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  1. If you're willing to sacrifice refresh rate, I would suggest getting the 32" 4K, as long as it does the full AdobeRGB gamut. You won't be hitting 144hz with a 2070, but the extra real estate is very useful when working with your images. Print work is interesting in that the print gamut is smaller in totality than the AdobeRGB space, but extends out past it when working with certain mediums. As you can see, working with as much of the Adobe space as you can will let you do the best job of mastering and proofing the print before it's sent off.
  2. LyondellBasell

    Audio input issues causing GoPro to Freeze

    I don't know that I've seen Linus do a ton of audio equipment reviews, but there are hundreds of comparisons of the various models and brands available on YouTube, the reviewers will often also list other comparable recorders from Yamaha, Sony, or Roland etc.
  3. LyondellBasell

    Test videos (request)

    Perfect! Sounds like an awesome learning session!
  4. LyondellBasell

    Audio input issues causing GoPro to Freeze

    You could use something like an inline monitor/amplifier to act as in intermediary between the audio feed and your camera. However, given that what you're filming is really "repeatable" in that you can't really get multiple takes, I would suggest you separate your audio and video recording so that if one goes down, it doesn't render the other useless. Get an external audio recorder like a Zoom or Tascam, and plug THAT into the car feed. You can monitor and set the recording level, and let your gopro do its thing by itself without the need for any external cables. Just use any one of the myriad tricks to sync your clips in post.
  5. LyondellBasell

    Test videos (request)

    This seems like a niche request. What if you downloaded a free program like DaVinci Resolve and learned how to create the video yourself? You'd be able to get the exact results you're looking for, and you'll gain the expertise needed to create any more awesome test videos, should you need them in the future! Best of luck!
  6. LyondellBasell

    Dedicated camera... on a $550 budget.

    I would be hesistant to recommend the a6000. It sounds like you're looking for a vlogging camera, and, while Sony does have some options that you might be able to use for that purpose, the a6000 is NOTORIOUS for its terrible battery life. You'd be spending a good chunk of that $550 on just keeping the camera running. I'd see if you can find a used GH4.
  7. LyondellBasell

    Monitor with adaptable refresh rate

    ASUS PG27UQ. Your eyes will thank me. Your wallet won't.
  8. LyondellBasell

    Bracketing tutorials

    Supa's correct in that the Lightroom interface is *simpler*. However, I think you should continue working with Photoshop. It's an even more powerful tool and I think you'll get more out of the process by learning how to composite your photos in different ways. Watch Jimmy McIntyre's tutorial on blending exposures. Ignore the bits where he talks about using the Raya Pro plugin, you want the explanation of each method where he uses Photoshop's tools to blend manually. It's all about manipulating layer masks to create the type of blend that's right for the kind of output you want to achieve. Best of luck! Happy to answer any more questions
  9. If you want a full system that automates the entire home, with all the sensors talking to each other...you're probably looking for something like a suite of Honeywell devices. This is at the level of full customisation, enterprise-grade products, though. I would expect to spend 10K minimum depending on the building size, features, and control abilities you're looking for.
  10. LyondellBasell

    Microphone to mount on Camera

    It's not too much hassle. Count down from 3 in view of the camera, then snap your fingers or clap. You're basically creating a combined audio and visual cue that you can use to sync all your media in the edit.
  11. LyondellBasell

    Help with video production

    If you want wireless recording, and the style of your videos allows it, a lav mic like the EW 122PG4 from Sennheiser might be a good pic, if your audio is going to be mostly voice work and you don't need to record ambient/environmental sound. For teleprompters, Ikan is pretty solid. There are a couple good options based on your budget, and also some options that allow you to use an iPad if that's something you already have. As far as lighting goes, what sort of environment are you filming in? Do you need to augment pre-existing light? Depending on how much space you have to work with, you might go with something as complex as softboxes on multiple 2Ks. LED panels are a lighter, smaller option if you have less space to work within.
  12. LyondellBasell

    Sigma 18-35 zoom ring issue (hard to turn)

    I used to own the 18-35 as well. I'm not sure why the zoom ring torque would vary from lens to lens unless it was dropped, Sigma's pretty good about QC for their ART line of lenses. I CAN say for sure that the zoom ring on mine did take more force than the focus ring, that's normal design.
  13. LyondellBasell

    Malaysia's First Flying Car will be revealed this year.

    I could be way off base but I don't think anyone who matters is going to go in on this. Group 1): A few billionaires might buy it as a curious toy. The low volume won't be enough for them to turn a profit. Group 2): The people who have money for private air travel: A) Already own jets and enough ground transportation to make your eyes water -OR- B) Pay for jet time and have a car service that takes care of the rest Group 3): The people that fly commercial premium-cabin fly distances that make no sense for a car-sized fuel tank. Which brings us to Group 4): The peons that fly commercial coach have no money for a flying car, let alone the hangar rental etc. If they did, they'd be in #2 or #3.
  14. LyondellBasell

    Help merging 2 photo into one

    Correct me if I'm way off on this, but this is the scenario: You have 2000 images of blue team moving around You have another 2000 images of green team moving around. You want to composite each blue team image with the corresponding green team image. You then want to create a timelapse of the resulting composites. If this assumption is correct, I think the best way to go about it would be some sort of batch processing. I believe you can ask Photoshop to source from multiple folders when batch processing. You'll need to point it to each of the photos in the correct order, and have it stack, align, and blend them. I think the Darken blending mode would work. Once it spits out the images, you can use whatever video editor to put them into a timelapse. Best of luck!
  15. LyondellBasell

    Stretching Images

    Is the photo a scan from film? If so, you have the option of having the original photo (or ideally, the original negative) rescanned at a higher resolution . If not, maybe you could find other photos of the same family member and make a collage of your favorite moments. Worst case, you may be able to extend the canvas in photoshop and use content aware fill to increase the overall size of the image. It won't "enlarge" it so much as it will simply help fill your screen, but it will save the remaining detail in the image. Unfortunately it's still hard to "invent" detail when you enlarge photos. The best you can get might be to use an enlargement algorithm (bilinear/bicubic/etc as mentioned above), and then run a sharpening adjustment layer on top of that to attempt to pull some detail out of the lines.