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    lord of retardation
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    Ryzen 1700
  • Motherboard
    Asus strix B350
  • RAM
    RGB trident Z ram 16gb
  • GPU
    Striz 1070
  • Case
    Corsair 460X RGB
  • Storage
    525 SSD and portable 2tb ( plan on getting 4tb Toshiba tho )
  • PSU
    550 watt gold
  • Display(s)
    24 inch 144hz monitor
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    Logitech G810
  • Mouse
    Logitech prodigy wired 403
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    Audio technica and corsair stuffs
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    Windows 10
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    Eduard the weeb
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    leading the charge in the 17th galactic war.
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    Video games, Gaming/ editing pcs, photography, editing, and anime.
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    My name is Eduard I go to highschool and part of NHS class of 21,
    please don't disregard my opinion just for being a Teen.
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    I slowly turn you brain to mush and I go to school

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  1. More Emotions?

    Is there a post about what the update will be of ?
  2. 1500-1575 pc build

    thyanks everyone I don't have time but these are all really good builds.
  3. 1500-1575 pc build

    k sorry
  4. 1500-1575 pc build

    yeah no keyboard or mouse needed and yeah I live in the US
  5. 1500-1575 pc build

    oh yeah thx in advance oh yeah no mouse and keyboard needed and plan on gaming CS GO, PUBG, LOL, and some indie games and stuff in the future you know , video editing in PR, photo editing in LR
  6. 1500-1575 pc build

    Okay bois I am asking like 10th time this but I need some shit this time fam. Okay I need R7 1700 or better ATX MOBO Preferable rgb Mobo Aura sync nice monitor included but please keep it high HZ if you can best build one one I plan on getting so yeah
  7. yeah okay Okay I though you were running an I5 I think you should be work at least the Volta and the next architecture.
  8. Think volta not 2000 but at this point I am fucking lost
  9. In the new LTT video about 4k this one, they showed older cpus and how they compared I personally don't think it will really knee cap you till about 2-3 gpu generations form now
  10. I am assuming that that when 1/4 of your phone price is screen not components you get I like oled personally due to the better colors and the ability to do what Samsung has done and have a curved screen,
  11. yeah gpu is strictly for gpu and MOBO ram is for cpu, don't need to worry fam
  12. FPS cap in benchmark?

    Couldn't you search if other users of that same gpu are reporting issues with cap?
  13. Multiple display smartphone from ZTE

    I feel like if you playing a game with two player and each got your own screen that would be cool but there are problems like battery life, it also looks like it may be inconvenient for calls also I prefer the standard design, if you wanted table sized just carry a tablet then you know. But IDK I would like to see a review from someone reputable tbh just to see what the experience is on it.
  14. Potential Ryzen Build

    Link doesn't seem to work
  15. Good headphoes to 90$?

    I personally really like these https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA25V5XY9633 there supposed to be 200 but I never see them there they may be cheaper on amazon.