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  1. LegionOfOne

    SQL vs MySQL - any difference?

    SQL (called sequel) [Yes this is JUST the language but in discussions is commonplace to interchange this for MS-SQL or SQL Server] was created and is generally considered Microsoft's proprietary server. MySQL (called My Sequel) is just another type of server that is open sourced. They effectively use the same structured query language (lol -> SQL get it ). Generaly speaking MySQLi and postgresSQL are iterations that simply expand on the feature set that is native to MySQL. The basics are the same but its the nuance between them that lends to the "differences". Hope that helps! -Luke
  2. LegionOfOne

    Is it possible?

    No. The lag would be WAY to much with present technology to accomplish this. The only way to handle this would be with massive compression and realtime transcoding like that would take a pretty good chunk of power even then your going to have twitch like lag which can be a lot. I hear pied piper is looking at creating a new internet with middle out compression... perhaps after that hits the market this would be much more viable? Sorry we're not quite there yet over the internet... -Luke
  3. LegionOfOne

    4k problem

    The issue is scaling as suggested above my friend. Does that suck? Kinda. Could it be better? Probably. Is that the only options windows gives you? Unfortunately... Sorry friend but as stated above... that's 4k lol. Enjoy it! its beautiful!
  4. LegionOfOne

    needed help with my program i wrote

    Oh I think that we most certainly don't disagree. I use VBScript all the time at work for automation however but in full disclosure I must admit it is to automate a VERY antiquated system and VB.net would be by comparison much better. However it's important to realize that OP also uploaded an unverified .exe and stated that it was from following a tutorial written 16 years ago lol. I guess my recommendation would be simply to drop that project wholecloth and start working on something a touch more relevant unless there is a specific reason to learn something that antiquated.
  5. LegionOfOne

    Basic knowledge ob programming

    Check out thenewboston. Bucky has TONS of great stuff. Programming is only as tough as what you are willing to invest. Myself, I found a language I love and I am hooked. Once you find what you like you will be surprised when you realize that learning about it is no longer a "chore" and it's more fun. Quoting breaking bad about when you find something you love: "It's all still magic". Good luck and stick with it :-) -Lucas
  6. LegionOfOne

    Python-How to get started on web design

    Step 1: Create a free account with CodeAnywhere.com Step 2: Get cheap/free hosting to mess around with Step 3: Check out learning resources such as TheNewBoston (youtube or forums) Step 4: Practice Practice Practice Order of operations: Learn HTML/CSS, Learn at least some JavaScript, learn a back end language of your choosing (there is no right answer here), Learn more advanced compiled front end stuff like SASS or LESS, Learn how to work with databases to create data driven sites. Then perhaps start learning about security and injection. :-) Your going to HATE math if you start with Calculus, start with the building blocks and build on them and whatever happens don't cut any corners. Best of luck!
  7. LegionOfOne

    Help with picking a programming language.

    First thing: Read everyone comments above there is some valuable nuance to be had there. Now that you have read all the usual nuance and you understand that there is no "right" language etc etc, my recommendation for this task? Get savvy with Java, its a good strong language and you can find uses for it all the time for projects like this and much much more. Good Luck! -Luke
  8. LegionOfOne

    Building to be a full stack developer.

    I find a large area that most people I meet fall short is that they dedicate themselves to a "single language". That is to mean that if you learn JavaScript you ONLY know JavaScript, and while sure that might be true but the skill set you have learned is transferable to OTHER languages also, such as C#. So if you want to learn ruby, learn ruby. If you want to learn PHP learn PHP. My recommendation if your wanting to get into full stack development... learn how to work with data. Learn EVERYTHING you can about databases. Connecting to a DB is easy, pulling data is not a challenge. If you are savvy with from end then back end is the same song and dance just different logic/utility ( I realize I am passing over a LOT of nuance here lol ). But a full stack developer that can properly structure data is something that a business will want. Learn relational DB structure like MySQL and then learn NoSQL like mongo or the like. Best of luck to you! I hope you have fun with it, full stack development can be a LOT of fun! :-) -Luke
  9. LegionOfOne

    needed help with my program i wrote

    This is very subjective to your use case. Visual Basic is a great language to learn and is used is a vast portion of the programming work. While I agree that learning C# is perhaps "more utility" there is nothing bad about learning VB.
  10. LegionOfOne

    Login Management System - Web

    Off the top of my head I imagine that DNN/Evoq and a win server gets you closest out of the box. Given that I assume your using linux WordPress with some plugins/modification is the second. Following this just create a bash script that does everything for you so that you can run a command and pass in the users ID and have it do all the configurations for you. Generally: "If it's worth doing, do it. If it's worth doing twice, script it" Best of luck, -Luke
  11. LegionOfOne

    Windows defender better now?

    I use only Win Defender, it's an interestingly polarizing topic for a lot of folks lol. IMO it's MUCH better than it used to be and is a great standalone. The first line of defense will always be common sense, anything that follows good common sense will generally work ok.
  12. Use teamviewer, generous provided for free to users such as yourself and its a seriously powerful utility. There are others but in my opinion any other recommendations I would have are not suited for intermittent help and are better for a managed network. Go with teamviewer :-).
  13. LegionOfOne

    kali linux

    Run: sudo port install aircrack-ng From the command line :-) Remember that for sniffing and re-injecting this will not work and you will either need actual linux or you will need some other utility.
  14. LegionOfOne

    Single User Sign On?

    WordPress will most certainly have the capability to handle this. Perhaps WordPress + a plugin like Pay Per View will suit your needs?
  15. LegionOfOne

    VPN for Netflix

    Depending on your end goals with your project you could rent some VPS space and make your own using OpenVPN. Before taking any flack I DO understand that's not quite the same thing but for the purpose of watching netflix alone it should be rather sufficient and it could work.