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  1. Yeah a driver definitely was messed up After flashing updated bios the "Multimedia Audio Controller" disappeared from "Other Devices"
  2. I also asked on discord and I did something similar via recommendation of somewhere there; though I imagine not as effective as what you proposed; I uninstalled all sound related devices and drivers on device manager and rebooted. This didn't help, however. I am aware, my problem isn't that however my problem was that my devices being plugged into audio jacks weren't being detected by my computer. --- Thanks everyone who replied, I decided while I waited to attempt to flash newer bios again; turns out yeah I messed up the first time (first time I attempted to flash bios I inputted the wrong command; I had to use freedos to flash since the software provided wasn't working) and that got it working. Though I imagine this only helped because it overwritten whatever was broken before since my ports definitely did used to work before.
  3. Hello, so usually I don't use my motherboard's audio ports since I just use headphones which I plug in using a usb soundcard. However, I recently got some speakers which prompted me to discover that the audio on my mobo isn't working. I then tested to see if my tower's audio ports -- they aren't. this is my motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z170X-UD5-rev-10#ov What I've tried: Checking if the device is disabled Installing/reinstalling realtek HD Audio Drivers While windows 10 shows that realtek drivers are installed, they are not showing up on device manager Going to device manager and updating through there Multimedia audio controller Tried flashing new bios** not sure if the flash worked; so this could still be an option though I don't think this should be an issue since my audio ports on this PC used to work on previous windows installs Considering reinstalling windows to see if that fixes it, though I would rather see if I can fix it without having to do that (lots of stuff to backup/save...) Screenshots of my playback devices (disconnect and disabled are shown, USB devices unplugged): Screenshot of device manager: I'm assuming my problem is with the "Multimedia Audio Controller"
  4. Hah good (or bad depending at how you look at it) thing this happens to not be a unique problem. Yeah iirc they gave the same subnet, will check again when i get the chance. I stopped since i was taking too long at the time and believe it or not the computer i was working on is the only one with internet right now. Got some other duties i need to attend to.
  5. I just started "working here" it's my fathers dental office and the way they are dealing with this seems weird to me. (wants me to work here while im off from uni) To clarify: The patient data is saved on a local machine (probably) since it's only accessible from the lan connection which has no internet access. Problem is, to use this lan connection I have to disable the wifi connection on the computer and then it will work. The lan connection connects through a static ip. I'm trying to find a way so they don't have to do something archaic like dsiabling/re enabling connections to use internet/make appointments.
  6. Hello, I have several computers sharing data through a local lan connection that has no internet access to save things like customers and patients and their appointments. At the same time we also have a wifi connection that does have internet access. The computers are running windows 7. I tried bridging the connection to see if that would work but it didn't do what I was hoping it would. The only way to access the patient data is through the LAN connection however we also need the internet access from the wifi for other things.
  7. Alright thanks everyone who posted; I read about everything you all posted and went to my adapter settings and bridged both connections together. for a few seconds I had no internet but then both pc's connected and are both on wired.
  8. How did you go about doing this? I hooked up my laptop using an ethernet cord and it detects that it's connected to my desktop but there is no internet connection.
  9. So here's my situation. My motherboard has two ethernet ports and I was wondering if I could use the second ethernet port on my mohterboard to share my desktop's connection to my laptop. I want to do this since I am using synergy to share my mouse+keyboard between my desktop and laptop however the wifi connection in my room where my desktop is is fairly weak. My motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5