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  1. Yes, I use my 300mbps home internet over a wifi connection. It only happens on my laptop. None of my other devices. And it's not just the one streaming service. It happens for all video playback
  2. I have the XPS 9370. I have issues where video streaming stutters and is laggy. What should I do to troubleshoot and fix this? Any drivers to install for the killer WiFi card?
  3. Do you notice any coil whine on your laptop? Overall are there any things you don't like?
  4. I don't care much about the half pound difference. My current laptop weighs 5.5lbs, so anything in the 2lb range is good for me
  5. You mean as an alternative? I was looking at a gram 13 from Costco for $900. But I heard the build quality wasn't great on them and that the xps line was a better option if there was ever a sale
  6. So would you say this laptop would be good to last a few years? I'd love to have an xps since they're good laptops for college. I have a year left and I'd like a laptop that would be good for minimum 3 years from now
  7. Edited: The savings madness xps 13 model number is a 9360. Is it still worth buying a 9360 with the 9370 and 9380 out? Even with the upgraded hardware inside the 9360? https://deals.dell.com/en-us/category/gamingpcs#current-deals
  8. How long does the battery last on the yoga? I heard that it wasn't very good
  9. I'm trying this again. I figured out that for my desires I needed to increase my budget to meet more of my important needs. I'm a computer science major, and I'm looking for a small laptop with a long battery life for use in college. Budget: $1000 Country: US Size: 13.3"/14" Weight: Under 3lbs Battery Life: At least 8 hours when tested using streaming or wifi testing CPU Cores: 4 DRAM: 8 GB Storage: 256 GB SSD or more (NVMe or sata) I don't care about upgradable ram, thunderbolt, or screen resolution. I was considering an LG gram 13 which Costco had for $800 for an i5 (now sold out). Their i7 version is $900. I was also looking at the Asus UX333. Also saw that B&H has an Asus zenbook 13 UX331FAL for $750. I've heard the XPS 13 9380 is VERY highly recommended. But that is at the top of my price range, currently $1,176 at Dell.com. $976 after their 17% discount and my student discount. So ideally the best for the price the better is what I'm going for. I'm willing to spend the money, but I want to know that the investment is good and that the laptop will last me at least 3 years at minimum.
  10. Here's another opinion I need. Anyone have any opinions and thoughts on the Lenovo Yoga 730 13.3" laptop? Specifically the FHD i5 version. I've seen that I guess this laptop is hit or miss with consumers reporting screen flickering.
  11. I'm looking at purchasing the Asus Zenbook 13.3" UX331FAL from B&H or the Asus Zenbook 13.3" UX333FA. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on which they think is better. Currently the UX331FAL is on sale for $750 and the UX333FA is $850. I was wondering if the improvements included in the UX333FA are worth the extra money. The stand up keyboard seems appealing. It has bluetooth 5.0 and I've seen that the battery life might be slightly longer. And of course the smaller footprint
  12. Both are perfectly fine for my moderate uses. My plan is that in the future I will build my own desktop to handle my more intense tasks like 4k video production As for battery life, just something that can make it at least, if not more than 5 hours preferably
  13. Normal USB c is fine, I just had the thunderbolt listed in the case that there would be some models with it
  14. I already have a few in mind, but I'm looking for suggestions on good laptops to suit my needs. I'm a computer science major in college. My ideal specs are the following CPU: 4 cores or more (Ryzen 5/7 or Intel i5/i7 8th Gen preferred) DRAM: at least 8 GB I/O: Thunderbolt 3 or other port supporting 4k @ 60hz (such as a type c port supporting 4K @ 60hz) Screen size: 13.3" or 14" Weight: 4lbs or under SSD: Not needed if there is a sata port. I can transfer my 500 gb ssd from my old laptop into the new one if needed. NVMe wouldn't be a bad option though since it saves weight Price: Under $700 I don't need anything too fancy. Just looking for something to meet my needs and be portable since I carry it around with me all day at class
  15. That's what I kind of thought since DP 1.2 supports it. And I hate how they list it as usb 3.0 type c rather than usb 3.1 gen 1 or 2. Makes it so confusing