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  1. CPU 0°c

    not surprised for a CPU this old to have a broken temperature sensor. actually good news, since it reads lower temps you wont get unwanted thermal throttling.
  2. never trust preorder stuff's estimated delivery date. Period.
  3. 2070VS1080Strix

    If the performance difference in percentage between 2070 and 1080 is the same as 2080 to 1080ti, then the answer will be get the 1080. No idea if this will come true (they broke the new gen 70 card being as fast as old gen 80ti card rule)
  4. Ax370 gaming 5 Error 02 meaning?

    I know it's odd, but it actually reads " D2 ", PCH initalization error. RMA the motherboard, since I cant find anyone managed to sucessfully fix this themselves.
  5. i5 or i7

    8700k will be my choice. Streaming games with an 8600k can be depressing if you aim to hit high frame rates yourself at the same time.
  6. Is this a good GPU?

    both are good
  7. Quadro P400 vs GTX 1070 for CAD

    GTX 1070 of course. Sure there are sometimes driver optimization that makes Quadros much more efficient than Geforce in a few uses, but the P400 is sooooo much slower than the GTX 1070, that driver aid wont help.
  8. Asus B450-PLUS or MSI B450 Tomahawk

    B450 Tomahawk has better VRMs, I'd choose it. The rest of the features offered are 95% identical. Do look for the rear I/O area, maybe differences in number of ports at the back can change your idea.
  9. Partner RTX 2080 Card Question

    they can make everything custom, except the silicon reviews of reference PCBs with custom coolers should come within this month. Custom PCBs... tbd. The 2080ti FTW3 was shown by Gamers Nexus, but only a coupble of shots and no performance figures
  10. noctua NH-D15 vs 240mm AIO

    Too bad you cant buy all that in a bundle. still spend extra for poop coloured fans.
  11. Is 11Gb of RAM going to be useful?

    no 4K, no need for 11gb
  12. Motherboard Repair

    a bit of careful soldering should repair the cuts.
  13. Where do I attach an anti esd strap?

    not use one. Touch some big piece of metal (big enough to give a static shock on a bad day) before you start working on the PC, and dont do things that build up static charge like taking your clothes off. If you have to, touch that piece of metal again. Definitely not a rubber strap like the Verge did. That's stupid.
  14. Cooler Compatibility

    I'd stick with the air cooler.