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  1. In that case I will have to buy a USB drive as well (not gonna buy CDs), not hard and I could use one anyway. I also added the image from CDI on the original post.
  2. The OS works fine, do I need Linux specifically?
  3. Good morning! A couple days ago my PC fell to its side (was on the floor) and shut down. Not the first time it happened (3-4 times in total over 6 years, I think), but this time a problem occurred. I have an 120 GB SSD that has Windows on it and two 1 TB HDDs. HDD1 is older and I bought it used a few years ago, kind of slow but worked fine. After I turned my PC back on it would seem that HDD1 would freeze my win explorer and then I would get the symptoms of a RAW drive while the files and folders, in many cases, were visible or even accessible (e.g. a .txt I could open). CHKDSK says it's RAW, but it is partially accessible (a). Here is the dumber part: I changed the SATA cable slot on my Mobo and the drive seemed to work (b). Some errors were found, but I used the repair tool. Seemed to work fine. Then the above (a) happened again. I changed the SATA slot, drive went to (b) and then to (a) again. This shows that this is not some classic RAW type error, it is probably something that confuses the OS (Win 10). So far I tried: 1. changing SATA slots 2. changing SATA cable 3. CHKDSK when functional and the results were the above. I will buy a backup external HDD and back up the files ( I need one anyway), if I can, while it is at a semi-functional state. Other than formatting the drive, is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advance. Edit: Added the image from CrystalDiskInfo:
  4. Thanks to cj09beira for the solution, and the rest of you for the help!
  5. Yep, looked into it a bit, that's it! Thanks a lot! Checked that out too, nothing there. It was PowerIso
  6. It seems I may have been unclear, here is another pic.
  7. Well, here is the problem... I cannot see it here. (Looking for E:)
  8. Hi! Recently I removed 1 HDD from my computer (E:) but then its letter was immediately taken up by a fake CD drive, and I cannot remove it. When I put the disk back on, it had a different letter, resulting in my shortcuts becoming problematic. How can I remove the fake drive from my system? It is invisible in Device Management and anywhere else, its only visible in My computer (picture below). Also, cannot use its letter elsewhere. Thanks in advance!
  9. This was a small part of the problem, apparently. still need help.
  10. 16 gigs of ram, no need for paging files. Edit: probably was that, the system management for paging files is crap... I thought i set it to manual.
  11. Hi, i have a problem with my SSD. When I download or move files to this SSD, a samsung ssd 849 evo 120 GB, they seem to take up a lot more space. E.g. i tried moving the folder with The Wither 3, which is about 50 gig, on my SSD that has 60+ gig of free space, but the space fills up while there are 20 more gigs of the game! The pace is restored after restart, at least most of it. Can someone help me resolve this issue?
  12. Hi! I got a new motherboard to upgrade an old pc, tried it and this message appears. No frontal usb ports connected. Any ideas? Thank you on advance!
  13. Hi! It seems i bent 1-2 of the pins in the cpu socket of my mobo (1150, intel). Is that the problem?(pic below) Thanks in advance!