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  1. High Packet Loss?!?

    I have 150mbps internet from shitty comcast. While im online gaming im experiencing frequent packet loss for some reason? Can someone PLEASE shed some light on this issue im having. I am at my wits end.
  2. Low Package Power during Cinebench?

    @DarkSmith2 Well g dangit haha. Thanks for the help dude!
  3. Low Package Power during Cinebench?

    @Jurrunio My final score as of today is 1550, at 4.8. And @DarkSmith2 SVID support is disabled, I basically followed De8auer's guide on Youtube just changed the OC to what i wanted.
  4. So I ran Cinebench R15 for testing, and at 100 percent all cores it only showed 3.5w for the package on CPU-Z? Im overclocked at 4.8 with 1.245v does that seem about right? or is something messed up, please help. If I had to guess something is causing my cpu to not get enough power it needs. But I cant figure it out.
  5. CPU Package Wattage?

    @SomeRandomMember I use CPU-Z, Its usually when i only have that program running with chrome open on Twitch or youtube, stuff like that...... So not idle
  6. CPU Package Wattage?

    So I have my 8700k OC to 4.9 with 1.320v. For some reason its always hovering around 3.4-3.5watts for the package? Does that seem average or is my cpu not getting enough power to operate fully? Ive seen forums where they say the 8700k package wattage is around 95watts? I need some help.
  7. AT MY WITS END!?!

    So, first off I have an 8700k OC to 4.9 1.320v, Asus Z370-E motherboard, 16gb of DDR4 RAM. My issue is I keep getting random stutters in PUBG and BF4 for some damn reason? Like ill be playing for a bit in either game than boom! micro stutter in PUBG. Random huge fps drops for seconds, then shoots right back up to 200fps in BF4. Ive checked into the BF4 issue its only showing the GPU spiking off the graph you can do in game, CPU seems fine. If youre wondering both games are on an SSD as well. Ive even gone so far as to buy a better modem/router for my internet and bought faster internet from my ISP thinking it was that and it still does it! So I come to yall a broken and defeated man I am at my wits end with this dont know what to do, PLEASE HELP! Thank you.
  8. Scores I should be seeing on Cinebench?

    @will2135 So I guess im just about around average for scores then?
  9. Hey, just curious what average scores I should be seeing with a 4.9 overclock on my 8700k should be on Cinebench R15? Right now im getting 1560-1565 on average. is that normal?
  10. Hey, First I have an 8700k with an Asus Z370-E motherboard. OC is 4.9 with 1.320v on that bad boy. Tweaked settings in BIOS. But I just dont know what to set my CPU current capability to? I have it to 140%, and I have SVID behavior disabled, so does my setting really matter in this case? Like auto, best case scenario or worst case scenario? Right now I have it on best case im wondering if it really does anything. Those two things are really the only things im up in the clouds about, any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks dudes.
  11. CPU-Z overshoot?

    Thanks dude!
  12. CPU-Z overshoot?

    So I have my 8700k OC to 4.9 with 1.320v and bios tweaked on an Asus Z370-E. For some weird reason after updating to the new bios Asus released im overshooting my voltage by like instead of 4900.00mhz, im at 4902.4mhz usually? what the heck is going on? anyone else experiencing this? Please help haha
  13. AC, DC Load Line?!? OC

    @knightslugger I know what that is haha. youre thinking the wrong type of load line, Im talking about AC, DC load line
  14. AC, DC Load Line?!? OC

    Hey, I have an Asus Z370-E MOBO with an 8700k overclocked to 4.9 1.320v. What is the Ac and DC load line? Does that help in overclocking or should i just leave in auto? Ive seen a couple forums saying to change it to 0.01, should I? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Overclocking and Hyperthreading

    lol thanks everyone for the input, I will be keeping it on. I love my i7 and I want it to stay that way