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  1. righteousbae

    In search of new laptop

    I'm mainly just looking for something for school and light photo editing right now. Got a desktop for gaming right now, so I'm more keen on battery life and portability more than anything. Was looking at possibly a razer blade stealth, hp spectre or just a regular macbook for the time being.
  2. righteousbae

    In search of new laptop

    I've been out of the tech loop for a while now. What's wrong with mac keyboards nowadays?
  3. Been using a 2012 macbook pro for the past year or so for school and work, and it's stability has been questionable at best the past few days. So figured might be worth looking into a new laptop when some deals start cropping up. Any of you have suggestions? Was looking at something in the $1500 usd range. Thanks a million
  4. righteousbae

    Help for new earbuds

    The wireless smokin buds from skull candy aren't the best, but for 60 bucks, they're a comfy fit, sound okay for the price, and have a pretty solid battery life. Used to be my daily drivers, not too bad. https://www.amazon.com/Skullcandy-Smokin-Bluetooth-Wireless-Earbuds/dp/B013UFYCDC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505784769&sr=8-1&keywords=skullcandy+smokin+wireless
  5. righteousbae

    Cloud based gaming

    So there's some new service called Paperspace, thats advertising that you can play games through cloudbased virtual desktops for a service fee. https://www.paperspace.com/gaming what do you guys think?
  6. Going to be building a new system for my step dad to use in his office. Was thinking about the N400 from CM for it's minimalism and airflow, but I'm not too sure about it for the internal setup (drive cages facing inwards, SSD mounting, etc). Looking for a midtower able to hold an atx mb. Not looking for anything with panel windows or rgb or any of that swag. Figured some of you guys might have some suggestions worth looking into. Budget on case is ideally under 80 bucks US.
  7. righteousbae

    PC Crashes when Gaming

    I've had a similar issue. Sometimes I can do games for hours on end with no issues, but with some titles it'll crash within minutes, I think (at least with my system) it might be a mix of thermal throttling and the cpu just fainting, since I did a clean install every driver I could think of but it still occurs.
  8. righteousbae

    This $7000 Card Does WHAT?? – Holy $H!T

    Nice to see Red is bringing back the physx card
  9. If you have the cooler and a mobo to oc, I'd say 7700k mainly because of how high you can get the clock speed, especially since most games won't go above using 4 cores typically speaking, so you'll get more performance out of the sheer clock speed. But you can still get some good performance out of the 1700, plus it'll be better over all for more stuff than just gaming.
  10. righteousbae

    system trouble

    Update: turns out the gpu is an r9 270 with 2 gb of memory and one janky-ass cooler. Radeon's auto driver software couldn't identify exactly what it was so I had to crack open the case to see what it was. Drivers might've been causing crashes but from what I hear the cpu might also be to blame (stock heatsink and how hard the FX thermal throttles).
  11. My step dad asked me to help him build a computer for his business. Bit under one grand USD budget wise. Graphics horsepower isnt as big a deal since he dosent do gaming, but he does want a multi-monitor setup since he's a big multi-tasker. Was thinking about going with either a Ryzen 5 1600 or 7 1700 since the 6 and 8 core intel equivalents are much pricier, some ECC memory if there's compatibility, and if theres room budget-wise, an SSD, though it isnt as big a deal. Figured Id check in here to see what parts you guys would recommend or if you know of any builds worth looking into.
  12. righteousbae

    IEH/IEM recommendations

    Last pair of in-ear headphones got destroyed when I was working, figured I'd see what you guys use and like before dropping another 30 bucks on shit headphones. Any recommended brands or types of in-ear headphones?
  13. righteousbae

    system trouble

    id put money down that it'd be an upgrade, atleast from my experience with it thus far. some stuff like total war titles run fine around 30 fps, but if i wanted to load up crisis 3 or even battlefield 4, and it'll drop to 15 fps or less.
  14. righteousbae

    system trouble

    well in the event the video card is just shambling and about to die, I planned on swapping it out for a 1050 ti soon anyway. but I held off on it in the event it was something else in the system
  15. righteousbae

    system trouble

    The mb dosen't support overclocking, so the cpu is running at stock speeds. going to try running DDU and reinstall the drivers. What's weird though is this only happens in certain games, and not even demanding games; like I can run Warhammer total war or xcom 2 on medium to high settings all day, but as soon as I try to launch something like starcraft 2 or dota it'll just crash.