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    Can be harsh on overclockable hardware

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    Get called a hacker for kicking asses in games
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  1. Jurrunio

    will dual channel work?

    depends on whether you're memory bottlenecked
  2. Jurrunio

    will dual channel work?

    yes, settings follow the worse performing stick.
  3. Jurrunio

    What fans to buy?

    I don't like be quiet fans, I can do the same if not better with other fans simply by slowing them down, while still having the option to make them run fast and scream for the sake of cooling.
  4. If you can even change the BCLK without instability, that is.
  5. Jurrunio

    WARNING Do not rip off panel film

    Does it make the screen glossy?
  6. Jurrunio

    Will it throttle RTX 2080 ASUS TURBO

    don't run high heat output parts in a case with airflow this poor then? Besides the GPU will run cooler just by being liquid cooled so wear on the pump is not that great. It's still better to wear out the pump than the GPU core.
  7. Jurrunio

    Will it throttle RTX 2080 ASUS TURBO

    Yes tbh it's easier to just buy the sea hawk so you dont have to do the conversion yourself. It won't cost you much extra.
  8. Jurrunio

    How to connect in a properway.

    All HDMI, done
  9. compatible for overclocking? Google it. Google deals with no-information situations pretty well.
  10. Jurrunio

    Best Workstation GPU for Ryzen 7 2700x

    You can use that, but sometimes AMD's workstation card do better. This depends on your work, hence the question.
  11. Jurrunio

    Is it an RX 480 or RX 580?

    check what power connector does it use then, if that's a single 6pin then it is an RX 480. RX 580s at least have 1 8pin and 1 6pin. if not, check the power readings when you run games that stresses it to 95%+ core usage. If it's around 110w then it's an RX 480, if it shoots higher (say 130w or more) then it's an RX 580. RX 480 has 110w vbios power limit but RX 580 has 145w. You can also check with overclock range, at stock power limits reference RX 480 struggle to get past 1400MHz, but RX 580s go past that easily.
  12. Jurrunio

    Bitrate Question

    no, because upscaling also drops quality and that can't be compensated completely with higher bitrate. The quality of compression also matters.
  13. Jurrunio

    Upgrading & Trouble Shooting Asus Laptop

    running SATA, PCIe x2 or PCIe x4? Then there's also warranty, controller used, type of flash (SLC DLC TLC) It's the size of the MX500 M.2 and 860 Evo M.2 and 970 Evo M.2 and many many many others. The most common size, that is. This particular slot has a B key but no M key, in other words you're limited to M.2 SATA drives like the MX500. If you dont want to look into the details, buy SSDs with two notches in the connector.
  14. Jurrunio

    Hot, Humid Climate and build advice

    Maybe sea salt blown in by the wind is what corrodes things? Humidity itself doesnt corrode things all that quickly (not in useful years for a PC anyway), but salt does.
  15. or BCLK, they are treated the same way when overclocking