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  1. Hi, I'm trying to sort out my Floatplane issue via the Wizard but it's returning "Failed to contact PayPal". I did try this yesterday but I had the same issue, anyways of fixing it w/o going through the email route? (Emails are painfully slow with FPC support)
  2. Facebook for Older Person

    Get him the Reuters or AP app then for news, most unbiased shit out there, his prefered local news, CNN or w/e.
  3. cONflicTiNg inFOrmAtIOn

  4. He violated his companies policy on relationships, what's the huge deal? He accepted he was wrong and handed in his resignation, no harassment to speak off lol.
  5. The fuck are you on about? Who said rape or harassment?
  6. Bethesda contracted Behaviour to develop Fallout Shelter, then Behaviour went to Warner Bro's to design Shelter, maybe Behaviour took along the code they used w/ FO:S
  7. good luck, they'll fucking need it
  8. Bethesda has worked with Warner before and had a contract with them I believe, hence the breach of contract t.t e: Yup I'm right To realize its design, Bethesda contracted with Behaviour under a work-for-hire agreement to develop FALLOUT SHELTER to Bethesda’s specifications solely for use by Bethesda, and no one else, including Behaviour or any third party. Under the agreement, all Behaviour work product of any kind, including code, designs, artwork, layouts, and other assets and materials for FALLOUT SHELTER were authored and owned by Bethesda.
  9. S: Eurogamer | Scribd Bethesda is now dragging Warner Bros and Behaviour Interactive, the developer of WestWorld to court over copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets claiming it stole assets, art and animations from Bethesda. This is a very funny thing as it also goes onto mention that Westworld had a bug that Fallout Shelter had in a earlier version of the game (which Bethesda later fixed) Bethesda are seeking damages for copyright infringement, breach of contract and misappropriation trade secrets and demands a jury trial. After looking through the paperwork, it does seem that Bethesda's smoking gun itself is the bug that appeared in Fallout Shelter then it "appeared" in Westworld. Going to be a very interesting trial, will be following it closely. Don't think Warner will be able to win this, unless they settle out of court and pay a hell of a lot to Bethesda.
  10. Thought everyone kinda knew it was coming to PC anyway?

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    2. SC2Mitch


      Check their twitter for ICE employees and you'll see

    3. NoRomanBatmansAllowed


      Yeah but it's not illegal is it?


      It's just going through public linkedin info.

    4. SC2Mitch


      Some of the info was private and only accessable by certain means