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  1. Hello I'm new here but @JoaoPRSousa I love ur profile gif. Isn't it from, "EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, TO GET UP TO SPEED, ON THE TOYOTA (I forget which toyota video showed the clip)"
  2. So Windows is set up and I put my old user in my new user folder. Should I drag everything out of my old user into the new user to get access to everything?
  3. All I needed to do was turn on Boot in UEFI mode and make the disc the first boot drive. It's installing Windows right now, and it's keep all of my files! I will reply if something happens, but for now THANK YOU!
  4. It says Windows can't be installed on drive 0 partition 4 (my main partition) help please
  5. So I'm trying to reset it inside of Windows and it won't let me. I tried going to the advanced options page restarting my computer and it only shows "turn off pc". When I tried to reset it in settings it said recovery media not found even though I put the windows 10 recovery media disk that came with my PC in my PC. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Yeah while I was scanning for a virus my computer blue screened. It probably has a virus.
  7. I think this is also causing games to bottleneck. Minecraft used to run at over 200fps but now it can barely get over 60. (I don't play Minecraft. It was just the first game I used to benchmark my computer when I first got it.)
  8. I have a Ryzen 5 1400 cpu. No matter what, it's always at 100% usage. According to McAfee AntiVirus Plus, I don't have any problems. I will run another scan today to double check. Please help, as it's making my CPU constantly run at 100% and I don't want it's lifespan to decrease. Look at the replies to see the problem I'm now facing.