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    Proprietary from Lenovo
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    8GB DDR4
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    Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB
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    1TB HDD
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  1. I bought an iPhone 7 with a broken system. I thought that it would be easy to repair after doing it on my SE, but so far, every tutorial, tool, etc. didn´t work. In iTunes it says An unknown error has occured. (21). I saw somewhere that this is caused due to the battery being bad, is it true?
  2. Both things are the biggest size (I know what you mean, sorry for late response)
  3. I have the biggest size possible because I'm traveling a lot but they don't seem to improve it much.
  4. And it's not like it is the phones problem. I had several BeatsX but their problem was the cable that wore out almost immediately, but the audio quality was great without enhancements or anything.
  5. Yes, both of them are doing it, and I have already tried to return them, they gave me a pair of new ones, but there are still the same issues. Only thing that is now less common is the voice calling mutating.
  6. It's not Bluetooth problem, I tried them on 4 phones including an iPad and iPhone but the problem persists.
  7. I recently bought my Galaxy Buds with the expectation, that they will work more or less flawlessly with my Galaxy phone. Boy was I wrong. Since the day one, every time I tried to call someone, earbuds disconnect or completely goes nuts and mutates the voice of the other person. Then there is the sound quality. When I play music from Spotify (320kbit), and I am sucked into the song, I can hear clearly that it's completely skipping the bass. If it tries to play it, you can hear a lot of crackling. The disconnecting of buds from my phone is OK but the crackling is terrible. Is there a fix for this or shall I try to return them one more time?
  8. My question is simple. Will I get updates of the system if I root my phone and trip the Knox protection? I'm using the Galaxy A50 with android 9.
  9. I have this old Biostar motherboard, and I noticed just now that there is a wire soldered on the back of the CPU socket for some reason (picture). Does anyone know the purpose of this wire? The motherboard is a Biostar P4TSP-D2
  10. Thank you both for your advice and I'll try both of these things when I do a backup of my photos, videos,etc.
  11. I don't know if Linus has ever solved his problem with the Note 9, but I have the same problems on my Galaxy A50. The phone is HOT when i pull it out from my pocket, and the battery is degrading fast. Is there any solution?
  12. Ah, sorry I selected the wrong disk the disk that is locked is the 0 and now it says that there is an I/O problem.
  13. DiskPart has encountered an error: (Now this is in Czech in the photo) Device not ready.
  14. The lock is written on the HDD itself, not the BIOS, and I also tried to format it on a different PC, didn´t work.
  15. I wanted to erase my HDD (Seagate Barracuda 1TB) but in the middle of the process, my wiping PC with linux crashed and now it is locked in BIOS and I can´t unlock it. Is there any way to reformat it and use it normally? (I´ll attach a photo with what it says)