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  • Birthday 1995-12-23

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    Achiles viper
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    stryker ohio
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    gaming, pc building, petting cats.
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    i was born on a cold foggy night all alone with nothing in the world but a flashlight..but seriously, from a young age of 8 after my dad died i had been hanging out with my cousin and his friends playing with computers i helped build my first when i was 10. computers kind of left my life for about 4 years or so until i was 15 since then ive build and re-built my system 4 times, helped lots of my friends pick parts and fix there computers, and decided to take my college life to game design.
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    college and web design


  • CPU
    i5 3350p
  • Motherboard
    p67a-gd53 (B3)
  • RAM
    20GB XMS3 ddr3
  • GPU
    evga 780SC
  • Case
    nzxt phantom
  • Storage
    120GB intel 530SSD 700GB seagate barricuda
  • PSU
    EVGA supernova 750W
  • Display(s)
    asus VE278
  • Cooling
    hyper 212 evo/EVGA acx
  • Keyboard
    ROCCAT ryos mk pro
  • Mouse
    ROCCAT kone+
  • Sound
    logitech g930
  • Operating System
    windows 8.1
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  1. id love a new ssd to put games of, fallout 4 takes forever to load.
  2. nope never asked me too. Also, this was like 3 days ago that I put 10 on
  3. it is an AOL account but I tried to reset through Microsoft.
  4. So I put windows 10 on my in laws pc and it never asked to set up a password. This morning it locks and no one knows the password. I try to get to command prompt on safe mode and it tells me I have to log in. Please help
  5. luckily it had full coverage insurance, its totaled though. it ripped the foot controls off the right side, broke the rear break, ripped off 3/4 turn signals, air cleaner is barely held on, tank is, well, yeah.. im not sure what it is but on the bottom right side case has a huge dent in it. but it starts! lol
  6. scary thing is, he dosnt. over the winter he rolled his blazer and they took his licence for it, made him restart everything and you have to have the motorcycle licence 1 year before you can ride without a helmet. if he hadnt lost his licence, he wouldnt have been wearing one. though i hope this really shook him to the core and made him decide to wear one.
  7. He is fine, but seeing that helmet.. if he hadnt been wearing it he would be dead, there is no arguing that. i had to follow the truck home that was hauling the bike and it was the most eery feeling ive ever had.
  8. which one did you get? mount that is
  9. that one has popped up a lot but im really nervous about it, what really holds the phone? what if i hit a pothole i didnt see, does the phone eject?
  10. if a cop gives me a ticket for that, on a motorcycle, id love to see that judges face.
  11. phone was about $700, i paid $550 for the bike. clutch was frozen, dude thought the motor was bad.
  12. alrighty, so i got my 1982 honda nighthawk 750 running today, and i intend to ride the living heck out of it now that its up after 2 years. so i need a phone mount so i can use my phone as a gps and check my speed. i have the one M9 with a speck case on it, the phone costs more than the bike did so uh.. something strong. thanks!