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  1. Jurrunio

    CPU Indecision

    9700k or 8700k, whichever's cheaper
  2. try something else, like a GPU heavy game
  3. Jurrunio

    buying another ram stick

    yeah why not?
  4. Jurrunio

    Did I win the lottery

    5GHz 1.4V at 70C, assuming no AVX workload is just average overclock. Your cooling system though is really strong.
  5. Wattage is enough, but if bad things happen, good luck.
  6. Jurrunio

    Your thoughts on Alienware.

    I don't get why they get bad rep really. Sure they are expensive, but also built like tanks unlike Razer. In fact they are much closer to Aorus branded laptops, high quality product at a high price.
  7. Jurrunio

    Did I win the lottery

    still no mention of voltage
  8. Jurrunio

    Did I win the lottery

    Can't say, without knowing stress software and voltage and cooling system used
  9. Jurrunio

    BFV Low Framerates - GTX 1070 & i5 6600K

    Is that dual channel memory?
  10. Jurrunio

    BFV Low Framerates - GTX 1070 & i5 6600K

    a 4 core 4 thread CPU like this is heavily affected by resource used by background processes, check that. Discord for example.
  11. Jurrunio

    960 bottlenecking new mid-range cpu's

    960 with R5 2600 will still do better than 960 with A8-6600k, as the CPU bottlenecks the GPU far less. Tbh I don't think you're really in the position to stop your brother from doing that, you did the opposite after all. Besides, if a GTX 960 will do everything he needs, then there's no problem using a R5 2600 with it. After all this CPU has the highest performance per dollar atm, and it's very common for CPUs to be used for more than a whole decade..
  12. Check the PSU and make sure it's 450w+ and tier 3 or above in this list A good PSU is the basis for any upgrade Also tell us what do you plan on making the system do.
  13. Jurrunio


    It will but you're using the SSD as boot drive for two systems?
  14. Jurrunio

    Do Haswell CPUs still hold up?

    Age and performance isnt a problem (if anything, it will be more stable because it's more likely for possible bugs to be discovered and fixed), while still being plenty fast (roughly on par with 8th gen U chips). However compatibility of that system with this CPU is a concern
  15. there are those I think what you mean, but do not expect any accuracy. The most reliable way is to check reviews (Either on their own sites like tomshardware, or Youtube like Hardware Unboxed, or both like Gamers Nexus) on a single GPU and see how they perform in such game (if its tested).