects. Also having a light in your eye when you're already struggling to see as it is isn't very fun. I have also tried using big portable floodlights from further away but for the size and weight they really suck ass to bring around everywhere
  3. Ah yes I understand now, been very helpful This where sony says r is resolution, s is sensitivity
  4. Yeah that makes sense now, a fat lens collects more light but condenses it down to fit onto the sensor properly. Also about the R/S the Sony amazon page says R is for resolution, S is for sensitivity.
  5. Woah, confusing me a lil there with the mounts and lenses. Think you could explain it to a camera dummy who has no knowledge about the lenses themselves?
  6. I think I got confused with the A7III and didn't notice the no S. The whole Sony line up is confusing but is the S ones the good low light ones? I also saw the A7SI has no stabilisation, which is definitely something I would like. A video I saw said the rolling shutter is bad so post stabilisation might not work very well ??
  7. What's the difference between the mark 1, 2, 3? If I'm going all out on a camera I would rather get one I'll definitely be happier with for a lot longer, even if it costs a few hundred bucks more
  8. I'm feeling an a7s would be the best option then, from the little I know about black magic they sound complicated and like a trap in their ecosystem. I haven't been filming for long, but I do quite well with my friends a6500 and his lenses. At the moment I use my p20 pro which is good for a phone, but nothing like a dslr. If I went for an a7s what's the differences between the 1, 2, 3? Because the 3 has come out but I still heard the 2nd is better?
  9. Title says it all. Looking for a good camera for low light video, that doesn't cost thousands. I film bmx videos which happen to be 90% at night. I heard a7s ii is the best you can get but it's pretty pricy. Most filming will be on a fisheye with some telephoto. 1080,120fps or 4k,60fps would be what I would like to film in. Don't mind grainy footage, as long as it's mostly interpretable what's going on.
  10. Oh that's cool, didn't know they done that. Definitely got to check it out. My home Internet is 300mbps and I thought most people had 100/150 so that's odd
  11. On average my 4G peaks at 2mb/s but today I saw it spike to just over 10mb/s (bytes not bits). In my notification bar it tells me the speeds. Seeing that left me wondering what 4G speeds are like around the world, any replies with speeds/location would be appreciated. I'm in Bristol, England.
  12. Prime day is coming up and I'm considering getting a new gpu (most likely nvidia). I currently have a 1070 as my main gpu but because I love multi tasking and multiple monitors I have a r9 270x to run my other monitors that I don't game on. If I were to get maybe an rtx 2080, would I be able to have the 1070 still installed to run additional monitors? Will the drivers all work?
  13. I tried my sim in another phone and it worked fine so it can't be a problem with the sim. Went to the store I bought it from and the carriers store and both have no idea what could be wrong with it aside from it physically not working. They said that once I'm certain the issue is phone based and not sim based I should call the company I had insurance with since the phone they gave me is faulty. I should have tried my sim in another phone first but for some reason I didn't think of that. I Will call the insurance company tomorrow since local time they would be closed, I'm hoping after a call with them my problems can be fixed
  14. Just received a notification about a new update... Kinda creepy, since I just typed out about how my phone has an issue. Before anyone asks, I have done the updates it needed when I got it out the box.