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  1. In the BENELUX their are promo's atm. An LG C8 55Inch tv, for €1000. So yeah .. thats a pretty good tv.
  2. 1 week before black friday and before the bf5 bundle: MSI RTX 2080 gaming x trio On black friday: Sonos beam for $377
  3. Factal Design R5 Fractal Design R6 My cases are both from fractal, their are dead silent. Even when gaming. (but i do game on SSD's and use Noctua high quality fans). If i hear something rattle, its my HDD. (but not while gaming, cause no game is on it and it goes in standby when not using it)
  4. Thats what i thought, but thats a TN panel. Meaning the colors are pretty bad in comparison with a IPS panel.
  5. Which monitor do you have now? The shop will let me change/replace the monitor by another PD2700Q. How big is the chance that the blacklight bleeding is even worse/same lvl?
  6. So, you would all suggest to send it back to the shop? Or do you just need luck in buying an ips panel, without having much backlight bleed/IPS glow?
  7. Hey, I've recently decided to pull the trigger and buy myself a bigger screen: 1440p IPS. Because i have been using 1080p VA panel (eizo fg2421) for the last 6years. I always was scared of the IPS technology, because of the IPS glow. So when i got my screen, i decided to test it. These are the results: 90% brightness https://imgur.com/a/ko6NJF0 20% brightness https://imgur.com/a/4zooC3H While on loading screen of a game. The egdes should be black. https://imgur.com/a/R2UqUst https://imgur.com/a/ojOLG9x I want to know, if this acceptable for a 'PD2700q' screen of 350 euro's(330 dollars)? Untill now, i dont see any red dots/dead pixels. What would you do?
  8. I did buy myself an orbweaver v2 some days ago. Installed razer synapse 2.0 And tried to use the S/N serial number to register the product to my acc. Didnt work. I uninstalled synapse 2.0 and downloaded Synapse 3.0. And i logged into my razer acc. And the orbweaver v2 was detected automatically. Dont have any issue's now. SO .. i suggest uninstalling synapse 2.0 and installing Synapse 3.0. and see if that works. I suggest getting on the Razer Reddit and make a thread. After my problem with synapse 2.0 and the S/N number, i just made a thread. Within 24h i had a Razer dude trying to help me. But that time i already found the 'solution' by just installing Synapse 3.0 instead of Synapse 2.0.
  9. Hey I've been following linus since the very first beginning on youtube. NCIX and 'camera guy' And to be honest, i value his word. I can say i bought several items, because he recommended it. So after some thought i decided to get myself a decent VPN connection. Got myself PIA. (Cause Tunnelbear just went darkside in march 2018) Did the installation, payed for it. Setup my vpn which was very easy. Got myself connected through vpn in another country (DUH). Because of this action, my google acc (which i basically use for everything) went banana's. Google noticed i logged into my acc from another country and blocked it all, i had to reassure them that some weird IP adress (i presume its a PIA IP adress in that specific country) is actually 'me'. I thought i would be connecting every day to another country. But it seems that would be a lot of google warnings. So how does it work? I just choose one country throught the PIA VPN and stick with it? I assume PIA encrypts all my data throught their vpn in that other country. Can someone with a bit of experience explain it? Thanks.
  10. did you 'block' the fans, when blowing the dust from the gpu? Because, it can happen that you 'break' something, when blowing out a gpu. Overspinning the fans, damaging them. And yes, any gpu can suddenly go 'coil whine'. I think your gpu is 'fucked' and you'll have to live with it. It its really coil whine, their isnt much you can do about it.
  11. Qinshi

    2.1 or 2.0 speakers

    I was hoping somebody would give me some example's of decent good 2.0 sets for audio. Why wouldnt a bass be usefull? Are 2.0 stereo speakers better in this price range of less than €150 for everything? Space: Room of 6m*4m with roof 3,5m
  12. Hey, I'm looking for some new PC speakers. My budget is €100-€150 (or $100-$150). But i live in Western Europe. Anyway: The speakers will mainly be used for spotify music (320kbps) (trance, dance, obvious hits, ...), gaming and watching Netflix. 2.1 I was thinking of the Logitech Z623 (€130). Because they are not so big. (i own 2 JBL 305's, but these are just to big, to put 70cm of my ears. Or next to my pc screen.) 2.0 (no idea) Any suggestions?
  13. So you say, i can put a radiator of 240mm + 2 fans in the top of my case? Do you have photo's/proof of this. Also, the motherboard will have some decent heatblocks on it, no idea if that interfere with the space.
  14. Hey I have decided on my new upgrade for my gaming pc. Total build: Fractal define R4 (without window) Seasonic G Serie 650Watt Intel core i7 7700k Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero DDR4 LPX Vengeance 3000mhz (cause the difference between 3000 vs 3200 is not something you'll notice) Gtx 1070 MSI SSD's The BIGGEST question is the following. Noctua NH-D15 or a Corsair H100i V2? (I dont have a window in my case, so no need for fancy expensive kraken aio cooling). Q: If i choose Corsair H100i V2, will i have enough clearance in my fractal R4 with my 'massive heatsinks' on the motherboard to put the radiator + 2 fans in the top in my case? I'll have enough clearance if i choose the Noctua NH-D15. (but the intel i7 7700k has some issue with heat?) Any people having a AiO cooling system in their fractal R4?
  15. To be honest, sometimes is see a prebuild system. Thinking it isnt that bad, and than i check the component prices and see that its more expensive to buy the parts separetly and build it. So NO, not every prebuild pc is 'piece of crap' and is 'to expensive according to the components inside it'. If you parents do not allow you to build your own pc. If its your money, than you can argue. IF its money from your parents, you should be happy you get a free pc. It's simple: Check the price & component of the 'all in one system'. try to build the pc on pc part picker with those component + windows 10 license and see the difference. If their is some difference, just print it on a paper and show it to your mom.