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    AMD Ryzen 3 1200
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    ASUS B350M-A AM4 Motherboard
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    8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz Corsair Vengence LPX
  • GPU
    Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 TI Mini
  • Case
    Corsair 100R
  • Storage
    120 GB Kingston SSDNow UV400 and 1 TB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair VS450
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    Dell 19' inch 1440x900 Monitor
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    AMD Ryzen 3 Stock cooler
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    iBall Wireless Keyboard
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    iBall Wireless Mouse
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    Cheap earphones
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    Windows 8.1 (gonna get 10 soon)
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    11 yr old
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  1. X79 CPU upgradebility

    Issue = the 970.
  2. X79 CPU upgradebility

    For gaming,get the new Coffee Lake CPU's if you can.For other multi-threaded stuff,get a used 8 core Xeon for the platform off of eBay if you can.
  3. upgrading pc - rx 470

    The 2600 can definately do more.... its like similar performance to a i5 7400 , only 10% slower in single threaded according to cpu.userbenchmark.com>i could be wrong
  4. upgrading pc - rx 470

    Worth it if you are willing to spend that money tho usually they should be cheaper.You can just get a 2600 instead and they are similar performance-lower price
  5. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    the first part is the one i disagree......the rx 580 is only slightly faster than a 1060 and has more VRAM.And I never see the prices being SAME anytime soon.Anyway volta ampere will be coming out soon and may balance the gpu thing again.
  6. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    actually,i mistyped it.its 300 for a 980 not a 980ti.Still comparable to a 1060/480/580
  7. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    A 980ti is still well supported.And im talking about a USED 980ti,not a new one,just look it up on ebay us.
  8. Dota 2 FPS DROP

    the G4600 is good however a i5 2nd gen will outperform it,as it is a true quad core.And G4xxx CPU's are overpriced ATM.Also if you are buying a Pentium 7th Gen,get the G4560.But then if you are buying a Pentium then just put some more money into the PC and buy a AMD Ryzen
  9. Dota 2 FPS DROP

    CPU is the bottleneck.Ram wont help much.Just get a sandy bridge core i5 or i7 and you will be good
  10. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    u wrote RX850.... anyway yeah Ryzen 1xxx prices will drop down due to Ryzen 2xxx but thing is-Ryzen 2 has higher IPC.Also 6 GB VRAM is plenty enough for probably the next 5 years or so
  11. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    You can easily get a 980ti for around 300ish USD.AFAIK its a bit faster than a 1060,for even cheaper.And there is a Fury X 4 GB auction on ebay with 3 days remaining and its currently at 94$,if he pulls the trigger on the bid on the correct time,he could get it for 200 or below.
  12. If cable management is what your thing is,get the corsair one,me here was gonna get the same PSU but ended up getting the wrong PSU (a VS450) and cable management is a absolute nightmare.
  13. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    Its 2020,not 2019 for AMD Ryzen CPU's.Yes the GPU market is a mess at the moment,currently a used GPU is the way to go.I also don't think that AMD will release B450 boards anytime soon.Neither do I think that Ryzen 2 will be the last generation.
  14. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    For used deals , I'd recommend a 780ti or a 980ti,and AMD wise,a R9 Fury X (yes I'm telling this one,but its basically 1070 performance for less than 1060 3 GB price ATM)
  15. Suggestions to Upgrade Current PC

    The only thing in your system that probably needs a upgrade (and not necessarily required if you just play CS:GO) is the 2 GB 760.Gaming-wise,a 4770k is good enough to even take a 1080ti without bottlenecks though more cores = more fps in CS:GO.A 2 GB 760 is basically a GTX 1050,though if you decide to play any newer titles,the 2 GB VRAM of the 760 will be at 100% VRAM usage in newer AAA games.I would say that you wait and get a GPU upgrade(so you dont waste $500+ on a freakin 580).However if you don't want to wait or waste your money on 1060's/580's right now,and really wanna upgrade something,get a Ryzen and a B350 (if you dont plan to SLI) motherboard (X370 if you want to SLI).For gaming only,you really only need a R5 1600 at the most,though your 4770k may outperform it in gaming,but the 1600 has more cores and also keep in mind intel is always more expensive but better in gaming.For more CPU intensive tasks,get a R7 1700 at the most because because the 1700x and 1800x are just a overclocked,expensive version of a 1700,when you can easily overclock a 1700 to match a 1800x.For a motherboard I recommend a ASUS motherboard,because they are durable (i mean wont die in a short period of time),I have a PRIME B350M-A myself,recieve regular BIOS updates,and for the more expensive strix motherboard,you get more features.Gigabyte boards are also good.I wont ever recommend a MSI board,though if you like it,its your money spent and your pc,so yeah.