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  1. Yeah, I agree. I do like how they're pushing for new product categories, but I think they fall behind when it comes to tech that should have been there in the first place.
  2. I like Windows. I like Android, and I currently own an iPhone. I'm in the market for a new laptop, with priority to buy one with Windows, particurally Microsoft Surface. If you haven't used a Surface product before, they're "magical" in the weirdest way possible. I don't know how to describe it, when you go to Best Buy or the Microsoft Store and use one, it's like "woah...this exists...from Microsoft..." The reason why I haven't purchased one yet is because I'm waiting for USB-C to make it on the Surface Book, (something that should be coming at the end of this month). A USB-C Surface Connector, one or two (two, please) type-c ports on the device. I'm not asking for type-a to go away, (or DisplayPort) but as long as I have my ports. If Microsoft does deliver, I'll be switching to an Android phone, but if not, I think I may find myself more invested in the Apple ecosystem.
  3. Just a question. I like to make short flims and am looking for a new camera. I'll spend whatever and buy whatever accessories that I need. I also (sometimes) take photos, photography isn't a main priority, but I'd prefer a camera that's better for videography and okay for photography. 4K is ideal.
  4. It's a bump, I know. Anyways, Apple AirPods, four months later. The case: All of the dirt and lint caught inside the case that I can't reach with my finger, or can easily clean is a nightmare. It's just easily stated as a nightmare. Issues that I've had: I haven't have had that many, quite honestly, but the ones that I have had have really tainted the user experience. I have issues with connectivity somtimes, where the earbuds refuse to connect, despite them being fully charged and in my ears, and I've had other times when the connection breaks entirely, causing Ed Sheeran and Eminem to blast everywhere. I've also recently have had an issue with charging, where I tried charging them overnight and they have failed to do so, charged the case to make sure and charged the AirPods again. Nothing. Turns out I had some dust/dirt on the connection pins at the bottom of the case, not something some compressed air couldn't fix ;). Pairing with other devices: I was using a chromebook at school (ew, I know) and trying to get these things paired to any other non-apple device is difficult. Like, you'll spend ten minutes then give up difficult. I've also noticed that when I opened my AirPods case, some other people that own an iPhone got a notification to connect to the AirPods because they were in the detectable vicinity. Final Thought: It's a first-generation product, but they're $160 Bluetooth earbuds. $160 dollars, and I'm having issues with dropping connectivity when I'm holding my phone. If I were buying these now, I'd wait for a version two to be released (I know there's a new case coming for wireless charging, but Apple is selling the case and you can keep your current earbuds). If you're in the market for wireless earbuds, I suggest you reconsider.
  5. Alright, thanks. Any particular reason why I shouldn't get a Sony or Canon camera? I wasn't really looking into a Panasonic camera due to my lack of experience of the brand, the limited choices of lenses and I'm not sure how reliable Panasonic cameras are. I'm leaning towards Sony cameras, but I'm not sure what the quality of photos is. I have a series of lenses picked out for both Sony and Canon and here are the bodies that I'd get if I were investing in either brand: Sony: a7S II a7R II RX100 V Canon: 1DX II 5D III S120
  6. I currently rent a 80D and the lenses that I need. I have rented a 1DX Mk II. I currently don't own a camera as I'm not sure what brand to invest in yet.
  7. I was wondering about everyone's thoughts on the "Sony v Canon" debate. I do photo and video, and I'm wondering if it would be a good investment to switch to Sony from Canon. I've seen many YouTubers switching to Sony cameras, but I think that's primarily for video reasons. Would Sony (A7S II and the A7R II) be a good fit for photo/cinema? Thanks for the help.
  8. I have a Canon 1DX Mark II and bought a SmallHD 501 for my videos so I can see what I'm filming (and for my Ronin-M). I want to figure out a way so I can mount the monitor to my tripod so I can see what I'm filming. Could someone link me to an Amazon page of what I'll need? Thanks.
  9. I think I'll end up going with a Enthoo Evolv for my rig. I'm looking at the Evolv Shift (X) or the Enthoo Evolv mATX for another build.
  10. If you need a mouse that never dies, you probably have an addiction to Crysis 3.

  11. I've been looking at these cases for my next rig and I have some questions about them both: Can I change the IO panel LED color? By default, the color is red for both of the cases. Any way I can change the color to white by modding or something else? Can I uninstall the pre-installed red LED strip? Both have a pre-installed LED strip. Will I be able to uninstall this without damaging anything and replace it with another?