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  1. I agree. But I just find it in bad taste to permanently delete the posts, why can't our off-topic posts just be merged to a newly dynamically created xx thread for debate. I'll happily code that feature in for IBP as an addon for moderators to do. I will have to invoice Linus for that feature, however
  2. Remind me not to post on this forum again, if all you're going to do is delete our posts. Pathetic.
  3. Says the one who is replying and arguing with me.... lol you go make your thread. I'll debate you to the ends of the earth
  4. Now that is something that is pretty damn true. I just want this rx vega shit to end. Sick of the rumors
  5. LOL not happening, sir. You just wait little muffin. Next month am saving this post.
  6. The CoffeeLake 6c has a turbo boost of 4.7GHz my friend (stock). Were you looking at the right benchmarks?
  7. Intel just needs to price their CoffeeLake chips appropriately and R3 will become / transcend into a still birth
  8. I respect your views but you need to name me one pro of the x299 platform lol
  9. Aww I see. Thanks In that case, depends on price.. but Intel can kill off Ryzen's R3 pretty quickly if they price those right. R5 1600 is still king imo
  10. Haha. Mate, that's not a foreign substance. That's literally the chip pin burning out. I cannot believe you are defending the x299 platform. Even after Linus` video.. Sad. So much for a movement.
  11. IIRC isn't CoffeeLake coming out with other chips in their lineup though? If not, you are right then. I thought other variants besides the 6-core were releasing.
  12. How is your CPU pin getting destroyed at a measly 1.25v not a design flaw?
  13. Some areas? The 7640x? And this: More like every single area, LOL. Edit: LMFAO @ Zen2 competitor. No it wouldn't. It'd compete DIRECTLY with Ryzen. It's launching next month.
  14. Who gives a shit about the x299 disaster. CoffeeLake is coming to finally put Ryzen out of its misery
  15. Saving this post. Gonna reply to you in 3 days. Lol this is going to be glorious