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  1. 1070 cannot be enabled on PC

    it could be anywhere in the bios. It should say 'prioritize display', something with similar meaning.
  2. 1070 cannot be enabled on PC

    frequently tap the 'delete' key or 'F2' key after turning on the system, until you reach a screen you normally dont see.
  3. 1070 cannot be enabled on PC

    scroll around the bios. Every bios is different and they can be at different locations.
  4. no it's not. bottleneck = performance limit. It's only a problem of whether you reach it, or if you;re happy about the performance after hitting it.
  5. I5 8500 w/ gtx 1070

    he's not using a Z mobo so no overclocking, and 6700k at stock is nowhere near a big leap, something that saves more money than to make small steps because it reuses more parts. you also get 2 extra cores and higher clock speed. It will definitely last you longer.
  6. You could have used a 450w PSU, even. 650w is overkill for sure at this point. cheapest seems to be asrock ab350m pro4, but you need to somehow update the BIOS first. Either buy the motherboard from a physical store and ask the staff to do you a favour and update it for you, or order AMD's bootkit service. They give you their crappiest APU for that process, then you send it back.
  7. I5 8500 w/ gtx 1070

    For games only, 8500 still beats the Ryzen 2600. Dont get 1070 at this time though, get a used 970 or 980 instead. Next gen Nvidia cards should come around July (with minimal supply) and drop prices to acceptable levels at the end of the year (assuming cryptocurrency dont bloom again).
  8. No, crossfire only for the same core model (which is no the case here). PhysX on GPU is only supported for Nvidia ones. It's also rarely used by games, which means a PhysX only card wont help in 99% of cases AM3+ CPU could be an issue, because GTA 5 is known to be unforgiving to AMD CPUs, especially anything before Ryzen.
  9. Sli Strix GTX 970?

    Actually no, a mid range card is much better value in a long run. At its current trend, you should buy mid range cards 2 generations after your current one, for Nvidia, 2 architecture generations, for AMD.
  10. GS65, Aero 15x, Zephyrus M discussion

    @ZM Fong I heard that Aero 15 and 15X has fragile body panels as well? It says 'someone dropped a stapler (oops) on one, and there's a dent'.
  11. Evga g2 750W vs Evga g3 750W

    I prefer the G3. The G2's glaring problem is the shouty fan. It doesnt speed up because the PSU itself is efficient, but it is loud when it does (though G3's isnt exactly quiet)
  12. 158mm cooler

    then it's a bit high, but not to a worrying level yet.
  13. 1070 cannot be enabled on PC

    In the BIOS there should be an option to force the PCIe device (in this case, a graphics card) to be the display output.
  14. 158mm cooler

    idle: that's f****** high. Full load under stress test: it's fine.
  15. Sli Strix GTX 970?

    The problem with SLI is that performance is inconsistent. What we can see now, is that games are supporting it less and less over time. It's better to sell your current card for the money to hop on to a single faster card, like a 980ti. If your system cant work if you sell your current card, then you will have to wait for money to build up again.