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  1. I just use it to change my fan speeds tbh
  2. Pccooler s88, it’s a cheap one from China
  3. The cooler I have isn’t the stock cooler, when I bought the cpu and motherboard used it didn’t come with a cooler, and apparently this combo was used in extreme ocing I haven’t touched Tim that’s better than cp15 Is prime95 fine?
  4. I also only have the trail version of aida64
  5. It’s 1.120, the cooler I have is from China with crap paste, could that also be it too? I’ll check my bios
  6. I just posted some when you replied the first time
  7. I’m getting two different numbers from two different stat things, it’s hwmonitor and speedfan 4.52, on HWMonitor I’m getting 1.216 and on Speedfan I’m getting Vcore2: 1.52. Would this be a problem why my i7 is over heating on a cooler that’s very comparable to the stock cooler, my specs are i7 920, Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5, EVGA 450BV.
  8. I can confirm Resolve works on all GPUs, I used it with my laptop, my old GTX 770, and my RX 560 and Radeon HDD 5450
  9. Its version F12 and I dont have the xeon it'll be a month or two before I get it into my hands
  10. Yes I did, thats how I got here, but I dont want to have wasted money, but there is a guy local to me with an LGA 1366 board too, I'll get the model
  11. Im trying to get a X5660 on my Gigabyte GA-EX56-UD5, but idk if it'll work, so would it work, I dont have ddr3 ECC just normal ddr3
  12. Im trying to find out if this Xeon works on my motherboard, because Im wanting to get better performance out of my rig and see if I could stream in a couple of months, so is the X5660 able to work with my motherboard? Edit: I have done some research, some say it can work well some say it doesnt work
  13. I could give it a go, if I can get enough from my htpc Im building and selling, also with my i7 920 and mobo
  14. Yes I will, it most likely should work anyways I'm in a PUBG game right now
  15. It is 54mm between the holes, in the middle of each hole
  16. https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129334CVF&_ga=2.210713938.675695206.1516420491-1538147075.1512010827
  17. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/prHvwV