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  1. i tried and it didnt do anything
  2. i recently bought the Scythe TUF Choten for my mini itx personal rig and after hooking it up i noticed that the rgb on the fan does not light up regardless of being connected. I have an MSI B450i gaming plus ac mobo and i was wondering, does it not work with the 4 pin jrgb header of my mobo?
  3. how do i use that program never heard of it
  4. i haven't done a full synth load yet on aida but like on e-sports titles the cpu is like 65c
  5. im currently using the wraith cooler the thing is the temps that im worried about
  6. maybe $40-$50 / located in the US
  7. yea i have a case fan and an HDD but i ordered an NVME so i will be swapping out my HDD and 2.5" SSD
  8. R5 2600 MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC TeamGroup 16GB of 3000 Mhz EVGA 600B PSU Cougar QBX case
  9. name a good air cooler for itx build
  10. Best CPU Cooler for a ITX build in Cougar QBX, should i go for air cooler if so which one or should i go with an aio?
  11. i know its a good mobo i currently have it in my htpc i thought maybe there was a better one for the same price
  12. gimme a best performance and a best value also i like to dab on o'c
  13. how do i allow the full gpu power while in battery?