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  1. Im looking for a new case, but it is going to be a while before I get it, Im wanting it to be a micro ATX case, that is a cube with a vertical gpu mount almost like the Thermaltake V21, but with a vertical gpu mount, I also want it to have room for radiators, I havent found a case yet but Im looking for one because I want to go Matx for size restrictions on my new desk I'll be building, I will have an ATX case but it'll be more of a work station compared to a gaming rig . When my brother moves out his room will turn into a studio for me so I can do more videos, so what cases you guys know of that are Matx, has a vertical gpu mount, with room for expansion cards too, with room for a GPU and CPU loop, (1900x and Vega 56) and is shaped like a cube. tl:dr Cube Matx case with vertical GPU mount, full loop support,
  2. Ok, I could make my own case and it have a vertical slots, and I would have it support more rads
  3. Im going to be water cooling the entire system though, and Im willing to make a custom case if I need to
  4. No, I want a vertical motherboard and GPU in a Matx format
  5. Im wanting performance and looks too, size matters a little bit but not too much, but Im wanting Matx
  6. I dont want mitx form factor, Im wanting a cube case because they just appeal to me, and what happens if the AM4 board I choose doesnt have a mono block?
  7. Cause why not, Im wanting something to be proud of
  8. Screw Size for mounting coolers on X99

    Ok, I was making sure I wasnt getting a mobo that can support my cooler
  9. Im hopefully getting a Gigabyte X99 UD4, but my cooler uses clips and doesnt have mounting hardware for LGA 2011-v3 only LGA 1366 and LGA 115X, so whats the size of threaded rod I need to get?
  10. Screw Size for mounting coolers on X99

    Clips, almost like the stock ones, I have only gotten my coolers from China
  11. Screw Size for mounting coolers on X99

    I only got clips, not screws
  12. Vcore two high?

    I am, it's horrible, feels like melting rubber
  13. Vcore two high?

    I’m getting two different numbers from two different stat things, it’s hwmonitor and speedfan 4.52, on HWMonitor I’m getting 1.216 and on Speedfan I’m getting Vcore2: 1.52. Would this be a problem why my i7 is over heating on a cooler that’s very comparable to the stock cooler, my specs are i7 920, Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5, EVGA 450BV.
  14. Vcore two high?

    Yep, I cleared cmos couple days ago
  15. Vcore two high?

    What version do you have?
  16. Vcore two high?

    I just use it to change my fan speeds tbh
  17. Vcore two high?

    Pccooler s88, it’s a cheap one from China
  18. Vcore two high?

    The cooler I have isn’t the stock cooler, when I bought the cpu and motherboard used it didn’t come with a cooler, and apparently this combo was used in extreme ocing I haven’t touched Tim that’s better than cp15
  19. Vcore two high?

    I also only have the trail version of aida64
  20. Vcore two high?

    The bios says it’s 1.236vcore
  21. Vcore two high?

    It’s 1.120, the cooler I have is from China with crap paste, could that also be it too?
  22. Vcore two high?

    I just posted some when you replied the first time
  23. Vcore two high?

  24. gpu for davinci resolve?

    Should’ve said most