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    Black Screen and Flickering During Gaming

    Just a quick follow up. To my complete disbelief, it appears that simply using a different DP output on the video card has solved my problem. I'm embarrassed that I didn't even think of that. I just assumed they would all work the same. I am now able to game full screen with Freesync enabled with no interrupting black screens. Obviously my frame rates aren't stellar at 3440x1440, but it is stable! Thank you!

    Black Screen and Flickering During Gaming

    Thank you Sir! I do not have easy access to a different monitor or GPU. I'll see what I can figure out there. I will try moving the GPU to a different slot and also try different outputs. I am using the DP cable that came with the monitor, so if the different slot/outputs don't fix it, I'll order a new DP cable and give that a shot. Thank you for your suggestions, I'll start working through them.

    Mic setup recommendations

    You can't go wrong with the AT2020. It's a good mic, a lot of folks use it for gaming and podcasting. Because of a Podcastage review, I may try using the Shure SM48. It's cheap and seems to have good off axis (background) noise rejection Not the typical gamer mic, but I might give it a shot for $35. If you're going to be recording music, you'll likely want to spend a bit more on the mic. I agree with wsc2010 about the pop filter, shock mount, mic stand, and Scarlett audio interface. The Behringer U-Phoria series of audio interfaces seem to be good options as well. I just discovered Podcastage a couple days ago. He does a fantastic job of reviewing mics and is down to earth about it all too. Check him out.
  4. Hello, I promise, I've searched the forum. It seems that a couple other folks have had similar issues to what I'm having, but then they abandon their thread without further details or a solution. I have tried all of the suggestions that were left in them though. I have just built a new gaming rig. Ryzen 2600X, XFX RX 580, AORUS B450 Elite, Trident Z 3200, and an EVGA 750 Watt PS. My monitor is a LG 34CB88 ultrawide with Freesync It works great and runs perfectly on productivity tasks, web browsing, etc. However, when I fire up any game I will get occasional (every 30 seconds to once every 5 minutes) black screens. It's only black for about 2 seconds and then it comes back. During the black outs, the game sound is still there, my character has continued to move, no noticeable FPS drops, etc. GPU Temps hover in the high 70s I've tried windowed(1080) and full screen game modes, both do it. Since it's a new build, I installed the latest drivers, updated the BIOS/firmware, and all of the components are new (besides the monitor which is a couple years old). I have tried turning on/off Freesync, changed monitor modes, played with frame rates, turned off Link State Power Management, and pinned the PC to the High Performance power plan. No CPU overclocking. Though, I did OC the 580 for a little bit (it's an OC card and it said that I needed to tweak Adrenaline to get full performance), but that's been reset to default. I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you!