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  1. Yeah I know I've been considering it but the case I'm gonna get is too small for a case fan anywhere useful it all depends what is cheaper new or used at the time for me almost 3 months is a long time for that upgrade
  2. I already have the cooler and I don't think the stock will fit the case I'm gonna get I'm planning the pc to be an HTPC style for college
  3. I am making a new build for myself I currently have an i5 6500 8gb of ram and a Gtx 1060 in a mini itx build I am gonna give most of that build to one of my friends but I'm gonna need a new pc i am recovering ram Gpu HDD SSD. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/r6Lpcc whag should I change or should I keep the build as is my budget is very small for this new build I will upgrade to a 1070 or Vega 56 depending which one is cheaper coming November.
  4. 750ti 660ti gt1030 if used go for a 950 or a 960
  5. I only have one stick of ram but I swapped my patriot ram for an 8 gb of corsair vengeance nothing happened
  6. The optical drive turns on and runs when I put my drivers in. my psu is an insignia 400w my MB is an asrock h110m-itx/ac
  7. Still nothing I tried clearing the cmos but that didn't work either
  8. I just put together a mini itx pc and I am doing a hardware test but there is no video from my gpu or my mb i am using 2 different displays a tv and a monitor. I tried using a dvi cable nothing. Then a hdmi cable but still nothing. Then an hdmi to vga cable but still nothing. I used all 3 of them on my gpu and my built in mb ports
  9. That psu is from insignia I just got what was cheap in my area
  10. I did a bread box test on my pc and it won't turn on I just bought a new psu and new powersupply. I plugged everything in and nothing. There is a faint hissing noise from the psu but no fans are turning what do I do.
  11. I have the 2016 Inspiron gaming model and I have taken it apart before is it possible to change the MB with the new Inspiron 2017 model when I saw the 1050ti in the new laptop I got angry since if I just waited a few more months I would have gotten the newer one. Anyways has anyone tried to replace the Motherboard before is it even possible? The first picture is the 7559 mb the second is the 7567
  12. I added my crucial m.2 ssd 275gb and it will not be detected by my MSI b150 I pro MB I want to put windows onto it and it is the only hard drive I have rn
  13. Windowsill media creation tool I get a windows logo then my display goes back nothing else happens
  14. My pc will not load windows, I have let my pc download games over night. I woke up it said "Reboot and select proper media device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" how would I rix this. I have a 1 tb WD hdd. I am on a MSI b150 I pro MB
  15. I finished my pc build a HTC 1060 super clocked and an i5 6500 based pc. After I finish downloading my steam games waiting for 4 hours to download all of them I go and play some dirty bomb. I plug in my monitor and it crashes it is an old monitor a Hanns G JW199D from my old CORE 2 Duo machine. So I reset my computer try it again and it crashes. I then plug in my Insiginia 1080p tv that runs at 60ghz and same thing happens. I plug in both displays and everything just crashes. I want to know why my displays are crashing?
  16. just screw it in very tight you should be fine that clip is just a piece of plastic for a little bit of support. If you can put your MB on the bottom, not the side to help the GPU, but you shouldn't sweat
  17. I reused a laptop hard drive in my new pc build but it wil not be detected by my MB my MB will not detect my WD Blue hdd also I plugged in different sata ports for both but the hdd's are not detected
  18. But the pc won't boot at all no lights nothing happens
  19. I fixed the Ben pins they are all facing upwards but my system still won't turn on there are no indicator lights or even beeping. No fans are spinning nothing happens. I manually switched off my PSU on the back could that have hurt my system?
  20. A stock cooler that had been used