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  1. perhaps I should throw one of my old servers back in my server rack for this.
  2. now i'm even more curious how other 5500U processors apparently got overclocking scores.
  3. from what I can see in Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, I CAN adjust power settings a bit but core stays grey'd out. and it shows on the label stuck to the laptop itself below the keys that it can turbo up to 3.0, not sure if that might make any difference at all.
  4. I want to be clear on this first, I got this laptop as a christmas present in end of 2016, I like it, it's an ASUS X751LX with a GTX 950M on board and 12 gigs of RAM, it cost around $1200 cdn after taxes and enviro fees, the wife and I could NOT afford a "Gaming" laptop nor can we, but I am under the impression that these processors are "somehow" overclockable. I am NOT looking to bump it to stupid MHZ levels as the base clock is 2.4 and turbos up to 3, I would like to be able to pin the processor to 3 if I can or maybe 3.1, somewhere in that small percentile. anyway, I have "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility" installed on it but the core clock is grey'd out (I know, laptop with a "U" processor), but I have seen a score list of people from all over the place who have somehow overclocked these processors yet I have found no guides and obviously being a LAPTOP the BIOS is stupid basic. I am asking for help to at least find a utility (or unlock intel's for my chip) that can allow me to overclock the chip even a little bit, I am not looking for a lecture that it cannot be done or that I should just invest in a better laptop. I want to apologize if I sound rude or snarky, i'm not meaning to, i'm just trying to cover my question with what I need to know, I asked a question before in the discord and after saying I cannot afford an SSD I was still told to purchase an SSD and the conversation just turned into people saying what SSD they want so once again I apologize for sounding mean or attitude filled about this. thank you for anyone who tries to help.
  5. well.....now I don't feel odd those times I need to wear sandals with socks.
  6. Ever since the review of the Vector Desk Mini i've been curious on the dimensions of the desk when built as well as pricing and availability when released, however Vector's website still shows a link to the Desk Mini but it leads to a "Page Not Found" page. I was surprised that there was no dimensions mentioned in the review video, and what perked my interest back into the desk was the latest deconstruction video, I saw the desk just sitting there in the loft on top of stuff doing nothing. I would love just the desk to put my system into it, but I don't even know any more info of the desk since April. anyone got any info on release dates, sizes after being built, and price?
  7. ok, so basically you want to use it as just a server with nothing connected to it, i'm not sure if ubuntu will work properly if it's installed on one system then moved onto a different system, but if you were to install it into a desktop and installed something like OpenSSH onto it you could then use a program like Putty to access it from anywhere pretty much as long as it's configured properly in your network. I run minecraft servers and have some experience with doing terminal from other PC's to the servers, the only other method you could potentially use would be a KVM switch if programs and installs get too complicated.
  8. The way your talking it sounds like you might be trying to do this from an external HD, Ubuntu can be installed and run off a USB drive perfectly fine depending on the type of USB connection (USB 2.0 obviously would have performance issues), if that's what your talking about then that should work.
  9. @CPotter As LTX is less than 48 hours away, There is something I would like to know, as I have driven by the Langley Events Center before I know there are many different doors on the outside, is there a specific door we are to enter from?
  10. I presume your referring to the bean bag chairs?
  11. For the most part we do survival in both our normal and modded servers, but we can occasionally have fun and just do random stuff in another world on the servers too. and more or less that message was for everyone in general, that's why I didn't quote anyone specifically.
  12. Streaming is new to me but i've been hosting my servers for about maybe 3 years now, this is kind of a hobby thing but I at least wanted to get people's input on it. Not like i'm gonna beg people to watch it and join, it would be nice, but I pretty much want to do it for the fun of it and if people get interested in it and want to join then cool. Plus I also wanted to find out if anyone here would be interested at all too.
  13. I have recently found a program that I can live stream to Youtube fairly well with and I am thinking of doing live streams either every week or every couple of weeks. They would be live streams of my servers, I home host 2 servers, a normal minecraft server and a modpack server, usually we only have maybe 4 people on at once (we've had as many as 10 on at once and as low as just me but never when streaming) and I was curious if people would have any interest at all in watching some friends live stream play on minecraft in a survival world, thought i'd get some opinions on it.
  14. I don't think they will, but with the amount of people asking for them and how quickly they ran out, if another meetup happens next year, they might add more. the wife and I are still contemplating buying a bean bag chair or two just to get to go to the warehouse lol. for those who don't know, they are currently selling bean bag chairs with LinusTechTips on them for $200, you can either buy them from LTX when your there or buy them before hand.
  15. There are at least 2 hotel/motel things right next to the highway, they MIGHT be a good option but as I live not too far from the venue itself I don't know the rates for them and haven't checked the rates.
  16. now i'm feeling a bit like a moron, guess I need to come out from under the rock more often.
  17. first time i've heard TheoJoe mention LTT though, just thought it was neat to see other tech channels referencing each other.
  18. Thought this was cool that another youtuber called "TheoJoe" actually referenced what linus mentioned about the "Game Mode" setting in the latest edition of windows 10.
  19. Yes the title is supposed to have 2 Keyboards in it, the reason? This strange double keyboard I saw in this youtube video intro: I have never seen a keyboard like it ever, it's both a computer keyboard and a real electric keyboard built into the bottom of it, probably for midi purposes, you can see the box in the background and (even though it's fuzzy) you can see it says "Creative" on it so it must have been one of there odd ball items. I think you guys should try find one and review it, see what it's all about, I know you guys like to review (or just generally find) really odd computer and electronics parts and peripherals so @LinusTech this seems right up your alley.
  20. Yeah, it seems like it has quite the issues. still can't get it to stream to youtube.
  21. So I did the clean install using DDU and I now show everything in Features, but i'm still getting the stupid error of "Enable live streaming for Youtube to use this feature" This is frustrating for something built into my video card drivers to not work. I appreciate the help, I might look into those, my main goal was to see how the one built into Geforce Experience worked and if it worked well, i've done recordings with it with very little to no problems, but as i'm not an avid streamer and fairly new to it I thought i'd try it since it's a stock feature.
  22. So using DDU to clear the drivers for a fresh install, would I need to reinstall geforce experience as well or no?
  23. So I have tried google searches for any help regarding my problem and have come across nothing really, I have also posted in the Geforce forums and not even any views, i'm hoping someone over here can help, here's the post I made from the Nvidia forums about it: Even now I still don't have anything show up in the "Features" area whereas with my old card everything did (even if it was "not ready") and the "Enable live streaming for Youtube to use this feature" error still shows up. I did recently change my videocard from a Gigabyte Geforce GTX650 up to the 1050Ti without dumping drivers as they are the same, could that be an issue?
  24. there doesn't seem to be any in the 120hz range that's in that price range and I can't seem to find any local places with 120hz monitors just 140hz and 230hz.