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    Ryzen 1300x
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    Msi B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
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    16GB 3200Mhz Trident Z
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    RX 480 8GB Strix
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    Cooler Master H500
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    500GB Samsung 970 Evo
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    EVGA 750W G1 SuperNova
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    AOC G2590FX
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    Stock Cooler
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    Ducky One 2 TKL RGB
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    Razer DeathAdder Elite
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    Windows 10

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  1. The thing is, 4 cores were the norm because that was all that was available to game developers. Almost no one had more than 4 cores due to intel’s stagnation so there was no advantage to be gained from trying to make your game scale better with more cores. Now that 6-8 cores are becoming more mainstream games will eventually gravitate towards using those resources, although it might take some time
  2. its not really being implemented for consumers right now, because yea at least I personally don't really need anything faster than 4g. there are people willing to pay for it though simply for the sake of having it, and phones nowadays need anything that can differentiate themselves from competitors so they'll offer it
  3. because it is undoubtably irrefutably not better? it may be in some VERY VERY specific tasks, but claiming that its "up to" 65% better in overall performance isnt just misleading, its flat out lying
  4. im fine with cosmetic microtransactions, but when the game goes out of their way to make fun of other games having microtransactions and repeatedly states that they will not implement them in their game... Lost a lot of respect for cdpr
  5. nah, got a 3700x. game is just very visually demanding when played at high/ultra settings. Looks amazing though so Ill take the fps hit
  6. always thought of my 1080 still being high end until I started up RDR2 this week... My baby is suffering so much even at 1080p
  7. you don't mine bitcoin on gpu's. And for the crypto's you do need gpu's to mine, the high end cards are mostly significantly less price efficient than lower end sku's which is why pretty much nobody uses the RTX 2xxx series to mine
  8. a model 3 is actually really damn cheap
  9. the reason the stock fell was not because of the 13% lower revenue compared to last year. The revenue and eps expectations fell right in line with analysts expectations. The reason they fell is because of weak Q3 guidance, which came in well below what analysts were expecting. Im personally not sure why Q3 would be weak for amd, as the zen 2 and new rdna cards should sell quite well, but thats the major reason the stock dipped so much. That being said, im currently myself adding to my position and opening a couple long positions
  10. unlikely, as its still lower power consumption and most laptops do not need the extra performance offered by ddr4/ddr5
  11. i mean 105W TDP doesn't seem all that bad...
  12. Yea not gonna happen, and thank god its not. AMD can finally get some decent margins and make some money
  13. I would rather argue that it caused damage to the US's reputation. They, without hesitation, banned huawei from interacting with US firms and have shown not only Huawei but the world that they are open to using such tactics. In the long run, this will probably be seen as the beginning of the end of America as the biggest economy as from now on firms will look to distance themselves from US firms. Obviously this will not happen in the next couple years, or in the next five years, but nevertheless it will happen.