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  1. TS is a sketchy as fuck dude, striking someone down for "staging" accussions is pathetic. If you have nothing to hide, why strike?
  2. Rockstar games announces Red Dead Online

  3. okay after playing the game i understand why it's banned in 28 countries
  4. God... God bless Amazon... anyone? anyone?
  5. When a game gets banned by many countries, my interest in the game simply skyrockets, buying this to see all the damn drama
  6. RIP intel server cpus.

  7. Equifax Hack Explained Finally

    Don't you guys folks have other credit reporting agencies to switch to or isn't it that simple.
  8. LTT got breached? When the hell this happen (guessing this was a longgggggg time ago)
  9. Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars

    this thread going to turn into a proper shit show
  10. I don't blame them, I'd move to another company instantly.
  11. S: British Airways British Airways (BA) has confirmed on it's website that it has suffered a fairly large data breach affecting customers 380'000 Payment Details and Personal Details (Name, Addresses, etc) in a press release issued 1 hour ago. They also confirmed that the breach happened on August the 21st 2018 around 22:58 BST until September the 5th around 21:45. They have since resolved the data breach and are deeply sorry that this breach occurred. BA made a small FAQ for all concerned users. BA issued this statement to round off their PR I'm kind of interested in how this exactly happened, BA is an incredibly reputable firm and it should be having some fairly decent security. But I guess people will be up in arms to ICO demanding compensation.
  12. Mega (stylized in uppercase as MEGA) is a cloud storage and file hosting service offered by Mega Limited, a New Zealand-based company. The service is offered primarily through web-based apps. Mega mobile appsare also available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Mega is known for its security feature where all files are end-to-end encrypted locally before they are uploaded. This prevents anyone (including employees of Mega Limited) from accessing the files without knowledge of the pass key used for encryption.[3] The service was previously noted for a large 50 GB storage allocation for free accounts.[4] However, this was reduced to 15 GB, with additional amounts offered only on an expiring trial basis.[5] Up to 8 TB is available for paid accounts.[6] As of January 20, 2018, Mega has 100 million registered users in more than 245 countries and territories, and more than 40 billion files have been uploaded to the service.[7] The website and service was launched on January 19, 2013, by Kim Dotcom, who had founded the now-defunct service Megaupload. However, in 2015 Kim Dotcom disassociated himself from the service and stated that the New Zealand government had seized the shares of a Chinese investor and has control of the site. Mega Limited responded that the authorities have not interfered with its operations. stolen from wikipedia