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    KY, USA
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    Budget Build Configuration, Mass Effect, MMORPGs
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    Electrical Design Engineer


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    AMD Ryzen 1700X
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    AsRock B450 ITX/ac
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    ADATA 2x8GB D10 Gammix
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW
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    Fractal Design Node 202
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    Intel 660p 1TB m.2 SSD
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    Integra 450W SFX
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  1. DefinitelyTech

    EK Terminals on Bykski Waterblocks?

    Anyone find anything? From the look at THIS PHOTO it looks like the bykski Terminals have the similar oval connection as the EK terminals. But I'm curious if anyone found from experience
  2. Hello all! I have a very interested Crossfire Build coming up and I’m intered if a dual terminal from EK could theoretically fit on a Bykski block. Are all terminals created equally? Beaides the XSPC ones of course
  3. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    OzTalksHW has already done videos with the 1030 (here) and 1060 (here) with DifferentSLIAuto which do not require the SLI bridge because these cards do not support SLI or even have the connectors for it. Linus and Anthony also did SLI 1060s with the mining 1060 (no i/o) and a founders card through GPU Driver modding. EDIT/CORRECTION: They used DifferentSLIAuto as well and were unable to get mining card to work with separate drivers between cards. I understand there might be a performance dip, but I'm still confused where you are seeing the issue. I apologize if I'm missing something.
  4. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    With PCIe bifurcation and either DifferentSLIAuto or BIOS modding these issues are mitigated. Define splitter that supports SLI
  5. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    @Electronics Wizardy what about this? It seems you know about the server requirement which is why I ask. Does the Supermicro brand mean its for a specific server or is it just the part? Z370N-Wifi from Gigabyte supports Bifurcation. so with a Riser and DifferentSLIAuto it seems possible
  6. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    I realize this the bandwidth can't be physically extended with a riser. I'm talking about the required amount for SLI Certification. Which can be overwritten with DifferentSLIAuto.
  7. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    It seems DifferentSLIAuto completely wipes out SLI certification so the x8 requirement and the SLI motherboard support may be ignored. Just need to see if x16 pcie splitter is possible or if m.2 to x4 is easier
  8. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    dang. From my research (mainly LTT 980 SLI video) GPUs require a x8 minmum to run. The project was trying to fit dual 2080s (the Asus Turbo card and water blocks allow for single slot) in a SFF case. I know for a fact that GTX 1070 katana could do this but they are impossible to find. It wasn't for convenience or even performance but for straight "because I could." With splitters from m.2 to x4 PCIe then x4 to x16 PCIe splitter, I'm curious if with some BIOS tweak or DifferentSLIAuto will allow for enough bandwidth for the system to run SLI. But like I said above NVIDIA requires x8 for SLI
  9. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    This is what I just thought of. And I'm curious if DifferentSLIAuto could get around this support or if that system only gets around GPU SLI support. and what bandwidth does the m.2 slot have? equivalent to x8?
  10. DefinitelyTech

    PCIe Bifurcation (x16 Splitter Riser?)

    How do I find if it supports it? Can you recommend a plx chip? Do you know of any x16 to dual x8 I could use? I cannot find anything useful in my initial searches EDIT: Found Another
  11. Is there settings I need to change in BIOS to switch PCIe lanes associated? I have a project in mind and it requires running 2 GPUs in SLI off one PCIe slot. We have seen tests that the x8 even (shown by Linus with SLI 980s way back and shown by Gamers Nexus in single slot) has enough bandwidth to hold x16 performance. Let alone the extra benefit with new PCIe 4.0. Can this be done with a PCIe Splitter Riser (like this one)? Any help is extremely appreciated
  12. DefinitelyTech

    The Fastest Xbox of All Time

    So what AC Adapter are they using along with the HDPlex PSU? I’m assuming a normal 330W laptop adapter but curious if they had a larger one. I am actually mid build of a similar project too this.
  13. DefinitelyTech

    Not Another Node 202 - The Water Tower

    Honestly, this is one of the most fun builds I have ever done.Definitely took weeks of planning and research, as well as patience to make everything fit and neat. There are some slight things I would like to make changes with it, like the power supply, but it definitely happy with the finished product.
  14. DefinitelyTech

    Not Another Node 202 - The Water Tower

  15. DefinitelyTech

    Not Another Node 202 - The Water Tower

    Update #3!! So it all comes down to this, and Im excited to have it put together. This update is mostly pictures as I am actually in class most of the day. If you prefer video format a link is at the end of this post. Decided to go the route with a 3 way Flow Indicate and a Quick Release Fitting from Alphacool. Everything looks great and the be quiet! Silent Loop dissessembled and mounted extremely easy. The EK SE240 Rad and Noctua slim 120mm fans fit snug after taking out the front usb 3.0 ports. I may be able to reinsert this front i/o with 90 degree slots. With the graphics card installed, there is a good 6-8mm of space free for airflow. Everything up top is plumbed together. Graphics Card connecting to rad is last connection needed! Leaving these out to flush everything one last time with distilled water. Everything is connected and the loop has been bled to the best of my ability. After leak testing for 30hrs, nothing shows signs of leaking. Just running Distilled Water but plan to add EK Cyrofuel via the quick release disconnect to add the growth and corrosion additive (even though everything is copper & nickel plated copper). Video Build: Decided to take out video as I did not ask mods permission to post. It does contain a psuedo-advert. If you would like to see please PM me and I will send you link.