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  1. if your willing to go a littler over you budget you can use a Audio Technica ATH-M50x are GREAT cans, and are my daily driver the ATH m series are closed back, and quality the x at the end means detachable cables ATH-M50x comes with 3 cables (a 3 foot cable, a 10 foot cable, and a 10 foot coiled cable) i keep the 10ft coil attached to my PC, and i use the 3ft cable when im out and about. i also use a mod mic uni for my microphone
  2. in the $500 gaming PC video, the CPU was taken from a aftermarket clamshell, im wondering where those came from. heres the link https://youtu.be/3dEfc9LL9bQ?t=319
  3. i was so happy to see jake using Bitvise SSH and not PuTTY FAR superior to PuTTY, yet so under recommended. (video linked cause of timestamp) see
  4. so today i built me a new PC my old rig was 10 years old, and the mobo was starting to fail all over. from SB fans to networking. it was based on the intel core 2 quad q6600. and it ran windows XP, upgraded to 7, then upgraded to 10 this machine served me well so i got my parts amd ryzen 5 1600 asus prime b350-plus brought my previous graphics card a nvidia geforce GTX 1050 ram 2 sticks of G.skill Ripjaws DDR4-2400 8GB (total 16 GB) (part F42400C15D-16GVR) then i install my HDDs and reboot my computer as it boots i realize i forgot to insert the windows 10 install disc. so as im digging for it it boots to the desktop puzzled i use it for a few minutes as i've been told these things don't happen as the drives are linked to your hardware setup. so i go into my about windows screen and as expected my windows is deactivated. so i click the change license key. paste my windows 7 key and attempt to activate the windows 10 installation. 3 minutes later the key was saved and it started the activation process. and 3 more minutes it said activated. this completely took me by surprise. i had already downloaded all my software ready for a fresh install, which will now be used to reset the PC as i want to get rid of all my old drivers and what better of a way then that. TL;DR if your working on a new build and your old and new rigs are running windows 10, just try and load the drives you may be surprised that all you need is a windows 7 key.
  5. i can think of 3 options a) the most secure method would be to use a VPN. b) other than that you can make the server accessible via FTP. c) make the mounts public via port forwarding. if you do b or c make sure you make it password protected.
  6. thanks for the first actual on topic reply. i was planning on re using the drives. (and moving the 1.5TB to another computer.) and simplenas uses openmediavault for disk management. judging by your post basicly your saying memory capacity is more important than CPU speed for a seedbox? then 1 question left. how much memory would be considered overkill for a NAS/seedbox? PS: i was thinking of getting a mini itx mobo because: a) can be a cpu/mobo combo, (and they usually come with celerons) and many times are passively cooled. however then i cant upgrade/replace the CPU if i need. b) less components usually = less power
  7. first off im not asking you how to pirate anything. i do realize canada has some archaic laws (as does the US, where im located) im not saying im pirating anything. your inferring that. im only asking for hardware advice. and according to community standards as AshleyAshes said this is in line with the rules also grey area ≠ illegal
  8. you could always check at free geek or comparable stores http://www.freegeekvancouver.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Geek#Locations i know my local free geek in the US has a laptop room. with friendly staff to help you pick out one that fits your needs and budget perfectly.
  9. you may ask. but i don't want to violate the community standards. it is very broadly worded. assume im seeding linux distros. also i finished my edits above.
  10. before i start i must say thanks to linus and your team for wonderfully informative videos. im considering building a new seedbox for myself. heres my current box the photo is old because the original PSU failed i rigged it with a minibox PSU the hardware its using is a sans digital Raid tower a banana pi m1 a minibox pico PSU 150. two 4TB HDDs one 1.5TB HDD (that's not connected) im also using some case mount cables to give access to the needed ports on the pi. the software im running is the distro is simplenas (formerly called "bananas") i have compiled a kernel to enable SATA PM support for the pi and i am running r/rutorrent for the seed box okay now to my goals. like the above my concerns are as follows in order of priority (most to least) low power consumption of the system (the lower the better) low cost build quality needs to be decent heres what i will be doing with the system (in order of occurrence, l most to least) seeding torrents (currently a few a little over 1700) downloading torrents accessing the web UI, shares, and SSH from inside my network. backing up files accessing my shares, web UI outside my network. i will not be using it as a plex server or doing any media streaming with it. now i have no idea on where to start for my build so i need some advice what hardware specs should i worry about for a seedbox. CPU speed, memory capacity, or somthing else. i searched but all i found were seedbox hosts/resellers. a good CPU (not discontinued, because i buy my hardware form stores like microcenter, FRYs, and newegg.) a good motherboard (not discontinued, because i buy my hardware form stores like microcenter, FRYs, and newegg.) how much memory would be good, and too much. i don't need advice on what memory to buy, or HDDs as i will be reusing my 4TB disks in this system. no need for raid. as i'm not concerned with data corruption.