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    Got interested in building computers from using GPU machines at work. Casual gamer.
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    Intel Core™ i7-7700K
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    Vengeance® LPX 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4
  • GPU
    ASUS TURBO-GTX1080-8G in 2-way SLI
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    Fractal Design Meshify C
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    Samsung 960 EVO x2 & Samsung 750 EVO x2
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    Corsair RM750x
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q
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    Custom Loop

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  1. In my opinion, this is a bad design because: - Apart from a small portion of the center of the IHS, there is actually only air anyway, so it is usually sufficient to have decent coverage of directly the die portion and the surrounding area - If tolerances are off, you might introduce a massive gap between the IHS and the heatsink since it has a "lip". This also assumes both IHS and cooler surface must be complelty flat (no bowing or arcing). - The design pushes onto the PCB and may crack it if under sufficient tension, or at least apply pressure onto the solder later.
  2. For Science!

    How hot is your fluid?...giggity.

    41 sounds equivalent to mine at ambient of 25 degrees or so.
  3. For Science!

    Horizontally mounted reservoir with hardline

    If I was doing it, I would get a multi-port, and install it an every slight slant so that you can use the normal top fill port. However, even with the best routing and intentions, you will probably still have a lot of air stuck in radiators and will need to tilt the system nonetheless.
  4. I don't think so... The ports do not line up, and the SLI connector won't line up either. so you won't be able to use a rigid bridge, or a straight connection between the blocks. Of course if you use a flexible bridge and get creative with your loop, anything is possible.
  5. For Science!

    Evga GTX 1080 ti Hybrid kit

    Have you considered an aftermarket air cooler like the morpheus 2 or accerelaero (not exact spelling). These will be a substantial improved over the stock cooler in most cases.
  6. For Science!

    Water Cooling Hydroponics

    Bad idea because dissolved oxygen decreases as heat increases in the reservoir. Roots like it cold. If you used an airstone like in a DWC, this will be bad for radiators. Salts are also bad for the fittings, and copper is bad for plants. Best option is just use the exhaust heat off a radiator for increased transpiration. Im half way there with my Noctua fans in my grow tent.
  7. For Science!

    cross flow radiator

    Either is fine.
  8. Can you unmount the cpu block, and then before cleaning the thermal paste off, take a picture of both sides. Then take a photo of your thermal paste application before remount the block? Something this serious sounding has to be in the cpu block since your pump is capable enough to fill the loop.
  9. For Science!

    An alternative to Speedfan?

    Which one? AIO_PUMP AND W_PUMP+ can be enabled by a bios setting. Imo there is no place for programs like SpeedFan since everything can be done by the BIOS and is OS agnostic.
  10. Its not really the pump speed you want to control by the GPU temperature since pumps usually operate fine at a constant rpm (and may even be better for the asetek style pumps). To control the fans off the GPU core temps, you can get an adaptor that usually you can find on nvidia cards. https://gelidsolutions.com/thermal-solutions/accessories-pwm-fan-adaptor/
  11. For Science!

    RGB tubing/coolant

    UV tends to come out either blueish (for blue and clear coolant) or yellow/green as alternatives. I mean, strategic placement of LED strips doesn't really warrant a guide.....
  12. For Science!

    H150i Pro Installation Oddity

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. For Science!

    H150i Pro Installation Oddity

    I had the exact same thing with a h100iv2 and i also thought i was being smart by using my own plastic spacers behind the motherboard, but it doesnt matter the cooler clamps down on the backplate anyway. Having said that i still dont quite get how it works, but take my word for it. Install it without the spacers and s3e if the backplate is loose even after you install the cooler. If the block doesnt rattle and is nearly installed all is fine.
  14. For Science!

    Can i plug my nzxt kraken m22 pump to psu

    Yes you can plug it into the psu with a suitable adaptor. These pumps are designed to run at full speed (constant 12V) and infact undervolting them can in fact lower their life span.
  15. For Science!

    White substance on fittings

    could you list out all your watercooling components including the brand.