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  1. The fire alarm just went off and about half the school just peaced the fuck out because there scared there gonna get shot and it was unplanned and sent by the office. not sure if thats smart or dumb but I cannot even call me parents to see if they want me out because T mobile got no service in the inner part of the school


    If I die I want everyone to now that my school photo is intentionally bad to scare lunch ladies.



    EDIT* air conditioning burned out and fire started a bit and yeah shit

    1. PCGuy_5960


      Hmm, I didn't know that your school's fire alarm was pumped up kicks

    2. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      I being 100% serious kids with cars drived off and kids are getting picked up by there parents left and right.

    3. bob51zhang


      TBH parents going to pick their kids up is even worse than just the kids hiding inside the school.

  2. why thought all they would be doing is giving there assets to people for free, the only time they give stuff away is give ways and sponsored vids mostly ( seagate and hooking youtubers up with more storage. ) also these to channels aren't even in the same realm in content the only real connection they have is nation.
  3. Disabling Touch Screen= More battery life?

    https://lifehacker.com/touch-screen-laptops-are-a-battery-drain-even-with-tou-1707236141 seems not
  4. Well guess you just cannot avoid WINDOWS HAHAHAHAHA kill me now please.
  5. Home Smart Devices - Your Opinions?

    Okay so I own 1 google home mini with plan to buy more for my room and kitchen okay so heres why I use them, first off there great for home control with things like nest thermostats and when I get Philips hue later this year they will be nice that also. Second music playing, it's not the best speaker but I like the option of using chomecast audio for using other speakers if I want to. 3rd being able to set alarms/ timers, call people, just get random info I want, and being able to beam over Netflix streaming to a tv with a chromcast in it.
  6. Obligatory Introduction Post

    hello there fellow human I too am a human that use this forum, Trust me I am a normal 100% functioning human with too much free time. anyway Hi there and welcome to the forum its a pretty nice place... well other then me lol
  7. Have Smiley button in mobile mode

    kids at school like me lol
  8. Have Smiley button in mobile mode

    Chrome OS does lol
  9. I couldn't tell it was sarcasm, because unless I am actually talking to someone and its, obvious in like tone of voice,I take shit at face value because especially on this forum you honestly cannot tell with half these people being serious or not, and trolling just clutters the topic, if you want to troll thats what Status Updates are for
  10. Nvidia next chip now called Turing? [UPDATE]

    turing a new a new le-- fuck some one already said that HAHAHA recenue from gamers in Q4. gamers couldn't even get the cards in Q4 (laugh, laugh, laugh, sob, hard wailing, tears roll down cheeks, has flash back to 1500$ 1080tis )
  11. Your CSGO ranks?

    Silver elite lol
  12. are you that fucking dense to not understand your wrong ? whether or not I like wood or glass, aluminium, etc shouldn't mother fucking matter, like for example most dresser and side tables are wood so if I put my speaker there next to my bed how would that work?
  13. Have my doubts that was actual sarcasm, and I have a pretty monotone voice so people think I'm always sarcastic when I'm actually serious.
  14. An environment ? the only thing you really need for this to be viable option for you is to be a heavy user of the apple ecosystem, and whether I own wood tables or ceramic shouldn't matter