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  1. Hi all, Doing some tests due to huge amounts of lag when both PCs are connected to a cheap switch. Both PC's have the same download and upload but one has 70ping and the other has 240 ping. Can someone please help me figure out whats going on? Some info I have in terms of the set up is its and ethernet connection from the hub to the switch and both PC's are then hooked up on ethernet port 1 and 2 using the same brand ethernet cables. The second I connect the 2nd PC, PC 1 gets over 200 ping in all games. when the 2nd PC is not connected i get 20 ping 30 ping max. I dont know what im doing wrong
  2. Have an R9 390x, tried it on Asus and MSI z270 board fans spin for half a second and then stop. No boot screen. No bios. Nothing. Tried it in mates pc and it works fine. Tried my 1080 in the z270 system, works perfect. Why wont the R9 390x boot on the z270 system? Is there a comparability issue or something? Been trying and testing for 5 hours to no avail. HELP ME!
  3. side note. Ive restrted that download multiple times but it goes back to whatever GB it was on before and carrys on
  4. Hi So i've been downloading Halo Wars 2 for about 3 days now. God knows why but it keeps breaking. So when i download it downloads to 100% then carrys on downloading E.G 60GB/60GB but then carrys on and goes to 60.5GB/60.5GB and so on. its now at 98.58 GB of 98.58 GB and its still downloading. Ive reset the computer. Updated windows, reset windows store. with WSReset that is. and still wont install. What the hell is going on. Someone please help!
  5. Great! Getting the one with the 1070! Thanks very much dude!
  6. Ok, I need fianance options in the UK (not finance more just pay nothing for 6 months) that will run these well any tips? I can usw ebuyer, curry/pc world or pcspecialist I live in
  7. Hi guys, I found this laptop https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/asus-rog-strix-hero-15-6-intel-core-i5-gtx-1060-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-128-gb-ssd-10175293-pdt.html Now I want this laptop foe gaming in the go. I play ark, rocket league, cities skylines, forza horizon 3 and rainbiw so. Siege Can somone tell me how this thing runs these games?
  8. Its a good lists, also serious sam isnt 3D, however i can see the story behind the games youve suggested, i like that kinda of story/.gameplay just not the art style :/, im sadly a very picky yet not picky person when it comes to games :D. But thanks for the suggestions, Might help someone else out in the future if they browse this
  9. I love banished, amazing game, anno i played for a few hours got bored. prefare cities skylines or banished or tbh even simcity. But i would really like something like witcher 3. Ive been watching god of war latley and i really want a game like that, ive even thought about buying a ps4 just for that game lol
  10. I have the starcrafts, theyre great games but i couldnt fully get into them
  11. not big on anime themed games sorry dude
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking for some single player games that can be played for hours. Want something that looks pretty good as well. Any suggestions? im into a lot of types of games such as: Platformers (3d ones), FPS, TPS, RPG, RTS, basically anything with a solid story, I loved the witcher 3. sadly I played it so much i got a bit tired of it and want something fresh
  13. True, ebay might be a good bet however im really hoping to be able to get it on finance as im going to paris in the next couple of months with my gf
  14. Yeah. Windows store offers thew game to PC now Horizon 3 and motorsport 7 can be played on any windows 10 PC now