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    Core 2 Duo T7300
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    Lenovo Thinkpad R61
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    1 GB DDR2
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    Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
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    Its a ThinkPad R61
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    120 GB Kingston SSDNow UV400
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    ThinkPad Charger
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    ThinkPad 1280x800 Display
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    Windows Vista

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  1. kk,im downloading utilities to do the stuff
  2. Nononno I'm trying to modify a OEM install.wim to work in a Windows Setup Environment,but there is no install.wim in the first place The reason I dont wanna download the Windows ISO (because my internet is hell and would take 482484 years for it to download without failing) And My other experiment is to modify the file so it is like how a fresh-non junk windows oem acer install would be (do experiments for fun) but i need help,I looked up guides on how to convert the .swn files to .wim files and seems trusty.
  3. Hello Guys,I was finally able to access the Acer Recovery Partition (PQService) Now I do not see a install.wim,but I do see 54 files in the \d2d\images folder which actually contain the OS,but fair enough,I do not know how to create a install.wim using these files,heck is it even possible,means sure enough,I know how to just create the file with the OS (like create a folder and create directories "1" "2" "3" "4" but I do not know how I can make the Windows install detect the install.wim a file where it can install from,neither do I know how the file signatures,etc work. Can anyone guide me through this,etc? Thnx
  4. Now don't tell my why not to do it,I'm not a Windows Noob and know exactly what I'm doing,me being me wants to copy the files from the Acer PQService partition to a folder,and do experimenting with it,since I do not have a Win7 Disc to try it with (and I'm really looking for to get all the .wim files as well,main purpose of me actually wanting to do dis) Now how on Earth to access it since everything just won't let me,because of how it is hidden.I have a idea but dunno if it will work,by booting to the acer PQService partition (ALT+F10) and see if I somehow can get a instance of CMD to open and just copy the files using command line,but have absolutely less hope for it to work. Any other idea i can use to do it (preferably not by using shady software) Thanks.
  5. A Good SSD is only $50,and will still leave you with 10$ remaining (lol) so why not go for SSD as the Weed/420 King Druaga1 says...
  6. Good luck,but considering your system hardware is over 7 years old,that can be the issue and be a b*tch,so...
  7. Yeah,that is the problem going that way
  8. Uhhmn,nice,congratulations for quoting/replying to a 2 month old post that even i forgot i posted on!
  9. lol
  10. Bomb,AK-47,Intel Pentium 4,Chinese phone chargers,extreme cheap stuff on eBay,2.5 inch floppy disks (O_O).
  11. Nope,but food baked in the oven after the GPU is baked might just get contaminated,further making the oven useless,just the only suitable thing would be to use that oven to bake another GPU later.... thats it.
  12. Nice profile picture bro!
  13. 1.Why not BIOS update and just drop in a 7700k instead? 2.It won't bottleneck with a R5 1600 3.Maybe because you/he already have a good Z170 mobo (it indicates me that you/he have a Z series mobo because of the K series CPU (overclockable)) with a 6600k,and a 7700k can be dropped into that mobo and u will have no bottleneck,but Ryzen 5 1600 and B350 mobo is same price as a 7700k (maybe less) but by that way,you will have some "High end but useless hardware" or later you/he can reuse the 6600k and mobo (so not a problem,just gonna need to bring out the $$$ for a GPU for a 6600k ) for a second system,really depends on you/your friend ,and if you want a cheaper i7,a 6700k will do.a i7 is better in gaming than a 1600
  14. Try it with the GPU u dont know works 100% because GPU artifiacting isnt sooo common problem with GPU's right now,and urs probably has because it might be used heavily,try baking the card (but you are wasting a oven for a graphics card which is not worth a lot anymore )
  15. Probably the answer is.... Yes You can get a replacement GPU (or a upgrade) here for cheap: