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    AMD Ryzen 3 1200
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    ASUS B350M-A AM4 Motherboard
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    8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz Corsair Vengence LPX
  • GPU
    Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 TI Mini
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    Corsair 100R
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    120 GB Kingston SSDNow UV400 and 1 TB HDD
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    Corsair VS450
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    Dell 19' inch 1440x900 Monitor
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    AMD Ryzen 3 Stock cooler
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    iBall Wireless Keyboard
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    iBall Wireless Mouse
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    Cheap earphones
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    Windows 8.1 (gonna get 10 soon)
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  1. Elephone S8 Best budget smartphone?

    1440p? Impressive I'd say.But where i live its like 500+ usd.
  2. Elephone S8 Best budget smartphone?

    2K Display (u mean 1080p right) is nothing special on a cheap phone.Even my dad's Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus has it.
  3. CeX US closing but having ultra hot deals

    I bought my NFSUC PS2 version from there... 100% legit and you have a 2 yr warranty with ABSOLUTELY whatever you buy
  4. CeX US closing but having ultra hot deals

    PC parts are dirt cheap
  5. CeX US closing but having ultra hot deals

    Ohh.... rip then? AFAIK according to the CeX site the remaining stores are here Massachusetts Boston Winter Street Kingston Mall New York Poughkeepsie Galleria Texas Humble Deerbrook Mall
  6. CeX US closing but having ultra hot deals

    You need to go to the store nearby you...
  7. CeX US closing but having ultra hot deals

    Yes... 10000% legit
  8. CeX US closing but having ultra hot deals

    I put the title as US.... i know im not in US but putting the deals here.... i dont think if someone reads the title as us he will think it will be AUD or British Pounds
  9. Seeking help with upgrading a poor laptop

    I'd say build a PC with used components in CeX US (if ur in the US) cause the stores are closing but there are supa ultra fire hot deals because it is closing
  10. Seeking help with upgrading a poor laptop

    There is some 4 GB DDR3 1600MHz laptop ram going on CeX for 7$.... go grab it quick before all stores close out
  11. System won't post

    RAM/Mobo could be faulty... but we need to check....
  12. Unfortunately.. CeX is closing this month end in the US but their items are priced low as shit...... a RX 480 for around 160$ (afaik 8 GB,but OOS) a R7 1700X for 220(OOS too),many more deals,1080ti for 520 (in stock afaik)... however the ultra hot stuff is starting to go out of stock so i'll say do it quick and you can have premium hardware for ultra cheap.... they have some 120-240 GB SSD's in stock.....HDD's like 1TB = 20$ and a 6TB HDD for 100$...a 4770k for 120$.....a 4930k for 108$(in stock)... i5 6500 for $150ish (in stock).. 2nd-3rd Gen i3's for around 20$(in stock)... AMD FX 83xx CPU's for around 80-90$(in stock).. also some Nintendo Switch Joycon straps for 0.50$ (in stock) and some Nintendo Switch Consoles for $200ish So grab the deals before someone else does or the stores close Currency = USD
  13. PC BSOD's sometimes

    AFAIK the latest should be the december bios,however i havent checked for updates.... its running the nov. bios and AMD drivers for B350 are a big fu for Windows 8.1
  14. PC BSOD's sometimes

    No.... my CPU isn't overclocked and my GPU is afaik not OC'd either.Though I'm suspecious that my RAM is faulty as it fails to overclock..... it cannot be overheating as the CPU fan runs at the slowest speed possible and BF1 ultra... cpu still quiet.My GPU isn't faulty for sure as it is able to run everything at ultra (whatever ive played) with no issues.
  15. PC BSOD's sometimes

    So hey guys..... I'm already have experienced 2 BSOD's on my 3-4 month old Gaming PC (specs in signature)... I'm running Windows 8.1 (yes 'cause i hate 10) Some time ago I got the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_ERROR BSOD tho it was last year (get it -_-?) So yeah.... and a couple of minutes ago it Bluescreened... i was on a call and couldn't see the bluescreen but i did notice that the PC rebooted and it asked if i send the error details to Microsoft.... now since i could not see the screen... i had no clear idea untill i checked Event Viewer and sure enough...... there were logs related to it.According to Event Viewer the ERROR code was 0x0000001e (googled it up.... its the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error) so there's the two BSOD's I've got so far......Is it related to a driver or could my hardware be faulty or damaged. So if you can help please do Thanks