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  1. i7 8700 normal temperatures

    ambient temperature and full-load temperature (Prime95 for example) are what I consider the most important.
  2. Best CPU cooler for i7 8700k?

    120mm and 140mm liquid coolers dont outperform air coolers of similar price, but all liquid coolers carry the risk of a leakage. Having a pump also means they are louder. As for 240mm, avoid Cooler Master's ML240L, it's cheaply made. Corsiar ones are loud, but at least reliability isnt a problem.
  3. Best CPU cooler for i7 8700k?

    you used sites like cpu.userbenchmark.com didnt you? That takes overclocked results of 8700k into account, which you do not benefit from. If you leave things at stock and get adequate cooling, 8700k is 0% faster than 8700 because their all core and single core boost clocks are the same. The difference in base clock means nothing, you wont notice that unless you manually turn off Intel turbo boost (and both CPUs will slow down). Without overclocking, 120mm tower coolers like the Cryorig H7 will do. Any more than that, you're buying the looks, not because you need it.
  4. I7 8700 non k got overclocked

    8700 can hit 4.3GHZ all core turbo and 4.7GHz single core turbo if core temperatures arent reaching Tjmax (95C or 100C, I forgot). As for voltage problem, undervolt according to undervolting guides. Forget the old voltage value, because it seems like it's reaching a higher clock (but in-spec clock speed).
  5. Suspicious housemate

    You cannot steal info through the power line because it connects to your PSU. Your data doesnt go through the PSU at all.
  6. Questions from a beginner

    actually more than that. Single channel vs dual channel is like 2 drives in RAID 1 vs 2 drives in RAID 0, you theoretically get double the performance, but realistically dont because splitting things in half takes time.
  7. Noctua NH-U12P SE2 For 8700k

    It's fine for a CPU running at stock. se2 simply means it comes with more accessories, which became standard equipment on later products from Noctua.
  8. Questions from a beginner

    dual channel RAM get nearly double the transfer rate, assuming your assumption means the performance of each stick is identical. rank is different from channel
  9. Under $1000

    Better know if he's willing to buy parts from various stores first. The actual parts used can change accordingly. I'd rather squeeze in a 1600 and an SSD, even if it means leaving out the hard drive. 750w PSU is wayyyy overkill, even 450w will do.
  10. Help me

    Yes these are fine
  11. Another Core i9 laptop (Zenbook UX580)

    Intel tried to ignore the rules of thermodynamics: it's not very effective.
  12. Best CPU cooler for i7 8700k?

    Only buy K skus and Z chipset boards for overclocking. Otherwise the standard 8700 and B360/H370 mobo makes more sense. As for cooler, decide your choice of case first.
  13. Is my keyboard dead beyond repair?

    get the keycaps off and clean the internals and keycaps.
  14. i7 8700 for gtx 1080

    not in most cases
  15. GIGABYTE A320M-S2H Overclock

    I know you can overclock memory on A320 chipset, but how can you overclock the CPU? This chipset doesnt support it. lower the voltage as much as possible, as long as it doesnt crash in stress tests. If lowering voltage doesnt help, yes. Wraith Spire is still a weak cooler