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  1. Upgrade from i3

    Other than i7, Xeon E3 v3 are also goo choices. Just make sure it's not the 1220 v3 or those with suffix like 1265L v3
  2. Upgrade from i3

    as for the CPU, dont go for the old platform. It's so old to a point where durability cant be guaranteed.
  3. Upgrade from i3

    That 1080ti better stay in your mind. Prices shot up significantly about a month ago.
  4. He's asking for the same thing on the previous post It's actually a 4010U rather than the 4005U, but both are equally slow
  5. You are going nowhere with the i3-4005U
  6. Memory OC'

    I wanted to further increase the frequency, but with a 2nd gen CPU 2133MHz is as far as I can make it go.
  7. Best cheap GPU

    1050 then. With 1050ti the CPU will limit performance anyway
  8. Memory OC'

    Not surprising. My 8GB DDR3 1600MHz stick was found in an old prebuilt but can run with tight timings in 1.5V, 2133MHz.
  9. Buying Used for First Build

    You can get everything new and avoid potential problems, other than the graphics card because that's really darn expensive.
  10. X299 or Z370 for gaming

    Z370 is better. The end. Unless you do streaming and gaming at the same time
  11. Best cheap GPU

    Used 760 or 950 is enough to squeeze this CPU dry. Note that you will need an external GPU adapter in order to use it.
  12. CPU to hot?

    Also check the voltage, i.e. vcore.
  13. GPU optimization from scratch (gtx1060 6gb)

    I just max out the temp and power limit since this gives a stable clock speed.
  14. Two 1060 GPU's - Are they different?

    GPU overclock ability doesnt depend on mobo.
  15. Two 1060 GPU's - Are they different?

    "Insert_profanity_here" the miners Asus one cools better, which is good for a card that will run for long periods of time.