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  1. The only videos that are currently available are from respected companies' channels.
  2. While browsing through the third party storefront Humble Bundle, where percentages of proceeds go to charity, I came across videos unable to load, and clicking on the video, provides the info that the YouTube channel itself has been terminated. I can understand why it could potentially be removed, as showcasing games that have copyright material, but it is also their own Website's YouTube to show that it is available on Humble Bundle as well as their own personal Humble Monthly games. I also don't believe these videos were even monetized as well. Any other ideas why Humble Bundle would be terminated from YouTube?
  3. This is done for mobile watchers are more phones are switching to an 18:9 resolution. It looks wonderful on a Note 9 or iPhone X or most phones they reviewed in the last year. They are only adapting to their viewer base.
  4. xyameax

    Ark or Rust?

    Ark Survival Evolved is Currently 20 dollars on Steam right now because of the steam summer sale. I would recommend that game if you have the system to handle it. Though the question is if you are going to be doing more single player and playing with friends vs playing with strangers.
  5. The best way to look at it is Generation of Games. All early DX11 games made prior to 2015 will run well at above 1080P. Witcher 3, GTA V, Crysis 3, and Fallout 4 should all do well in this case with some tweaking. Modern games made with DX12/Vulkan will stress more of the card, but not necessarily the memory. Doom 2016 however, will run well above 60 at 1440P. VR ready cards (such as the RX580) are marked as cards that will run at 1440P at 90fps in VR applications. This is however my opinion on the matter, but for the most part, will be more than enough to play at 1440P for most games you might play.
  6. If possible, try doing a virus scan as well with a program like Malwarebytes to see if there are any malware affecting your system.
  7. Have you tried turning the system off and on again? If possible, try doing a virus scan as well with a program like Malwarebytes to see if there are any malware affecting your system.
  8. Hello Forum, As the subject title of this asks, are IOBit Products safe in 2017, I have come across a lot of discussion about these programs and their safeness. Back in 2009, the Advanced System Care was a topic because of using definitions from Malwarebytes. Article Found Here. In 2013 and 2014, they were under fire again for attaching a Yahoo Rootkit that redirects all searches from all browsers to Yahoo. Article Found Here. In early 2017, I had received a humble bundle that featured IOBit security programs such as Advanced Systemcare, Driver Booster, and a couple more. I only recently learned of all these different issues and wonder if they are still valid and if any other issues arose in recent news.
  9. With all the talk about mining, the new GPUs by Asus with No I/O, could they be perfect not just for mining, but help lower the cost of a stream PC as well? With streaming, there is no direct link to the cards needed, and for a project like the 10 Gamers 1 PC, could these cards actually help out lowering the cost of the project? Even if it $10 or so a card, the project could have $100 dollars in saving with just that alone.
  10. The difference between Heaven and Runescape is how much of the resources are used. A synthetic benchmark stresses the specific hardware (in this case, your gpu) to more substanially using 100% the entire time. Runescape is a real world game, and although it does use the gpu, it will at no point stress it like the benchmark. You should not be concerned about it being clocked higher in some games. It will not be doing the same damage like a synthetic benchmark.
  11. They originally had it built into Windows 8 with the news metro app. It brought articles from different news sources, had a few images and made it into a sidescrolling article with no ads or clutter.
  12. I can see them using a different name for ad-blocking like "Media-Focus Mode" or "Entertainment Enchancement" which blocks out all unnecessary clutter, like how Microsoft Edge has a "Reading Mode". Most ad-placement is removed and leaves only the information people want to see. Having this built in to chrome would help out a lot and having it for media consumption might actually be something they can get away with. Let it be a simple toggle near the address bar and I think it might work.
  13. xyameax

    M.2 newbie

    Not bad of a price considering the performance of the drive. It will be faster than what you currently have as a SATA SSD.
  14. xyameax

    M.2 newbie

    The next thing to look at is what kind of pin setup does it look like. By what Newegg shows, it is an M Pin Card, shown here: The next thing to note is if you are wanting to install Windows on it as well. If that is the case, get an M.2 that says nVME. This allows for an OS to me installed onto an M.2
  15. For all around performance, a Titan XP will be your best bet, but if the games you want support SLI, especially those that will be played a lot by you, then go for the TI-SLI. My recommendation is a 1080TI-SLI because one performs very close to the Titan XP.
  16. I have both a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan in Blue and Rusted Hood, and a 1982 Jeep DJ-5L Right Hand for work.
  17. Do you have a specific 650W Power Supply? If it is the same price as a 500W and atleast an 80+ Bronze, I would say go for it. It can be used for newer parts down the road, like a GPU or CPU upgrade.
  18. Handbrake is a great conversion tool. It is open source, free, and can be used for almost anything. https://handbrake.fr/
  19. Which editor are you using? Is it the one in Snagit? If it is, I would recommend trying a different one if possible.
  20. From the looks of it, Snagit does not allow for custom resolution and bitrate (just High, Medium, and Low) in the preferences. Have you tried recording at Low?
  21. You may not have enough processing power to do both audio and video recording at the same time. You may need to record at a lower resolution and bitrate to help. Do you know what resolution you are recording at?
  22. Removing the bloatware and disabling Telemetry (If you care for that) is something some users will do. Here is a tutorial for how to remove the Windows 10 Apps you won't probably use. If by chance you do, skip the line that you wish to keep. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/easily-remove-bloatware-windows-10/ For disabling Telemetry, here is a different tutorial. http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-disable-telemetry-and-data-collection-in-windows-10/
  23. Tell us how it goes and see if that helps syncing. Most Youtubers do this before the video actually starts so Audio and Video can be synced together in Post.