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  1. how to get started in Red Cross

    I don't like talking to new people
  2. how to get started in Red Cross

    So earlier this school year I joined my school Red Cross club, but the club leaders ended up bailing on us after they didn't get enough club dues or something. Anyway I still want to join red cross and do stuff, but I really don't know were to start, wall I did fill out an application, got the consent form filled out because I'm not 18, and read the handbook. I still don't know what else I should do, can anyone help me out ?
  3. Google could be replacing Play Music for Youtube remix

    I do use google alot but music is one of the few things were I prefer something else, for music spotify is just way better imo and with discord and Google home integration also, it is really nice. And like @Apextier pointed out the UI sucks.
  4. Original Article from CNET - https://www.cnet.com/news/youtube-remix-could-mean-the-end-of-google-play-music/ Google has said they will warn there users before any major changes Google has a reported 1.5 million YouTube Red subs right now but Spotify has 71 million paying users and Apple has around 38 millions users, so even after 2 years of aggressive promotion they are no were near these two giant streaming platforms even if they are offering all of youtube content not just music.

    starting amateur film making and being like 50/50 Christian Agnostic I actually really agree with these points 

    1. OJTheAviator


      His previous one on christian music was even more spot on for me.

  6. Fry's attempted to screw my friend.

    also there like all things tech, but when your there they have like only half the shit you need or none of it
  7. you know in 1812 two big wars happened 


    In the US the war of 1812 were relatively new nation the USA was almost re-conquered by Britain 


    And the second was France Vs Russia two of the biggest empires at the time. and Napolean leading the french who had been pretty much undefeated invaded with the largest force ever assembled up to that point against the biggest country in the world where they steam rolled the nation then the largest battle to ever occur at the time atleast 70,000 dead being more bloody then Gettysburg with 40,000. and the defending of Moscow and even with that the French became the first and only foreign army to capture Moscow. However because of the stiff resistance and attempted military coup first Napoleon then his army began to retreat, and with over 500,000 french men and supporters of France and  200,000 horses and atleast 200,000 Russians and even more thousands of civilians dying of the war and starvation is unknown the total comes well above 1,000,000 human losses.


    But which one do they teach in the US and Canada ?

    1. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      I did undersell the war of 1812 however its total death count were a blink of an eye for future like the US civil war, WW1 and WW2

    2. bob51zhang


      They teach the canadian 1812 in grades 7-8 iirc.


      We never learnt any European history, just that :

      • French people went poof and appeared in quebec
      • Vimy Ridge
      • Britain found out that the french appeared, attempted to kill
      • Vimy Ridge
      • Britain succeeded at killing.
      • Vimy Ridge
      • French are still salty (hence why quebec still exists)
      • Vimy Ridge
      • Hahaha we beat the americans in 1812  x D lol
      • Vimy Ridge



  8. https://goodinaroom.com/blog/how-to-copyright-protect-your-ideas/
  9. get a copyright law or have proof you came up with it, this happened to the game Exploding Kittens they posted to Go fund me if I'm correct the game HAHA exploded and someone filed copyright, the only reason they got it back was because they had proof they had come up with the idea before the copyright was filed
  10. Right now are school is holding elections, To me atleast this is really dumb because in the like 5 years I've had to vote in school elections, they have never been able to follow there with anything and the one time they did was because a bunch of kids wanted to protest ( march 14 gun violence one ) and the administration had parents threatening to sue if there kids didn't have the right to protest. The titles seem more ceremonial then anything else. If anything at this point and all it does is for a week have you getting yelled at to vote for some person and are hallways are covered in dead memes and trying to incorporate them into voting for them.

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    2. PCGuy_5960
    3. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      @PCGuy_5960 @bob51zhang theirs a part of the first amendment stating that we all have a right to peaceful protest so are first amendments rights were being infringed upon by the school 

    4. bob51zhang


      @Eduard the weeb Sure, you have the right not to be criminally convicted by the government, but it doesn't mean you're not allowed to face any consequences.



  11. maybe this will help, but I think you should be fine
  12. Fry's attempted to screw my friend.

    I've personally never liked Fry's tbh
  13. Well @Ashiella didn't seem to care but the plan to weight lose has finally presented itself my friends lol




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    2. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      @techstorm970 Surprised nobody asked why I pulled up the above thing

    3. ARikozuM
    4. DildorTheDecent


      @techstorm970 research obviously.


      Sadly there isn't enough D: 

  14. Fuji and Xerox in "Active talks" about merger

    Think it said it originally went through in January but Xerox pulled out if I'm correct but I don't really know