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  1. ScubaSteve404

    is this just anoying or can it cuase damamge?

    it doesn't look like it gives any specifics like that, it seems like the app based intensity on how intence on thing is to a nethor or use one thing's intensity as a reference point for everything else
  2. ScubaSteve404

    is this just anoying or can it cuase damamge?

    someone can easily talk over it but its defiantly there, the fact that band representing the noise is yellow with some red and orange and the easily ignoble background noise is green, blue, light blue, and has specs of black in it indicates it has some strength vs the back ground noise, and it's intensity varies across the whole room, its a pretty big indoor spaces with a small over hang mostly to add access to the 2nd floor and, as of right now, the main gym.
  3. ScubaSteve404

    is this just anoying or can it cuase damamge?

  4. i recently decided to take a sample of the weird pitched tone in my high schools lunch room, chart will be attached below. the chart is roughly 37 seconds long and the frequency range is 0 Hz to 20 KHz and the noise is at roughly 17.5 KHz. one last thing, the tone seems to be there all day but idk for at night for hopefuly obvious reasons. audio recorded with a samsung galaxy S9+ inside an otterbox phone case earlier today edit: just realized i should add this context, the high frequency noise is yellow with some red and orange specs and the stuff at the bottum of the chart is green the rest is blue, light blue, or black
  5. ScubaSteve404

    cpu-z miss id my i3?

    thx, yeah seems to be a glitch with CPU-Z
  6. ScubaSteve404

    cpu-z miss id my i3?

    interesting, do you know what the clock speeds of the chip were?
  7. ScubaSteve404

    cpu-z miss id my i3?

    my grand parens have a 2 in 1 lapop with an i3 4010y and when i look in CPU-Z it says its an i5 4250u but it says i3 4010y in he specification box, does this mean its an i5 that ddin't quite make the mark to be an i5 but wasn't tossed or is this a glitch in CPU-Z? i know its possible that its an i5 that was binned as an i3 4010y but idk how CPU-Z ids the chip
  8. than why call it supplemental instead of something like like SSE3.1 or SSE3b?? calling it supplemental makes it sound like a modified version of SSE3 for a CPU that couldn't handle the standard/original version of the SSE3 instruction set
  9. i recently found out that the old phenom 2 chips don't support SSSE3( Supplemental SSE3 ) but it does support SSE3, and saw in a recent Timmy Joe video that apex legends wants SSSE3 over SSE3. i simply want to know how big of a difference there is between the two and if the supplemental one is better than the real one
  10. ScubaSteve404

    what are the best budget lga775 cpu

    hold on a sec, why is this one marked as nest answer when they're suggesting a part that seems to barely edge out an E8500, a 45mn wolfdale based core 2 duo, and gets dunked on in single core performance by a CPU with less transisters according to https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core2-Duo-E8500-vs-Intel-Core2-Quad-Q6600/m13vs1980 . yea sure as of posting this they are dirt cheap on eBay but its still probably not the best option, and availability on eBay isn't look that great with only 3 showing up with the price set to 20 or less and the free shipping filter enabled recommend one of the 8000 or 9000 series chips as they can also be found pretty cheap on eBay and because of the newer process node will use a little less power for the same performance and where as the Q6600 has a TDP rating of 105W on intel's ark site the 45nm parts have 95W TDP ratings instead meaning they don't only use a little less power they out put a little less heat meaning slightly more overclocking head room if you decide to do that. oh and yea sure the 9650 is relatively more expensive, especial to the classic but tbh trash Q6600, but just because its dirt cheap doesn't make it any faster and your right about the price to performance on the Q9650 being not good enough but going down a teir or more starts to bring the price to something more reasonable like the Q9500 can, as of posting this, be got for ~20 USD and is a little bit faster and has that fantastical 95W TDP rating and it's 1333 MHz FSB vs the Q6600's semi-lame in comparison 1066 MHz FSB
  11. ScubaSteve404

    Voodoo5 9000 - SLI in the 3dfx way!

    i know this may be a little late to ask this but, does the cards design allow you to put 2 or more in SLI? :P
  12. is anyone else having problems using google chrome on their imac? it cuases the imac to slow down rapidly until it is unusable specs: CPU: 3.3GHz i3 with intel HD graphics 4000 with 512MB of VRAM GPU: integrated RAM: 2 2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Storage: 500GB SATA HDD Display: 60Hz 1920x1080 OSX version 10.8.5(12F2560)
  13. ScubaSteve404

    my xeon w3565 was recently dammaged

    thanks, where is your profile picture from?
  14. ScubaSteve404

    my xeon w3565 was recently dammaged

    does i matter what kind of ECC DDR3 i use with the w3680?