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    ASUS TURBO-GTX1080-8G in 2-way SLI
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    Samsung 960 EVO x2 & Samsung 750 EVO x2
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  1. creating a drain port + premix choices

    Usually: Ball valve, T-splitter, male-to-male dual rotary, stop fitting. I would recommend EK-CryoFuel, although I have not used the red one/
  2. Clear Premix

    Given that they are both clear, I would recommend cryofuel for it's good documentation.
  3. First Custom Loop

    Looks good, I think its the best given not including the graphics card in the loop. You could have considered mounting the pump/res on the rear exhaust fan, and kept all the tubes above the graphics card. But I think its fine the way it is.
  4. Wiring Pump Question

    Sounds like it's a 4-pin PWM header reporting only the rpm and receiving PWM signal. No point connecting It to a voltage controlled fan hub. Should connect to a 4-pin genuine PWM header if you want anything meaningful out of it.
  5. Dual Pump Setups?

    Series is unanimously better than parallel in the case of pump configurations. A parallel pump configuration has huge penalties if one was to fail in terms of flow rate with minimal gains even if they were both operational. 2 pumps in series one after another after a single reservoir is the way to go for 2 pumps. EKWB for example provides a good dual D5 pump as a single product that requires no extra fittings.
  6. First water-cooling build

    Looks like 16 mm, for your reference, my build in my sig is also 16 mm tubing.

    Try to change to a different fan header to rule out a dead motherboard header. Make sure that said header is operating at 100% DC mode to ensure that the pump is receiving enough voltage. Could you also confirm whether you were voltage regulating the pump before or whether you were running it at 100% DC mode already.
  8. kraken x62

    In watercooling, you want fan speeds to correlate with water temperatures, not component temperatures since there is no point in having the fans go fast if the water is not hot. Therefore it is more suitable to have the fans connected to the x62 itself so that a fan curve is applied with respect to the water temperature within the cooler. But if the question is purely "can you" then the answer is yes.
  9. EK XRES Revo D5 pump does not start

    I couldn't find any pinout diagrams for the GQ unfortunately, but I am confident that the pinout is not the same as G2 since there are plenty of threads saying that custom cables for the G2 power supplies are not compatible with the GQ series. This is likely why your pump is not starting. Simple. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3089960/evga-series-psu-cables-cross-compatible.html
  10. EK XRES Revo D5 pump does not start

    Just as a sanity check, can you try to plug into SATA1 instead, the pinouts of those are usually the same.
  11. EK XRES Revo D5 pump does not start

    I'll have a look, but by far the easiest way to get it working is likely to get the proper cable for this PSU.
  12. EK XRES Revo D5 pump does not start

    Do you remember the PSU type? it is possible that the pinout is different.
  13. EK XRES Revo D5 pump does not start

    You seem to be using some kind of custom cable for the perif->molex, do you not have the original that came with the PSU? it should be flat cables like the rest rather than sleeved.
  14. EK XRES Revo D5 pump does not start

    Yeah, I feel that 95 % of DOAs are just user error, but we'll see when photos come through....
  15. EK XRES Revo D5 pump does not start

    Currently re-living a dejavu no?