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  1. Thanks for the replies! I'll be looking for a more powerful transmitter. Is there a certain price class I should look at? (as in; the cheap ones are crap, or something) Concerning the S9: I just tested the range of my S9 on my JBL Charge3, and the reception is fine in the same locations where my headphones stutter too much to be usable. Can this be a codec/bandwith thing, of could the receiver in the MX1000M3 be inferior? (or both) Does anyone also know how the Linux compatibility is with these adapters? That was one of the big reasons I got the Leaf initially, because they advertised Linux compatibility.
  2. I'm trying to use my Sony MX1000m3 in my house for music etc from my PC, but I'm running into a lot of interference. First I tried a generic BT adapter I had laying around for my PC, and now I got an Avantree leaf. The max range on this thing should be double the maximum range I use it with (20m), However, when I move away from my PC a bit, the sounds starts to stutter and never clears up anymore until I move back. This even happens when I'm in line of sight of the dongle. I tried it with my Galaxy S9 next to my PC, and the problems persist on the headphones. At work I can easily walk 20m away from my phone and still have a good connection, so I don't think it is either of the devices or OS (running Linux on my PC) that is the issue. I live in an apartment, so there are quite a lot of WiFi signals around, but if that would be the issue, wouldn't it be all over my house? Will it help if I return the Avantree Leaf and buy a stupid powerful (and probably equally stupidly priced) BT adapter, or is my house just badly suited for BT when I'm more then around 5m away from the source and will this be a waste of money? Are there any other creative solutions that might be cheaper? (sorry if this is in the wrong subforum)
  3. Is it a server issue when my status is: Waiting for: WS Assignment? WS and CS are both still on Over the past week I have been occasionally folding some proteins, but I'm stuck more than that I'm actually doing anything. Yesterday it was stuck all the time on a WS without any jobs. Is there any way to switch WS, since others seem to have enough according to the server stats page?
  4. I am using the AMDGPU drivers from the AMD site. The Driver Manager shows that no proprietary drivers are in use.
  5. I'm having issues folding properly on Linux Mint. I'm relatively new to Linux, so forgive me if I'm overlooking something stupid. I can't get my GPU to be recognised, it just gives me the error "On client "local" No available GPUs" when I try to add it manually. AFAIK the drivers are properly installed, but I won't be surprised if that would be the issue. Any Linux users able to help me out here (or point me to the proper subforum)? The difference between folding with a R5 1600 and a RX5700 is a bit too great, I think.
  6. A bit of a read, but It might give the proper context of what I'm looking for: I'm currently working at a company that refurbishes used hardware, and my function is at the networking/server department. It's all about resetting, testing for errors and solving problems that the hardware might have to get ready to be sold again. Right now I'm mainly working at the networking devices. To get better at all of this, getting a better understanding of the tech and opening my career path, I'm currently working on getting my CCNA. Recently, 2 people that were somewhat vital to the team left the company, and now we have a pretty big hole in the knowledge department. Now, my collegues are often coming to me with questions about solving problems. I can google, read logs and use common sense, but that is about it. So especially the server part of the job lacks true knowledge of the tech. They know how to solve basic problems, know roughly what is what and run all the tests, but if there are real issues that require more insight, we are stuck. Google can only help so much. (Not to talk down to my collegues at all, they know this as well. We are all in the beginning of our careers) Now, next to just helping improving my skills and for hobby's sake, I see career chances. For the networking part, I know the path I need to take and will get my CCNA first (waiting for the new books and exams), but for the servers, I have no clue where to look. For consumer hardware, there are for example more than enough Youtube channels to get the basics, but for servers I can't really find anyting of the sort. (New series idea for LTT?) I've had a fascination for enterprise hardware for a while now, but I've never really considered getting a certification or something. The only cert I could find was the Comptia Server+, but I don't know if it is what I need. Given my situation, what is the best path I can take? Thanks in advance. (And I hope I put this in the right subforum)
  7. With Iperf I get speeds that are around 850Mbit I have no idea what protocol I'm using, I didn't mess with that, so I guess it's the standard one in Win7, if there is such a thing. The file sizes differ from a few hundred MB to a few GB. I tried a DVD iso, and that didn't want to go faster than 500kb/sec for some reason.
  8. I have this problem for more than a year now: I have a desktop computer that is my main rig and I have an old pc that serves as home storage and plex server. When transferring files to one of the HDDs on the server (doesn't matter which one) using my desktop, the transfer speed is usually no higher than around 20mb/sec and also lower (around 3mb/sec). If I log in to the server using remote desktop and transfer the files internally, the speed is 100-140Mb/sec. The problem seems to be network related. The issue is, where ís the problem. In the last year, I changed the motherboards of both systems (desktop one broke, and server one was to see if that solved the problem.)And the server got a different PSU. Unfortunately this didn't change a damn thing. I changed the server Mobo only yesterday (hand-me-down from my parents' old pc), and the first test (a 200Gb folder) was pretty fast at 40-50Mb/sec. The transfers afterwards dipped again. The systems are connected by a TP-Link 8 port gigabit switch using CAT6 cables (cables were tested and working properly) and the switch is hooked up to the router. I don't know if I have to look at software settings (both systems run Win7 pro) or if it's somehow still hardware related. Can anyone help me find a solution? I don't know if it matters what my specs are of both systems, but here they are: Desktop: AMD FX 8320 (OC 4.4, but problem persists at stock speeds) Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 R5 4x 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP AMD Radeon HD 6870 Server: AMD Phenom II X4 955 MSI 785GM-E51 (current mobo) Asrock 870 Extreme 3 (previous) 2x 2GB RAM (identical sticks) no GPU