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  1. Also the NZXT X52, if you're into looks. CM ML240R is another option, though their even newer ML240P seems to have gone backwards in overall performance.
  2. Covering all the PCIe slot is not a problem, not having CPU overclocking support is. we dont know what case you have Higher frame rates yes, how high depends on memory Best priced 5700XT are usually the Sapphire Pulse, Powercolor Red Dragon and Gigabyte Gaming OC, higher end models like the MSI Gaming X, Sapphire Nitro+ and Asus Strix are good choices if they are within 10% more expensive.
  3. I'd rather blame the cooler itself, ML120L and 240L are one of the worst series of AIO liquid coolers you could buy now from a bigger brand like Cooler Master
  4. RX 5700 or 2060S. Vega 56 performs like these two if not a touch slower, but at much higher power draw. Of course it sitll comes down to prices in your region
  5. it says 95% methanol tho, so it should do more than just vomit
  6. RAM is still faster, about 4-5x the speed. I dont know how hard your use is to RAM, since in my experience it's always the CPU that runs out of breath (i.e. the bottleneck)
  7. best is to actually type on one. Even with the same mechanical switch different keyboards could still feel different with their different keycaps. If it feels good on the hand then many other drawbacks could be ignored.
  8. Tbh any type of organic solvent will do, they just may not evapourate that cleanly. In this case it may leave stains as I dont know what the extra 5% of stuff is. Could be water which is totally fine, but it could be something else that doesn't evapourate. On the label in Chinese it says "95% methanol" while isopropyl alcohol is 2-propanol, so it's definitely more than just different water content
  9. I worry that the cards in the back may fall out as they are still exposed. That's in Japanese, if you can't distinguish Japanese and Chinese by reading them or auto-detect language in say, a translator, at least you could see the .jp part in the address
  10. Sticking to base clock, sign of corrupted bios on the card. RMA is the best way to solve it.
  11. You mean when Nvidia's next gen cards are about to launch? Which is so harsh on the GPU, even a R5 3600 or 9400F will do gaming dont benefit from more than 16GB Intel screw you over in the future instead, imo a tie