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    Got interested in building computers from using GPU machines at work. Casual gamer.
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    Intel Core™ i7-7700K
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    Vengeance® LPX 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4
  • GPU
    ASUS TURBO-GTX1080-8G in 2-way SLI
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    Fractal Design Define C
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    Samsung 960 EVO x2 & Samsung 750 EVO x2
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    Corsair RM750x
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q
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    Custom Loop

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  1. For Science!

    Need someone to double check before I buy

    I think using a monoblock may be questionable in this instance, the VRMs are really hot and will contribute to a subtantial increase in fluid temperature (reduced cooling capacity for the rest of the components). Any gains in stability of the OC because of improved VRM temperatures may be offset by increased core temperatures. I would be tempted to keep the VRMs on air... I would be tempted to have this system with reversed airflow too, rear intake (put a filter on it) and fans exhausting through the front. This way the VRMs will have access to fresh air and the radiator will not be reheating the internals. As for whether a 280 mm radiator will be enough for 2 components....Yes it will probably be enough and not be a thermal meltdown, but I don't think the temperature will be super great. I would be tempted to add a 240 up top as well.
  2. For Science!

    Water cooling help

    Fairly certain that you won't be able to. With 1st Gen Ryzen you'll be lucky if you hit 4.0
  3. For Science!

    Water cooling help

    At this price, you're defiinitely better off with a good air cooler.
  4. R6 is pretty good in every aspect, Meshify C is smaller. Depends on whether size is a concern for you. You will have a very good time in the R6, its a quieter case, slightly less airflow though.
  5. It really depends on you, they are both good cases. When you buy a O11 Dynamic and open the box, you have 0 fans. Therefore there is no airflow "at stock", of course only a moron would operate the O11 dyanmic with no fans, but so that's why your question of which has better airflow is difficult to answer. It depends on how many fans you're willing to buy and where you place them. So when you cost in the O11D and a couple of premium fans, its already quite expensive The Meshify C comes with 2 x 120 mm fans and so already has some airflow out of the box. However the Meshify C performs best when you populate the front with 2 x 140 mm and some top exhaust. Meshify C + a couple of premium fans brings the cost to a O11D without any fans. I like the Meshify C.
  6. Not completely white, but yes, looks like this. I think your memory modules should clear the radiator/fan just fine on the top, but if you run into issues, you can just front mount them as @DVA says. Don't know if you're aware that the FTW3 doesnt fit into O11 dynamic unless you use the vertical kit... Meshify C behaves best when you populate the front with fans, so its a question that you have to address yourself. The O11 dynamic by default comes with no fans....so since the Meshify C comes with 2 fans, at stock, yes?
  7. Meshify C, my favorite so far
  8. If you watch a few youtube videos from the likes of Paul's Hardware, Jayztwocents, Bitwit; PC building is quite easy to the grasp of. Here is a cart from overclockers with all parts in stock that will run circles around the Aurora both in performance and noise. I would personally go for Meshify C instead of Define C but it wasn't in stock when I last looked. Other vendors have them, but I just limited myself to a single vendor. The advantages of this particular build: - 1080 over 1070 - Much much better CPU cooler - Quiet case - Standard components, easy to upgrade - Enough budget left for Windows Disadvantages - You have to do it yourself - No warranty for the whole system, although warranty for each individual component exists Overclockers UK Pricelist made 2018-10-12 14.44.pdf
  9. What is your budget by the way? Just so that I can suggest some alternatives
  10. The fan is probably very loud because its trying to keep the PC from burning its insides. A fan only needs to spin fast if the radiators/cpu coolers are getting too hot and that happens faster with a smaller radiator or cpu cooler. A proper heatsink/radiator has enough surface area that even gentle airflow can keep it cool. If you forcibly slow down a fan when the PC needs the airflow, the result will be premature degradation of components. I think in this subforum people will recommend you to go for DIY means. You can ask a moderator such as @W-L to move the thread to the pre-built PC section where you may get more focused responses. My opinion is that this Aurora case is no good and is not a good buy.
  11. Also, you should either quote me or mention me (using @) otherwise I don't get notified of your responses.
  12. In the systems above, you'll most likely be limited by the size of the heatsink. Getting a better fan may net you a few degrees but ultimately the cooling capacity will not be solved. You also don't really want to be compromizing for a shitty heatsink by having a jet turbine inside the PC. Moderns computers definitely do not need to be and should not be loud at all.
  13. I assume they are normal 120/140 mm fans? then yes. Although it likely won't change the performance by much if at all.
  14. For Science!

    First Custom Loop

    Apart from the fact you are using Primochill Vue which will likely precipitate out and clog the system in a matter of weeks, perhaps you want to get a few 90 or dual 45 degree fittings since hardline can be difficult in tight spots.
  15. And to answer your original question, no, you cannot fit an H100i or any 240 mm AIO. Only 120 or 140 mm AIOs will work in this case and in that case you're better off with an aircooler anyway