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  1. Billy_Mays

    custom ITX PC

    You've got an atx or micro atx board?
  2. Billy_Mays

    5K goes ULTRAWIDE

    Interesting. Wonder how Taran will like it?
  3. Check the disk health with Crystal Disk Info. It might show some stuff.
  4. I'm trying to figure out why this board isn't post or booting. It receives power because the lights turn on. I know everything except the board works because I used the parts last night and they worked just fine. I've swapped gpus, pcie slots, tried with both ram sticks. Tried with one. Tried different slots. Same thing. The two leds for trouble shooting are on are the dram led and the sb_pwr led. So do I have an old bios and do I need to flash it? Or do I have a dead board?
  5. Billy_Mays

    Asus Strix X370-f won't go into bios or post.

    I am using 2nd Gen. I will get the kit from amd.
  6. Billy_Mays

    21:9 Support?

    Ive noticed the forum is made for 16:9 monitors but what about 21:9 monitors? Would adding support for 21:9 monitors in the future going to be a thing? Or is it going to be 16:9 for ever?
  7. Billy_Mays

    21:9 Support?

    Ok. That makes sense. I dont know too much about web design.
  8. Billy_Mays

    21:9 Support?

    So Im a 0.1%. Yay?
  9. Billy_Mays

    Pc building

    How do you define no budget? A $6000 pc has a $6000 budget. A $300 pc has a $300 budget. And what would you be doing?
  10. Billy_Mays

    What do you do with old once you upgrade?

    Either sell it, keep it, or make a pc and give it to a family member. Same other than maybe making a streaming rig or editing rig.
  11. Billy_Mays

    Best gaming PC for 1400 USD or under?

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xfxP8Y This is pretty decent for gaming. Should get above 60fps on most games on high.
  12. Billy_Mays

    Small freezes and stutters in games and desktop.

    So, stutters in minecraft is maxing m vram? I've tried getting Rivatuner working but it wont work. And I mean its every game I play too. minecraft to pubg. And csgo gets the stutters too. I know Im not maxing my vram.
  13. Im having stutters on my system, while gaming and watching videos. Im trying to figure out why its not working properly because its driving me insane. My specs are Xeon e5 2630L v3, 8gb ddr4, RX 560 2gb, Adata SX6000, 1tb wd green 7200rpm, 500gb wd blue 5400 rpm. Ive tried a haswell freeze fixes but nothing. Ive disabled 4 cores 8 threads same thing. I cant get it to boot with 4 cores 4 threads. Why is my games freezing. Regardless of game the game installed on my ssd or hard drive. I disable Intel Hyper boost. I am very clueless and its very annoying why its freezing regardless and why its doing it. So Im willing to try anything.
  14. Im trying to figure out how to use cpu encoding for davinci resolve. I have no luck in finding out how to change it. Im using the youtube 2160p preset, but the format is in mp4. So how do I change it to CPU encoding? Mods feel free to move it where ever you feel needed.
  15. Yeah it does. I should be good once I upgrade it.
  16. Ok, so I should invest in getting a better gpu. I'll be buying the RTX 2070 anyways.
  17. Ah ok, Im seeing it use ~50% of my cpu most the time and 10-100% of my gpu.
  18. Billy_Mays

    Replacement Switchs ?

    Should’ve remembered you wouldve came in here and ask questions.
  19. Billy_Mays

    Need a little help

    You can use the laptop and wait for the parts and then build it. But and rx 5y0 can do decent amount of performance, I haven’t used cad on my main rig or adobe photoshop. I would try and get one with a slightly better cpu in it.
  20. Billy_Mays

    SSD wont boot into windows

    Did you check both ends? Did you check on another drive to make sure the cable isn’t bad? Did you get the wrong cables for the power supply? Does the ssd show up in the bios?
  21. Billy_Mays

    Upgrading/Dual Monitors

    Which Ryzen 5? The fx 6300 isn’t the best nowadays and check to see if you can get a bracket from Coolermaster for am4. Dual monitor puts a little more stress on the pc but it’s barely noticeable.
  22. Billy_Mays

    500gb WD external HDD not recognized

    It might be because windows doesn’t recognize the storage type. Did you check disk management? Sometimes a hard drive won’t show up in windows because it’s not initialized for windows.
  23. Billy_Mays

    SSD: SATA to USB cable

    I don’t know Mac that well, but I don’t think that is possible. It isn’t possible in Windows or it’s slow, and it would be limited to either the USB 2.0 speeds or 3.0 speeds.
  24. Billy_Mays

    Is an RX 580 worth it?

    230 is pretty low or it’s common price nowadays, check what model and what it was used for. And is it a 4gb of 8gb? What games do you play?
  25. Billy_Mays

    Replacement Switchs ?

    Think you only need to solder and check if there’s any RGB LEDs on the replacement switch.