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    Just waiting now
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    i7 920
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    Gigabyte EX58 UD5
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    3x4gb ddr3 1333mhz
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    Radeon HD 5450, soon on be upgraded
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    Rosewill Metoer XR PLUS
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    WD Blue 500gb x2
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    EVGA 450BV
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    40” 1080p TV
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    Some Chinese cooler
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    Hcman 87 key blue switches
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    Some Chinese $5 mouse
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    Logitech G933
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ok, I could make my own case and it have a vertical slots, and I would have it support more rads
  2. Im going to be water cooling the entire system though, and Im willing to make a custom case if I need to
  3. No, I want a vertical motherboard and GPU in a Matx format
  4. Im wanting performance and looks too, size matters a little bit but not too much, but Im wanting Matx
  5. I dont want mitx form factor, Im wanting a cube case because they just appeal to me, and what happens if the AM4 board I choose doesnt have a mono block?
  6. Cause why not, Im wanting something to be proud of
  7. Im looking for a new case, but it is going to be a while before I get it, Im wanting it to be a micro ATX case, that is a cube with a vertical gpu mount almost like the Thermaltake V21, but with a vertical gpu mount, I also want it to have room for radiators, I havent found a case yet but Im looking for one because I want to go Matx for size restrictions on my new desk I'll be building, I will have an ATX case but it'll be more of a work station compared to a gaming rig . When my brother moves out his room will turn into a studio for me so I can do more videos, so what cases you guys know of that are Matx, has a vertical gpu mount, with room for expansion cards too, with room for a GPU and CPU loop, (1900x and Vega 56) and is shaped like a cube. tl:dr Cube Matx case with vertical GPU mount, full loop support,
  8. Screw Size for mounting coolers on X99

    Ok, I was making sure I wasnt getting a mobo that can support my cooler
  9. Screw Size for mounting coolers on X99

    Clips, almost like the stock ones, I have only gotten my coolers from China
  10. Screw Size for mounting coolers on X99

    I only got clips, not screws
  11. Im hopefully getting a Gigabyte X99 UD4, but my cooler uses clips and doesnt have mounting hardware for LGA 2011-v3 only LGA 1366 and LGA 115X, so whats the size of threaded rod I need to get?
  12. Vcore two high?

    I am, it's horrible, feels like melting rubber
  13. Vcore two high?

    Yep, I cleared cmos couple days ago
  14. Vcore two high?

    What version do you have?